Cronkite and Vietnam: Infancy of Fake News.

Friday, 15 'The Ides of' March:

The national media is now dead.

This has been ongoing for decades; the slow erosion of both faith and trust started in the late 60's. Oddly, yet somehow appropriately, it can be directly traced to the original Lion of TV news, Walter Cronkite.

He stared at the camera during the Tet Offensive of 1968 and declared the war in Vietnam was 'lost'. Even back then this came as a shock to the 'boots on the ground'. General Giap and Ho Chi Minh's big plan was a failure.

Not just a simple failure; mind you. It was a disaster.

After some intitial -and well publicized gains like the attack on the US Embassy in Saigon- the US forces did what they do best. That is counterattack an enemy now out in the open. The mistake made by the communists was epic, and Cronkite completely missed it. To wit:


Surely Cronkite could be forgiven for this rush to judgement, right? He was 'America's anchor', right? 

Not so fast. He was a die hard left wing progressive eager to excuse all communist actions.


The US administration under Johnson was liberal, but decidedly NOT pro communist. They knew that Cronkite had just delivered a death blow to the US presence in Vietnam. The fact the US ran the table militarily for the next three years meant little.

The public had made up their mind. The war was lost. Cronkite and CBS News had just told them so.

That was 1968. Many of our loyal readers were either not yet born or in short pants back then. However, you can draw a straight line to this day. Literally every major news story for the last 50 years has been either slanted left or wholly accepting their viewpoint.

The exceptions were few, and those mostly neocon events like Iraq, or other adventurism in the Middle East. In the last dozen years they (the neocons) have formed an alliance with the  progressive left, so even that has disappeared.

What does the media now say?

You must move to the cities, pay much higher taxes, restrict your freedoms and tolerate (and therefore accept) a libertine lifestyle that dissolves the family unit.

You have to get rid of your guns, reject Christianity and embrace every other belief system on earth including Satanism. You should legalize drugs and force innoculations, yet ban herbal remedies.

That evey person on earth has a 'right' to healthcare, housing and a basic income.

That not only is a border barrier unnecessary, but also 'immoral'. That these caravans approaching the border have a 'right' to be allowed in this country, placed in Balkanized communities, given public aid and then registered to vote.

If you oppose any of this you are the litany of left wing insults. Racist, sexist, homophobic, anti Semitic, etc.

This has now come to a screeching halt. POTUS and his inner core of patriots, who are determined to return the country to it's roots as a constitutional republic, have given the order.

YOU are the news now.

The Q universe, which has been on the receiving end of information for the last 16 months is now the disseminator of it. They are well briefed, and well trained, and the 'Anons' -the analytical minds who have deciphered the codes given to them, often with utter brilliance- are now tasked to 'spread the news'.

The circle is now complete.

The American Revolution was won largely because of the civilian intelligence network George Washington and Ben Franklin installed. The British lost the numerical edge in military as a result, and this was the most singular cause of their defeat.

This is the second American revolution.

The media is now pushing their favorite memes; namely 'Orange Man Bad' or some theme of it. POTUS, through the Q verse, now wants the public to pick up the mantle. The 'town crier' is once again the font of all information.

This is a war, folks. One for the hearts and the minds of all who yearn to be free, those who see the encroachment of an evil entity determined to subjugate them.

It isn't a shooting war, at least not yet. Hopefully that can be avoided. Now the real truth must be spread and that now belongs to US.

As it should be. Thank this most courageous of presidents -and the Q team- for the faith and trust, and God speed.

We are alive in the most amazing of times...


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POTUS in Alabama after killer tornadoes: They believe.

Friday 8 March:

First of all, a full apology to followers of this site.

Over 70,000 of you have stopped to visit. This is much appreciated. You may have noticed a drop off in production lately and that's true. Frankly, the President, in his Sun Tzu approach to business has made his choice of the battlefield.

That is, without much surprise, Twitter.

