Their diabolical scheme was planned long ago...

Wednesday, 31 August:

Yes, it has been some time since the last post.

The sheer velocity of the information is such that any article is basically old news within 24 hours. This phenomenon is growing exponentially, too. As the globalists try to push their 'Great Reset' down the collective throat of the world's populace raw intel is pouring out in torrents.

The raid on Mar A Lago was the real key event.

The proverbial can had been kicked down the road until the road ran out. The world is on a precipice and there is no more 'bullshit time' left. Hard realities are now upon us all. With the advent of this raid it became obvious the same people who created the false narrative six years ago about DJT and Russia are behind this as well.

They know what's coming; Durham has his 30 'must appear' subpoenas, Trunp his suit against the Clinton Foundation, and of course the world events in the Pacific rim and Eastern Europe dictating solid truths as well.

Therefore they want to derail this by indicting the 45th president on charges that amount to 'mishandling of documents'; something every president who has left office did. The rub is the National Archives are supposed to hold these docs until a presidential library is built.

This is ludicrous, of course. So is their murmurs of 'obstruction of justice'.

It is a panic move by his foes, plain and simple. They hoped to plant evidence on him but were thwarted when the lawyer refused to turn off the surveillance cameras. So, instead they seized everything not nailed down hoping to find what evidence he had against them.

He baited this trap knowing they would eventually pull a stunt like this.

The conclusion is this: he allowed them to seize evidence he has of their crimes. The FBI/DOJ has all of it now. The old axiom 'be careful what you wish for' comes into play here. Sure they have them.

Not like they didn't know what crimes they committed. They have obstructed them since Day One. What it is now puts the Feds on the spot. They have been sitting on evidence for years (Hunter, laptop, Bobulinski, etc) and now they have the rest.

One might say 'so what? They have done nothing so far'.

True. But this massive evidence is now in the hands of actual investigative professionals who's careers are on the line as is the reputation of a badly stained internal police agency and it's bosses at Justice.

Politicizing them came with great cost. Time to pay that is here, and now. If you've been paying attention you saw the agent who organized the raid 'perp walked' out of headquarters after being excoriated by his superiors.

The agency is now in a fight for survival. Being called the 'American Stasi' is not a noble turn for them. And their political hack element promising armed Revenue agents will go after folk making under $40 k a year will net them $20 billion over a decade was not smart public relations moves.

Trunp has been offering them a chance at rehabilitation; indeed if they turn on the DS hands that feed them they can still become heroes of a sort.

Trump on Truth Social this morning:

Donald J. Trump


Congratulations to the many FBI & DOJ Whistleblowers who have flooded the offices of our Senators & Congressmen/women with really bad things to say about what is going on. This is the time, after many years of lawbreaking & unfairness, to clean things up. All things for a reason. DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!

He also said THIS:

Donald J. Trump


People that “retire” from the FBI aren’t perp walked out of the Headquarters Building on a hot, sunny afternoon in August, after being screamed at and ridiculed by his bosses. Like the Laptop, this was the FIRING FROM HELL!

He also has demanded either a 'return to office' or a 'new election'to be held. This means putting his name on the November ballot. If you think this is a falsehood understand that the current occupant just filed for re election the other day.

Yet they also know they cannot steal the midterms. Kari Lake's win, Lynne Cheney's obliteration, 'drop box parties' held by honest citizens and such have put the spotlight on the 2020 fraud.

Not to mention '2000 Mules' doc and 'The Pit' 


The public is fully awake on this, so steal they will but not enough to stanch the Red Wave coming. Even the so called 'normies' are aware the billions going to Ukraine is a waste and possibly even worse- an outright theft of taxpayer money- and the 'bad Putin/evil Russia' meme no longer plays well.

To the experienced observer it is apparent that the proverbial rubber has hit the road, and the End Game is fully upon us. The next 30 to 90 days will see change that will shock the senses, and the 'Old World Order' will disappear.

Just a matter of what replaces it, and that is looking more and more like the people will triumph over the 'monied elite'. Their ultimate weakness has been revealed.

