Rand Paul 'gets it'. No surprise there.

Tuesday, 17 July:

Monday's summit in Helsinki, Finland was yet another stunning moment in this most amazing of presidencies. Against a backdrop of literal seething rage and fury from those who opposed the meeting, the two leaders spent four hours alone discussing events and issues of great import.

It shouldn't have been this controversial.

Not with President Donald J Trump invoved. The forces that have been arrayed against him since he won the election were in complete unison. This meeting should not happen, it should be cancelled or at least postponed.

But why? Every president since Eisenhower has met with the head of Russia, then the Soviet Union. The prime reason?

To avoid a catastrophic war. The two countries control 90% of the nuclear weapons on this planet. The media, fully invested in the Narrative that Russia aided the Trump campaign to cheat The Smartest Woman in the World of her birthright, has flogged this theme endlessly.

That this whole story is so full of holes that if it were seaborne it would sink in minutes has never really bothered them. They simply take whatever facts fit the Narrative, and twist the others to fit as well.

Those that don't are ignored and buried.

Don't want to go full chapter and verse on all this; most of you already know that after Trump won, skullduggery in the previous administration started immediately. The dissemination of classified intelligence went to every agency in the government.

Thousands of bureaucrats, installed by the last lot, had their hands on TS/SCI intelligence that was gleaned by 'unmasking' American citizens who had peripheral contact with Russian nationals.

It was, and is, illegal. Most of it done by either Susan Rice or Samantha Powers. To this date none of these people have been called to account for their actions, and when they are brought up they are universally defended.

This was just the tip of the iceberg; we all have been treated to the circus at the FBI,with the very heads of the agency seemingly locked in an effort to depose a lawfully elected president.

It is against this backdrop that the president went to Europe.

His first stop was NATO. He immediately called them out for the frauds that they are. The media here shrieks that 'he went after our friends and allies'. These 'friends' have lived high on the hog since the 1950's since SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe) morphed into NATO.

To prevent the USSR from charging down the Fulda Gap with their 500 Divisions, the US stationed troops in Europe, mostly in Germany. It was a necessary element of the Cold War.

That was then. In 1989, the Soviet Union dissolved. That's THIRTY YEARS AGO. Cut to now.

Russia is a decaying, sad sack of it's former Soviet self. With an economy half that of California, and a declining population, they do have one thing: 4,000 nuclear weapons. They also have some very modern delivery systems.

There are some who want to bankrupt the Russian Federation so they can seize the vast resources. Those would be world banking interests.

Others are itching for a shooting war. John McCain famously called Putin a 'punk', and that they could be defeated militarily 'with little cost'.

Folks, that's not just nuts. That's sheer insanity.

The US backed a coup against Putin's stooge in the Ukraine. Neo fascists were installed. Their goal was to corner Russian assets in eastern Ukraine, namely Sevastapol. Now, western forces have been trying to deny the Russians this region since the Crimean War in 1853.

Which was, coincidentally, the first war financed by international banking interests; Junius Morgan, father of J.P. underwrote the British effort. It was, as is the current effort, an attempt to deny Russia it's only real warm water port.

In essence, Russia cannot feed its country without it.

The other deeply contested region is Syria, driving Assad out of power and making Russia retreat. Why?

There is a Russian naval port at Tartus. The only other deep sea warm water port. See a connection?

Russia has said any attempt to drive it out of the Ukraine, where the natives all speak Russian, will be seen as an 'act of war'. Yet the political left, it's water carriers in the media, and the neocon movement seems intent on pushing them into a corner.

Once again, this isn't just stupid, it's criminally insane.

So, what are you seeing? The president of the United States, trying to avoid a shooting war with a wounded, but very dangerous adversary, which is HIS RESPONSIBILITY.

How is he being received? With open hostility, lies, hatred and threats of impeachment, even treason.

His own party isn't much help; two years ago when this site was first launched the assertion that President Trump's biggest problem would be the GOP, not the Democrats. They predictably fell into the neocon party line; how dare Trump side with Putin against the 'intelligence community'.

The day of rage took it's toll.

The president had to 'clarify' his comments on Tuesday. He meant to say 'would' instead of 'would not' when saying Russia hadn't 'hacked' our election. It was an obvious walkback. But he still slipped in his little barb.

He said he had 'complete faith' in HIS PEOPLE in the intelligence community.

The 'other people'?