Twitter is all about instantaneous change of information. Twenty minutes ago is the past. A half day is ancient history. It's all about what is going on NOW. 

This is where the war, and it is every bit a war, is being fought. The goal is to keep your base support satiated and try to get as many of the 30-40 percent of 'sheeple' to wake the hell up and smell the coffee.

This is where your humble correspondent has been. It's a full time affair. You see, by the time a cogent story is written, edited and published it's already the Dead Sea Scrolls, so it better be good in a timeless fashion.

Ergo the dearth of recent posts.

Understand that this absence doesn't mean you aren't being rewarded for lack of effort. Assure yourself such is not the case. No, it's the street battle going on, the sheer fury of the pace. There is SO much going on at once -Venezuela is huge and you hear almost nothing about it- that it's hard to address a single issue.

The dialogue is as pernicious as it is suspicious.

The media has thrown any last remnant of objectivity over the side; FOX tries but it's both hamhanded and confusing. They know The Narrative is moving fast.

A year ago it was about trying to control it for 48 hours. Now it's a few hours here or there. The stakes are so huge, and it does seem a free for all of sorts. But it really isn't.

In Sun Tzu's approach to warfare the ones won without firing a shot are by far the most desirable. Use of deception is a key. This POTUS and his inner circle has used to a fine art. They have the opposition basically eating their own now.

The media might yell 'Michael Cohen' and shills like the 'judge' on FOX will seriously intone that the parking ticket level offenses by Trump somehow equivalent to the criminals who have tried to subvert him for 2 years.

But today the Somali in congress said this about the Previous Occupant:

“We can’t be only upset with Trump,” the freshman firebrand told Politico Magazine.

“His policies are bad, but many of the people who came before him also had really bad policies. They just were more polished than he was,” Omar said.

“And that’s not what we should be looking for anymore. We don’t want anybody to get away with murder because they are polished. We want to recognize the actual policies that are behind the pretty face and the smile.”

'Pretty face and the smile'? That's just brutal. No Repub could get away with such a spot on put down of that clown than this. It's also absolutely true. In fact, as nasty a bit of Brotherhood business as she is, she's also the most honest one on their side.

Her obvious prejudice against the Jews aside, her criticism exposes the schism of the secular left and the pro Zionist right. AIPAC and 'the Benjamins' was harsh but not wrong. They throw plenty of money around and Israel is well represented in congress. But she's dead wrong about their loyalties.

Taking on 'The One' got her in serious doo doo. 

She got her ears pinnned back and backtracked immediately. They spent a fortune making him a pagan idol and want to hold onto some of that (rapidly diminishing) value. After all, it is all they have left.

That and 'Bern'.

Therefore the truth is now a total victim. POTUS was prepared for this, therefore the 'fake news' meme. Even major outlets like ABC and Washington Post openly misrepresent the facts to bolster their narrative and even outright lie.

Their headlines tell the tail. It is always twisted to make Trump look as bad as possible, and if the facts have to be reversed so be it. It isn't simple spin anymore. As far as the president goes, does HE lie?

No, he doesn't. He uses deception. If you listen closely to the man he is the most honest man in that office since at least Harry Truman. However, to his foes he plays the game of 'you fool me I fool you first.'

Trump was right about his inauguration. That was the first 'big lie' they laid on him. They only got worse from there. They will NOT admit one mile of new fence has been built but about 60 miles has.

Many more rebuilt and effective. It is they who lie.

No, POTUS will use deception like Washington did against the British and what Eisenhower used against Germany. Coded drops and all, courtesy the 'Q' team.

All New Yorkers 'bullshit' you. Living close proximity to 13 million people will do that, that and the free and easy insult. He's no different really. But when the chips are down he is straight as an arrow.

So, please excuse the lack of 'coverage' articles. Would need a half dozen clones to handle the sheer rush of material. Encourage all of you to open a Twitter account. They are free and easy, and where the war is being waged.

Keep the faith, though. Soon we'll have a LOT to wrtie about. This is getting good...