They are very, VERY few in number. They hire many to do their bidding. But paying them with useless fiat currency is falling apart, and their minion class is fragmenting as we speak. Then there's the whole '17' white hat thing.

Many shrug their shoulders and discount it. Fully understandable.

But keep this thought in mind: if they have a plan -and they most assuredly do- then it only makes sense the opposition does as well.

She was never supposed to lose, either. The world affairs now look to be following a strategy DJT laid out when he went on his world tour. They alll knew what the bad guys were up to,

Geopolitically it is playing out as expected right down to the schism between the CCP and the PRC in China, the silence of Xi, the moves Putin does to combat biological warfare, the collapse of the EU as their corrupt leaders fully exposed by an energy crisis THEY precipitated.

The next weeks and months might get pretty rocky. Gird yourselves for it.

But the better angels of our time are on the rise and victory is at hand...



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Trump as Teddy: Never truer words have been spoken...

Tuesday, 5 July:

Hope everyone had a nice 4th.

Even in the battened down Biden America, where fireworks were banned but fatal gunshots allowed. Parades mowed down by gun wielding  Dem activists but wilding on Michigan Avenue on the once amazing 'Magnificent Mile' if Chicago winked at by the mayor.

Not to mention these thugs tossing bags of fireworks set on fire with nails in them in police cars.

The Jabba the Hut like governor of the state immediately called for 'more gun control'. The city of Highland Park, which the author of this piece is intimately aware of, is one of the most liberal, gun adverse cities in the country.

The pathetic piece of human detritus that did this would have never tried, say Crystal Lake or McHenry Illinois, just 20 or so miles west. The crowd -and the law enforcement as well- are armed, well trained and highly motivated. This snot nose wouldn't have gotten past the front door of the rooftop.

But you all know this by now.

There is nothing new here; indeed this is the black hat playbook in summer rerun territory. Uvalde, Texas shooting unwound quickly and now is an albatross as opposed to a rallying cry. The police department no longer cooperates with the investigation, and the corrupt police chief just took the pipe and resigned.

This incident will receive the same fate. Nobody believes this little snowflake did this by himself, and the nazi imagery on his social media countered by what is now turning out to be his ties to AntiFa.

His dad is a local lefty who ran for mayor there and lost. Supposedly his 'music business' imbued him with $100k in assets, much like the minimum wage nitwit in Texas who had $70 k in gear including a new Ford F-150.

He also spent 15 minutes OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL shooting up a funeral home right next to it. But no law enforcment showed. The rhetorical question that has been asked for years: when are people going to wake up and realize these are planned and part of an overall attack on the populace?

The answer is now. 

In military circles the old admonition of what makes something a 'coincidence' and what is apparent as a 'plan' was always this: once, MAYBE twice. After that it is a plan, and the wise prepare for it.

The same holds true for the collapse of the food chain, with over 60 food processing facilities either offline or destroyed completely. The veneer of community concern has been fully stripped away from the CDC, Fauci, Birx and the WHO crowd.

How many more studies do you need to see proving these serums not only don't prevent the virus but cause numerous other deleterious side effects? Myocarditis in teenagers? The birth rate in Sweden down over 30% now?

Yet they insist you stick the needle in your toddler. 

That this is, and has been, a long planned series of events to crash the US economy, thin the herd, and create a utopia for a handful of people who believe themselves somehow more privileged than anyone else is now painfully apparent.

To anyone who has the ability to decipher it and the courage to confront it, that is.

There is no more road to 'kick the can down' as has been the routine for the last several years. The confrontation for finality is fully deployed, whether it be the black hats and their (now dwindling) minions or the white hat response.

By fall much will have been decided, including whether we are to have elections in November or not. The debacles with the Republicans in Georgia, Arizona and Colorado show the 'uniparty' will do whatever shenanigans they need to keep power, just like the 2020 theft.

This is where Lin Wood meets Michael Flynn.

Wood was right about the Georgia election, yet Flynn is correct in the assertion that you still have to get out there and vote. COG, or 'continuity of government' is the first order of affairs for any administration, including what is more and more apparent by the day to be a military one.

Check with Patel Patriot for more evidence on that through 'devolution'.