That's John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey. Andrew McCabe, and Peter Strzok. Just what about them should he have a positive feeling about?

The facts are simply this:

The president met with a cornered,, and dangerous adversary who is looking for a way out. They spent four hours together, alone. Between these two men they know everything. There is no secret that Bob Mueller or any other investigative agency has that these two didn't know.

The deep state toadies spent all day Tuesday demanding transcripts of the meeting. They want to know what they need to spin. But there were no leaks.

Drat. This made them very unhappy, and there's even talk of issuing a subpoena for the translator. Good luck with that.

President Trump took a big risk with this summit. There are powerful interests heavily invested in Russia as an enemy; not just the banks who want war, but the defense industry and their black projects where warfighting money can be secretly siphoned off to.

His 'trump' card, if you'll forgive the pun, is that the supposed 'enemy' wants the same thing we all do- peace and prosperity for his nation. Nobody is excusing the former KGB colonel as a patron saint of democracy.

Neither was Kim Jong Un, nor Premier Xi. Go all the way back. Breaking bread with dictators is distasteful, but necessary.

Trump and Putin announced the end of the Cold War. Just two months ago Trump and the North Korean leader announced the end of the Korean War.

This really seems to hack some people off. The reasons have just been pointed out here; there are those invested in war as a business model, and there are those who are so bereft of having lost power that they will back an economic collapse (Bill Maher) or even a nuclear war (various CNN and MSNBC 'experts').

To this author, these seem just inane, idiocy gone amok.  

Will the American people make the right call? Never have the stakes been so high...

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No comment needed here...

Friday, 13 July:

It seems an appropriate date considering the unfolding events. 

It was the 13th of July when King Philp IV arrested Jacques de Molay and the other heads of the Templar Knights. His coffers nearly bare, Philip thought he could make a quick strike on the Templars and their fleet moored in French waters.

All that Templar gold. He couldn't pass the chance. Instead, moments after the head Templars were captured the word got out and the ships sailed fast. 

Went to Scotland. Maybe. That's a story for another time.

Philip got nothing out of the deal, and shortly after he convinced Pope Clement V to condemn the order so they could be put to death. When de Molay was being burned alive he told Philip and the pope that they would both 'die within a year'.

They did, too. 

Long rumored the origin of the Friday the 13th superstition, it also dovetails what is happening now. The president is invading Europe, much like another political leader of ancient times, Julius Ceasar.

Ceasar had no military experience but took the greatest army in the world at the time and rewrote the way war was to be waged for the next 1500 years. He was smart, a quick study and could think out of the box.

Improvise. Think on his feet.

Into the bowels of the dastardly European Union goes the 45th President; much like Ceasar with the knowledge his forces are both the best in the world, and loyal. That his economy is roaring and the country on the road to self sufficiency.

That's right. Self sufficient. Meaning the country doesn't need foreign import of anything.

We export fuel, now. We have 4 billion pounds of cheese sitting around, surplus. The tariffs make US autos much more attractive.

China is freaking out over this; they are now like the North Koreans were before Comrade Kim's come to Jesus moment. They can't figure out Trump; the other US presidents were easy to plan for. But Trump?

He's hitting their retaliatory tariffs with higher ones. This has never happened before.

But Trump knows the Chinese economy is an 'export' one. They don't consume their own goods. Therefore they depend on foreign markets for their export based system to survive. The US, being an import economy can.

Pretty simple, really. It's called a 'whip hand', and the President has it, and goodness is he using it. His opening act was to tell the head of NATO about German duplicity with Russia. They are paying literally nothing for their defense, demand US protection while making plans to get 70% of their energy from the man Shepard Smith hates more than anyone else in the world.

That rascal Valdimir Putin.

As a matter of fact, the former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder is the head of the German/Russian pipeline project. You won't hear Shep or his CNN cohort Jake Tapper mention this.

Trump doesn't care.

After blistering NATO publically, he chided Macron, who is the weasel everyone expected he was at first. Then he lit into Angela Merkel, and the real truth of HOW pathetic their military expenditure is.

It isn't the small amount of GDP. It's where it goes.

They have few operational systems on line. This article overstates their actual capability, but gives a fair assessment:

You think Trump doesn't know this? That Mattis and Kelly don't give him this intel? He knows about the $200 billion pipeline deal with Russia. What would you expect an American president to say?