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This site would love to bring a better product to our readers; an improved platform that is more interactive is in the works. It is more expensive, and since the site is self funded any and all aid would be appreciated. Every penny will go towards this goal.

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POTUS to Pepe: 'Go spread the word'.

Tuesday, 26 Feb:

He calls them 'the enemy of the people'.

These of course would be the multimedia conglomerates. He, naturally, would be the 45th president of the United States. As he has stated on multiple occasions.

They chafe at this description but do very little to actually counter it. In fact, they reliably go along with their corporate donors and do their bidding. That, of course has resulted in the 'double down' strategy.

If that's what you want to call it.

Strategies involve much more than rote resistance, but there you have it. No matter what they do, no matter how ridiculous the attempt/hoax is, they will insist on being right no matter what. No matter how overwhelming the evidence may be.

This culminated in the now infamous Jussie Smollett case.

He's obviously guilty of the whole thing, and has lied badly to cover it up. But the media is going to try to facilitate some sort of exit ramp for him. It won't work, and he is going to be tried, convicted, sentenced, and put in prison.

As deserved. However, there will never be an admittance of guilt, just the tired cries of 'racism' and all the other inevitable 'isms'.

There is the abortion issue which has now become a race to see who can legalize infanticide fast enough. Now, if one is a cynic perhaps, seeing the pressure on Planned Parenthood is hurting their efficacy somebody has to supply fetal tissue.

After all, there are aging billionaires and ancient judges who need their Mengele type treatments. Must keep that ball rolling you know. Think this is a joke, do you?


It isn't. And the blood has to come from somewhere. Maybe this is all legit transfusions from healthy young volunteers. Then again.

This industry has been referred to multiple times lately; the scam of taxpayer money going to Planned Parenthood to be paid back in campaign contributions. It is sordid beyond belief, and the types of 'medicines' being developed are terryfying in origin. 

Innocent human life as a cash commodity.

These aborted babies are worth a small fortune. Project Veritas exposed them undercover bargaining for a Lamborghini as a possible reward. Over a nice chilled chablis.

And they call who 'Nazis'?

Do not doubt this. Do some research and connect the dots. They lead, fairly quickly too, to a obvious but dreadful conclusion. We allow the unborn to be harvested as a commodity, and it is very precious to those who demand it.

This observer would refuse it if offered. Never trade 'time' for 'eternity', if you catch the drift.

This isn't even mentioning POTUS in Hanoi (sealing the deal) to then meet with Xi after the successful trade talks. Or meeting Comrade Kim tomorrow. The Dems have put on the Michael Cohen show on to run opposite so they can 'derail' any good news from it.

Not very classy of them. But to be expected.

Venezuela? Trump is making Pence earn his salary and arrange the coming 'exit' of Maduro. That's all being worked out behind the scenes. His 'generals' don't want to be executed as the narco terrorists they are.

Any fighting will be with the Cubans who run the place and they wouldn't last long. Assets already in place to deal with that.

No, it's the lyin' media. The ones who don't want to be called 'the enemy of the people'. If so, then stop acting like it.

So, brace yourselves. The 'mainstream media' is now officially dead. They have been replaced by us. That's right. We, the people, are now the media.

Q said so officially the other day and you can go argue with them over it. Not here. Been too right too many times. Nope, this is the real deal. Everyone out there has to become the 'new media' and to disseminate as much info as they can. Q and the 'Anons' have shown the way.

The truth will be everywhere. 

The only problem will be waking those who need to hear, and that is now the job tasked to all of us. The next month will be very dramatic, indeed. So, do your part. The winning hand has been dealt but it needs to be executed.

So much on the line. What a great time to be alive... 


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This site would love to bring a better product to our readers; an improved platform that is more interactive is in the works. It is more expensive, and since the site is self funded any and all aid would be appreciated. Every penny will go towards this goal.

Thanks for the consideration.  gofundme.comfund-the-truth /5jd7t8-