You can be certain that if DS players like the fraud in the White House or the botox diseased Speaker could have had their war in Ukaine it would be raging right now. Instead, the deployments we see look much more like they could be there to contain some bad actors from using 'wag the dog' tactics to ignite one.

This list could go on and on. But you get the point.

It's all over for them except for the swan song. And that tune is playing right now...


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Trump said the decision in the abortion case and others recently announced by the court “were only made possible because I delivered everything as promised.”

Friday, 24 June:

There have not been many posts up here lately; that true enough.

At one point there were three to five a week. That was when DJT was in office and getting the actual message out was a 24/7 task. The propaganda of the so called mainstream media was stifling as was the censorship on social sites.

That was then. Times have changed.

Instead of flogging the masses to death with constant repetition ('the white hats are coming, hu rah, hu rah) or the rote recitation of the fairly obvious (yes, he IS a Kenyan. Yes, she's a he. etc.) it was far better to let the people sort out for themselves what's happening.

It sure isn't for lack of raw material. Gas has doubled and even tripled, food supply chains disintegrating, runaway inflation (it's far more than the 8% lie they're feeding you) collapse of the housing market, billions of aid for a war that has already been lost.

If the people were ever going to wake it's now.

So, daily hand holding was not only not needed it was counterproductive. People were tiring of blather, they wanted action. Boy, are they getting it now. The Neutron Bomb of US politics was dropped by the Supremes today when the long anticipated reversal of Roe v Wade happened.

The reaction was as quick as it was predictable.

The Dems, who are now on a one way Kamikaze ride to oblivion, came out with outrageous falsehoods 'the Supreme Court is now illegitimate', and the DOJ saying it 'disagrees with the decision'.

Since when did the DOJ have authority to question law? They are there to serve it. Then the protests began, first in DC, and then in New York, and agitators are handing out fliers with the addresses of SC justices.

So the 'midnight vigils' can begin. Understand that this really has nothing to do with birth control. That's a side issue. This is about -you guessed it- money. Planned Parenthood is a racket. They get taxpayer money to fund the centers. contribute to politicians with that money who then raise more tax revenue for them.

Thinning out the herd and selling baby parts for profit lucrative side deals.

The whining of Ukraine is testament to this; that is the center of DS money laundering schemes. It isn't just Hunter on the board of Burisma. Romney's closest advisor and family friend Cofer Black is there as well. It is also said that he has one of more of his sons on the payroll as well but if so everyone is denying it.

Then there's the illegal arms bazaar there. Remember when Creepy said they needed more Javelins after DJT sent them a batch? Well, on the Dark Web there are Javelins for sale for a cool $30k apiece.

Surely a coincidence, of course.

But you know all this. One of the reasons why the posts on this site are more rare now. It's only when the game changes that things must be put out there in proper perspective. The game changed today.

It was Zero Hour. There is no turning back now, if there really ever was one.

Now, this already scripted play enters it's final act, and then an epilogue will occur. The riots will commence. AntiFa and BLM have ben prepped for this; the 'pallets of bricks' are magically turning up again on street corners in strategic locations. The fliers for 'days of rage' -this is SO 1968- Billy Ayers, Bernadine Dorhn and their gang of fellow criminals the weather underground are still calling the shots.

Only now from their tony taxpayer paid for homes by University of Chicago or up in Madison Wisconisn. They no longer get their own hands dirty, what being tenured professors and all.

Outside of some professional agitators who set up and recruit their 'ragers' this is a $50 a day food and transportation included. Many of these are 'professionals' who this is all they do. The Dem local ward bosses have the recruitment fliers up in their offices, and along with local unon leaders see these bricks get distributed.

Plus some flammables and accelerants. Nasty people, these.

However, this may all be to no avail for them. Analyzing the domestic military air travel over the last 30 days and C-17's have basically knitted the country together, obviously moving assets. 

Tke latest from Monkeywerx gives the experienced eye much to see.


The can will no longer be kicked down the road. The road has ended, and this country -no, this planet is sitting on the edge, on the precipice. Only a free fall awaits those who plunge ahead.