He called 'bullshit' on them. Then he and Melania traipse on over to the UK to meet with Teresa May. Turns out she ignored Trump's advice on a 'hard' Brexit -meaning a quick break from the EU- to a 'soft' break.

Trump wasn't pleased and said so. The bilateral trade agreements he promised, and the Brits desperately need, cannot occur. This type of exit means trade agreements still go through Brussels.

Hell, it's the money, and they don't want to give it up. May got border and some immigration control, not much else. It wasn't what the people voted for, and she is still in danger of losing her government over it.

Meanwhile, back in the United States, the media had the circus show over FBI agent Peter Strzok's 'testimony' before the House. It was the House of Representatives at it's worst; two political parties intractable with each other, a witness who at the very best is an egomaniacal horse's ass, and a slobbering, slavish media looking to propel The Narrative.

It was ridiculous enough that it will be given little mention here, other than this nugget:

Strzok admitted to Rep Jim Jordan than Bruce Ohr gave the document (the Steele Dossier) to the FBI. Ohr's wife worked for Fusion GPS, who hired Steele with DNC money. While widely believed, this is the first confirmation.

That's the tip of a REAL big iceberg,folks... 

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Amy Coney Barrett:

You're NEXT...

Monday, 9 July:

In a decision that was basically fool proof, President Donald J. Trump selected Brett Kavanaugh, 53, a sitting jurist in the D.C Circuit Court of Appeals.

It was a foolproof choice due to the fact the four finalists were all superb decisions, only offering texture as a difference. The other three 'finalists' were fine choices in their own right. There were, however, some very solid reasons for landing on Kavanaugh.

He has the most experience of any of them, also having served George W. Bush first as counselor and then as secretary to the President.  He knows 'both sides of the ball' as a result. He has a voluminous paper trail, over 300 decisions.

However, his judicial philosophy is extremely prudent.

Being both an originalist and a texturalist, like the others he will look at any case without political prejudice. Is it a law, passed by the people's congress, and is it constitutional?

The major reason he was chosen is because they basically CAN'T deny him the seat. He has shown enough nuance to display he isn't some right wing rubber stamp -he allowed the Obamacare mandate be called a 'tax', just like Justice Roberts did- as it went through the system.

While many may disagree, they felt that was an argument for the political arena, NOT the courts.

You can be sure both Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski will vote 'yes'. So, too will two or three Democrats, and he will be confirmed by a couple of votes. It will be surprisingly easy.

The left was ginning up to take on Amy Coney Barrett, a 46 year old mother of seven who is a devout Catholic. She is the choice of the base, and would have been the center of the most fireworks.

She was also an outsider, being a Notre Dame graduate. Kavanaugh, on the other hand, has the requisite Ivy League background and has been 'in the swamp' since 2000. The President knows that of the finalists Kavanaugh will be the easiest to confirm.

That's a major issue. He may have wanted Barrett, and Trump was quite taken with her. But she has only been on the bench for eight months, and doesn't have a lot of decisions. Sources say that the Indiana native is 'next in line'.

This pick is an obvious committee choice; the Heritage Society and the Federalist Society have both weighed in on these picks. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell counted heads and gave the president his take.

Trump needed to make the decision: what kind of a fight did he want right now, just months before a hotly contested mid term election cycle? The president, who doesn't mind a bare knuckle bar fight chose to take a small step back.

Kavanaugh, being so deeply intertwined in D.C. circles, is just the best 'sure thing' bet of the lot, and his record can allow the few on the fence types to throw in on it. Barrett might have lost.

That may have been grand for revving up the base, but having a failed Supreme Court nominee be turned down is a disaster by any name, and the opposition would have used it as a bludgeon.

This was a very wise, almost no brainer choice.

Now, the president can go to Brussels and then meet up with Putin knowing this is 'in the can'. Don't buy the mountain of propaganda that will be visited upon this pick. The Dems know they can't prevent this.

What they can do is just scare the hell out of their base to keep them revved up for the midterms, and they are prepared to drop some serious coin on it. For the American people, the rule of law, as opposed to the rule of the court, is now at hand.

It will devastate the progressive movement, because they cannot get their policies inacted through congress. They have to have a 'packed court' and judiciary so they can bypass the people and their representatives.

This 'judicial activism' will now end. For that gift, this most unusual, and now consequential of all presidents will be honored for generations to come...


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