That's the panicked DC politicians and assorted other DS goons. CNN told Potato head Stelter and the Lemon drop kid to dust off their resume's because they will soon be out of work. DJT and Dan Scavino are dancing to 'Hold On, I'm Coming' by Sam and Dave.


Intersting choice for a song, don't you think?

Devolution is an almost sheer certainty. Therefore, what we're witnessing is the death throes of a 6,000 year old death cult that has had a grip on power since Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon promised people stuff in exchange for 'cooperation'.

It was never going to be easy. Surrender is not an option for someone who will face military tribunals and certain capital punishment via the hangman. They will fight to very last drop of their minion's blood.

Only then will they beg for mercy, which they will not receive. The world has awakened, the digital warriors are ready, and the final act is a GO. We all have waited for this for years.

The wait is now over...


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Wednesday, 11 May:

OK, so it's been some time between posts.

Unlike the more prolific presenters out there (hello, Dave at X22) the feeling here is if there is nothing much to add don't be like Brian Cates and just unload tons of other's info. No offense meant to either; they are both doing yeoman's work sorely needed.

This site has always been more about the view from 40,000 feet.

This is where it really starts to get interesting. First of all one must discount virtually 100% of the media coverage unless you use the value of inverse proportion; i.e. take the exact opposite of what is said and you'll be on the right track.

Ukraine is a perfect example. It is not the unmitigated disaster with Zelensky a international hero. It is indeed quite the opposite. The limited excursion (150k troops is not enough to seize Panama,much less a country the size of Ukraine) into this country has been a messy, but still relatively successful operation.

They seized the ethnic Russian east, and secured their port at Sevastapol. The bio labs have been captured. It's only the Nazi element that is fighting, the Azov regiment being the most egregious of the lot.

Much, if not all, of the atrocities are caused by them; not poor Russian conscripts nor Spetnaz operators. It isn't really their style; this is pure Nazi terror stuff. Ask Poland what that was like in 1939-40.

Russians no angels, and neither is Putin and his criminal oligarchy. But that it their internal business; they are no real threat to the US populace. The black hats know now Ukraine is a non starter with the citizenry here, so they'll just 'circle back' to Covid.

Gates says a major pandemic is coming (just in time for an election style lockdown, natch) but don't worry, he 'has the cure'. Sure he does. Just step right up and roll up your sleeve. This news is competing with the release of '2000 Mules' the documentary that FOX News lawyers wouldn't let Catherine Engelbrecht mention once while she was on Tucker Carlson.

He just may be a Company disinfo guy after all, he does have the lineage remember.

Then there's the true 800 lb gorilla out there, the Red Chinese. Seems things in Panama are hot right now. This story is not being covered by the western media and the rumor is these are Chinese ships (as per Michael Yon) on fire. The CCP has had a foothold down there since The Peanut turned the canal over to the Panamanians.

They had COSCO come in there to aid in the widening. The Reds never get involved unless they get a big return,and this is their dominion in the western hemisphere more or less.

To wit:


Meanwhile, the analysis of air traffic shows a lot of refuelers up over the east coast with plenty of antisubmarine planes up. Yet despite all this it doesn't seem much troop movement is occurring. That fighters would be up at this time is utterly believable as is the watch for subs and container ships capable of carrying hidden missles.

Again, to wit, from our pal Monkeywerx:


The 'superhighway for immigrant invasion' at the Darien Gap is ready for the revocation of Article 42 (the stopping of immigrants at the Mexican border) that Biden has threatened. It was just delayed today by a federal judge; we'll see how that progresses.

Ultimately we are witnessing the attempt to 1) crash the economy through inflation and rising interest rates, 2) the massing of a ready made invasion force/instant Dem voter base,and 3) the laundering of billions in Ukraine with zero oversight, with 4) China ready to make their move on Taiwan, perhaps.

It is the belief here that this all has been largely worked out in advance; this was all planned for some time and was going to happen no matter what. So, the steps DJT made years back- like getting the Middle East sorted, meeting with Xi and Putin they all most likely made arrangements to avoid a world wide conflict.

Ships are starting to move out of the port of Shanghai, although Beijing is in a (not very popular at all) forced lockdown. The populace there suffers a Vitamin D deficiency not seen in the west, and are far more susceptible to the virus. But many think this is the CCP trying to stanch a possible revolt.

Same things in Canada, Australia and France. Germany is on the verge of telling the EU to pound sand; they must have access to Russian energy (Nordstream) to survive economically. They will not commit financial suicide to prop up Brussels.

Yep, there's plenty going on. Perhaps indictments from Durham this month. Elon Musk's attempt to purchase Twitter is a dagger in the heart of the DS (just imagine if '2000 Mules' was posted there) and they will stop at nothing to block it. They are trying to crash Tesla stock so he can't use it as leverage for the $44 billion takeover.

As this is a site nominally dedicated to the machinations of the 45th president most of this other news has been passed along on this site's Gab and Telegram accounts. It has now become time to enter this fray as the next 90 days will probably determine the course of the future.

This is without even going into the Project Blue Beam rumors which are picking up steam. It would begin with sightings like these:



And so it goes. Tomorrow is another day...


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Why Putin and Russia don't fear the US anymore...

Tuesday, 8 March:

So, 'go time' is now fully upon us.

With the colossal failure of the 'plandemic' to bring the Free World to a screeching halt the bad actors of the cabal had to turn to their final gambit: a world at war where they can both profiteer and repair to posh hideaways Down Under and await the 'Mad Max' scenario to reduce the world's population to a mere handful.

It has been something they have desired for a long time.

However, their big problem was nobody else wanted it. The militaries of the world were not on board; this includes the so called NATO alliance nations. They had grown accustomed to US troops doing their fighting and dying for them while they defaulted on their financial committments.

DJT had disabused them of this notion over his four year term. Not only were there no conflicts notorious deadbeats like Germany were forced to pony up at least an approximation of what they owed.

Russian Premier Putin watched warily as assets of dubious nature started dotting the Ukrainian landscape. Namely 'biological research labs', a not so clever disguise for 'bioweapon' labs. This, and the constant flow of illicit 'dark money' into the region had his attention.

The money laundering through Burisma, the Ukranian energy firm was positively epic in scale. This is what caused President Trump to withold funds to the country pending a corruption review.

The black hats didn't like anyone messing wirth their money. So they had their paid stooges in the US government file articles of impeachment against him. The impeachment failed, of course.

But the message was clear: powerful people who had huge and diverse business interests in this country were not going to allow the American people to interfere with their riches. These people included Mitt Romney and family, John Kerry and his family and -of course- the infamous Biden family involvement.

You all remember when Biden himself boasted about witholding funds until a prosecutor investigating his son Hunter's activities there was fired. He thought it was hilarious.

Hunter was a prominent member of Burisma's board of directors in spite of the fact he had no functional knowledge of the energy industry. Instead he used his time there to do drugs and chase hookers.

Nice work when you can get it, eh?

Everyone knew this whole situation would come to a head sooner or later. Well, the Russians had gotten just about enough of this monkey businss on their border and decided to act. Now, this is not to say that Russia is without sin in this escapade.

They've had their eye on Ukraine for decades; it was a significant part of the old Soviet Union and was known as 'the breadbasket of Eastern Europe' with it's verdant plains and fields. It also has a deep warm water port at Sevastapol.

Russia's foreign policy hasn't changed since Peter the Great. Namely warm water ports to feed the huge, otherwise landlocked nation.

The absurd notion of bringing Ukraine into NATO was always going to be met with huge pushback. Not that this was any surprise to the alliance; they knew full well Russia would never stand for it.

So, Putin staged an 'incursion'. This is not a full blown invasion. If you want to see that think of 'Desert Storm' where Iraq was hit from 3 directions; the only reason there wasn't a fourth was Turkey wouldn't allow US planes through their airspace.

The Russians had 150,000 troops for this mission. By contrast there were 697,000 for the Iraq invasion. 150k isn't enough to invade and take Chicago and greater Cook county much less a country roughly the size of Texas.

If you looked closely you saw light armor and logistics and supply convoys; not the massed tanks and infantry you would expect. No, the Russians had definite targets in mind and methodically took them out.

This is some of them:


Today, neocon architect Victoria Nuland admitted that 'US forces were going to 'aid Ukraine in keeping research labs out of Russian hands'.

They play word games with this but nobody is being fooled. These are not benign research labs, all on the border of Russia. They are no more 'research labs' then Wuhan was after the 'gain of function' that Mengele wannabe Fauci greenlit.

It's all falling apart now.

Ukraine PM Zelensky has already 'cooled to the idea' of joining NATO and wants a discussion about the two breakaway Republics in Donbass. Basically this is admitting defeat. The black hats are now trying to destroy as much evidence as they can after False Flag attempts on Ukranian nuclear facilities failed.

The US sending boatloads of military equipment there is just stuff they can sell on the black market. It will never see action.

The idea of a no fly zone over the country is absurd. It would precipitate the shooting war.

So, what's next?

Expect anything. Internet outages and bank closures have been threatened by none other than WEF honcho Klaus 'you'll own nothing and like it' Schwab. Food supply lines are being shut down and they're using this crisis to raise energy prices to collapse the economy and bring in their so called 'Great Reset'.

Many of us have serious doubts as to whether they can do this effectively, and also await the white hat response.

But it won't be through lack of trying. So be aware, these are dangerous times...


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Sheeple and the fascist boot: Nothing really new here...

Monday, 7 February:

One of the biggest complaints from people on both sides of the political divide is the snail's pace of events -or more correctly their interpretation of it- and many sense futility. Face it, just about everyone thought this situation would have been resolved by now.

Freedom or global governance. One way or the other.

However, most don't factor in the nature of time how it really works as opposed to their perceptions of it. Citizens are understandably married to the 24 hour/7 day week and see things with that perspective. Things don't play out that way.

Just because you think something should present itself by, say next Tuesday, or the 1st, 15th or 30th day of a given month doesn't mean it will and if it doesn't occur that does not mean it won't eventually happen.

This is precisely where we are as a species right now.

Is it a political struggle, a social disorder, a spiritual confrontaton between good and evil or a mixture of all the above? When taken as a whole as opposed the sum of it's parts this oft repeated admonition stands out: taking down a 6,000 year old death cult run by 'elite' families used to their own way is not going to be accomplished overnight.

Nor in weeks, months or even years. This will take decades.

Before anguish sets in, consider this: how far have we come just in the last 5 years? A perfect example is how far we came as a planet from 1940 through 1945. The change was dramatic. So,too, has this.

Now the good news. Things are starting to happen fast. Just the last several weeks a veritable flurry of events have happened and much of it not given much note. One is the world changes. Volcanoes have been popping up lately and while the USGS and others see no spike it is acknowledged that many new ones have been close to populated areas.

Not going to get into the causes. That rabbit hole can be left to others. There is also the world leaders 'testing positive' for Covid and 'putting themselves into isolation'. These are the same people running around with each other not wearing masks and carrying on like nothing is wrong.

These facts contradict each other.

Some believe these 'leaders' are being taken down and this is the cover story. It is eminently believable, too. The DS types (Trudeau, Adern (NZ), Erdogan) and others are all under seige by their own people and now in 'isolation' for something that would only give them the sniffles.

The faux administration and their DS cronies are desperately trying to start a war in Ukraine but neither Putin nor Zelensky seem to want any part of it. But the people who impeached DJT for withholding billions in funds to the corrupt country are the same ones who want this conflict.

Why? That answer is easy. You can figure it out.

Basically they want to keep the (their) money rolling and this place -along with Afghanistan- was a great money laundering outpost for them.

There's more reasons than that but it primes the pump, as they say. The collapse of the fascist mask/vax passport/mandatory jabs has been epic. Watching the DS roll out decrepit 60's music icons like Joni Mitchell and Neil Young to take on Joe Rogan and his 150 million followers would be funny if it weren't so pathetically sad.

The truck convoy has brought Canada to the verge of political collapse. The word that sad sack PM Trudeau has fled the country is everywhere. Ontario's fascist police structure is trying desperately to derail the convoys with empty threats of military response.

Ask yourself this question: has any of the world's military forces gone kinetic? Has Russia invaded Ukraine? Did China take on Taiwan? Is the US military forcing people to get the jab like many DS types want?

No,no and no. Same with Canada. Their military leaders will simply refuse.

The world at war, a deep DS desire (they can run, hide and regroup) hasn't happened and isn't likely to do so anythime soon. The fight against revealing the pedo networks is being fought furiously by the black hats.

This is their biggest Achille's heel and they know it. Yet they are still trying to 'legitimize it through 'normalization'. Hey, so what if Disney is loaded with them and the director of 'Guardians of the Galaxy' was quietly brought back to the series after his pedo tweet scandal faded. This is how they operate.

They believe they will triumph eventually by wearing everyone out with their obvious peculiarities. That the teaching of the children to accept this and their cultural desires will give them the world on a silver platter.

This is why they are trying to close down all dissent.

But the white hat response is here: Truth Social Network (https://truthsocial.com/) is about to premiere, perhaps as early as late this month. The black hats are attacking this site around the clock as it is being developed as they fear it more than anything.

It will put Trump and the 'deplorables' back on the information trail. Expect all sorts of ancillary activity  when this gets close.

You see, folks, we are now in a time of increased velocity. Things that are happening will speed up and the avalanche is just about upon us all.

It will be filled with challenges but a glorious experience it will be...


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Tick... Tick... Tick

Ed knew...

Wednesday 29 December:

It's been a while since the last post. Not by design, either.

The 'blue state' lockdowns have had the desired effect of hurting local economies and many have lost businesses and their homes as well. This has affected many including yours truly.

So, life 'on the run' so to speak is now the norm and will be for awhile until the malevolent forces who wish harm upon the world lose their control over the media megaphone. Gettingtrump.com site has also been locked out of Twitter.

No warning or explanation given. Account not suspended nor blocked, just no pathway to access it.

No real big deal though. It was so heavily throttled that only a handful of people saw the posts anyway. Have been doing much more at Gab (getting trump.com@dacase) and Telegram as well.

That account is still private at this juncture because of troll/bots. Will make it available soon.

Awaiting the Trump entity https://truthsocial.com/ to be launched. Late February is what has been announced. This will cripple the globalist media for good. As the numbers plummet for Twitter/FB and other DS entities they will be bought up in hostile takeovers.

The black hats will try to cull the herd as much as possible first.

Like the Nazis during the Battle of the Bulge they will try to sow as much discord as they can to cover their fleeing to supposed 'safe havens' like New Zealand. However, their plans are in tatters as the local populaces are rising up world wide.

The people who handle this site have already warned the users that they 'reserve the right' to both cancel the site AND seize your domain name if you publish anything that challenges the Big Lies- the election and the jabs- so discretion is the better part of valor here.

Besides, there is little most of you do not already know.

Time is not on their side. It's all falling apart, and the 'Brandon' cry stands as testament that the fraud is now pretty much public knowledge. Just how this will be resolved in a 'known unknown' as Rumsfeld liked to say.

Don't expect any white hat movement until the DS plays their final hand.

What will that be is a matter of speculation but don't be surprised if the clown show in DC soon starts some 'musical chairs'. As DJT said famously the 25th amendement 'wasn't directed at him'.

The Current Occupant is not long for the office. The 'smartest woman in the world' just read her 2016 victory speech on the air several weeks ago. This is not hard to connect. They will NOT get the shooting war in the Ukraine they lust for- or any other event they can use to change the subject- because the real leaders of the world are  NOT on their side.

You know who they are. Not the nitwits paraded on TV.

There will be more posts in the coming days. However there isn't a whole lot of new ground to plow. The sides are pretty much cast in stone. There is some worthwhile analyses happening though.

Check out Clif High and Patel Patriot.





Have fun. More later...





25.06.2022 17:46


Right you are, it’s go time!

25.06.2022 17:58


if it's ever going to be it is NOW.

09.02.2022 16:48


thanks for the kind words...

02.02.2022 17:16

Gloria Hilley

Love your work. Talked with you on Twitter until I was banned from the platform. Thanks for still being here.