Yes, all these idiots are back. But for just HOW long is the question.


Crashing another wedding at Mar A Lago: someone seems rested and ready...

Friday, 16 April:

Yes, people. What you now see daily on your telescreen is both a reality and a not so carefully constructed illusion. This seeming contradiction is easier explained than understoood. The lies you are being fed are pretty much the 'new reality'.

It is a trip into an alternate universe that has more in common with the Twilight Zone than anything else. While it is true the government has been misleading the public for decades, it took a dramatic turn on 9/11 and is now pretty much completely off the rails.

There is much 'renegade media' out there pushing every form of conspiracy theory, but try as hard as they may so called 'mainstream' media like the execrable CNN is worse. Maybe the Juan O Savins and Simon Parkes of the world are hinting that DJT will return to the Oval Office soon, or that the bad guys are on trial at Gitmo.

At least that is somewhat believable. After all, the election was stolen, and the progressive movement harbors some very nasty people who most likely are criminals and traitors. It's the other fantasies that don't hold any water.

George Floyd is one of them.

He was a fentanyl stoked drug addict pushing counterfeit bills when apprehended by the police, and the coroner report has him dying of a fentanyl overdose. The Minnesota AG, a piece of work called Keith Ellison immediately buried the report so the fable could gain traction.

These are facts. You might ask why, which is understandable. However, telling people that a segment of the government wants violence on the streets so as to get you to distrust your local law enforcement sounds crazy.

It does because it IS nuts. It also happens to be true.

So is the bum rush by the faux administration to spend untold trillions of dollars on giveaways to foreigners invading the country, and making sure their fat pensions are funded in perpetuity. These are not people struggling to get by.

Most of these pensions are $65k per year and up. The leftist  teacher's unions the biggest but not sole recipient of this largesse. It is basically them rewarding their own, or as the Kenyan once put it, 'we reward our friends and punish our enemies.

These 'enemies' are American citizens.

Creepy Joe Biden, easily the biggest joke ever installed in the White House, is not only a senile old fool who was a dolt in his best days but heads a criminal family enterprise as well. He is considered a nitwit by the rest of the world.

His 60 days in office have been a disaster so far, an easily predictable one.

The media, which has degenerated from bad propaganda to just laughable dribble, hides what it cannot excuse. They are busy trying to launder the image of sad sack son Hunter by laughing about his pathetic attempts to obtain crack, and accidentally smoking parmesan cheese instead.

Hardee har har. Imagine any of Trump's children getting this treatment.

But he does get a multimillion dollar advance on a 'tell all tale' that so far has sold 11,000 copies. You heard right. In spite of the massive rollout this is all it sold, and much of that is undoubtedly organizations friendly to the family who will give them away for a donation.

The book deals the left pull off are almost all money laundeing scams like this. As we have asserted time and again, these people are first and foremost, thieves. This just one of the more egregious examples.

It's hard not to blame folk for going to alternate news sites that claim the good guys are rounding up the perpetrators of all this, particularly when their guilt is so damn obvious. The real challenge is for the more responsible among us to sort through this and separate the facts from the 'hopium' as it's called.

For the record, some of these people have some access to decent intel, and ignoring them completely is a mistake. Mike Lindell of pillow fame was all over television claiming Trump 'will be back in office by August'.

Ordinarily one might dismiss such assertions.

However, when one knows the Biden family is a criminal enterprise, that Tony Bobulinski has not disappeared, and that Hunter is under open criminal investigation it makes Lindell's prediction not only somehow believable but actually possible.

The Democrat run congress obviously staged the 6 January 'assault' on the Capitol, are prosecuting a single mom who was invited in by a Capitol Hill police officer and did no damage yet cover up for the cop who shot Ashli Babbitt in more or less cold blood.

They won't even release his name. Yet you know every cop who was involved in a shooting of some 'person of color'. It is maddening, it is deliberately provocative, and it is an open attack on the taxpaying citizens of this country.

Some of these officers -like the one who was legally justified in the Michael Brown shooting in Missouri- have had to basically go into a de facto 'witness protection program', fleeing their homes and forced to change their names.

It is all so damn wrong.

The good news? There is always good news if one seeks to find it. Despite the best (or worst, if you will) attempts by the Deep State to foment a war in Crimea it has failed yet again. Red China is huffing and puffing, but there is info they had their asses handed to them in a skirmish with the Taiwanese air force.

They needed a far different outcome than what is presently occurring in the US, as is the eugenicists and their desire to kill off much of the world's population through vaccinations. The 'Operation Warp Speed' Johnson &Johnson vaccine is not an MRNA formula like Moderna or Astra Zeneca.

Maybe that's why Creepy's CDC put a halt on them by claiming 'blood clotting'. The fact that is a one in a million incident rate seems to make no difference. They want the Gates formula injected in you.

That said, the truth that HOQ (hydroxychloroquine), particularly paired with zinc, is very successful is now undeniable. Idiot stiffs like FOX's Neli Cavuto can no longer stare into the camera and assert 'this stuff will KILL YOU'.

Truth is exactly the opposite. It is not only not lethal but the side effects are minimal. But it does make a vaccine extraneous; not necessary. Some people like vaccinations, every fall people line up for flu shots.

Then there are those who just strengthen their immune systems.

So, if you have the feeling nothing is as it seems, and you are being both lied to and treated like a low grade moron, relax.

You are...


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somewhere in Florida this couple is smiling.

He hasn't gone anywhere...

Friday, 9 April:

Spring is here, the cold winds of winter not just a memory as our society tentatively sets forth in the 'post COVID' world. It is a veritable schizophrenia of a 'recovery, too. There are places that are still mostly closed down.

Those would be your 'blue states'. Then there are the ones who are moving far more boldly; indeed several have thrown off the yoke of Fauci fascism and embraced life. This includes Florida, Texas and Arizona.

Other 'red' stetes are speeding up their transition. It's profound enough that the scolds in government have softened their attacks. For people like Fauci, who has been on both sides of literally every issue since Day One, it's just dessert time.

With his commentary, which at best is a throw it against the wall stream of consciousness approach, and at worst Deep State drivel, he has entered more or less buffoon status. The Currrent Occupant sees the polls and the 60% plus numbers of people wanting the country opened and has the CDC 'experts running with not just one, or two masks.

No, three masks are the trick now.

The country is dying to move on past this. But the people in charge -and their fanatic base- have grown quite comfortable with the power this has given them, particularly the NEA and other major teacher's unions.

They have received tens of billions in 'COVID relief' funds, and have been getting paid full salaries while the students sit home, isolated and dejected. Denied social interaction with their friends, they are beset with all forms of psychological issues.

Some have committed suicide while getting their lessons on the computer.

Yet the teachers have it made. Not only are they paid to stay home, many 'double dip' as paid agitators for AntiFa and Black Lives Matter; indeed some studies have shown as much as 25% of those arrested for violent protests were teachers.

The Blue states are crippled by the demands from parents to open the schools and local teacher unions that find any reason not to comply. If it weren't such a crime against the people this would venture into the world of black comedy.

The DS wants these lockdowns to continue and are absolutely loathe to give up the masks, but if they don't open up the economy will crash, and fast, too. Not that they don't want that outcome; they do.

But not now. Not while they try to steal everything that isn't nailed down. This is why you now have not only a senile puppet in the Oval Office, but a dictator operated by remote control. He has no idea what the hell he's even signing.

We do, however.

This radical use of executive orders to skirt the people's house (congress) is a blatant disregard for the way the government is supposed to function. Many of these are a flagrant violation of the constitution.

The cadaverous stooge now posing as a 'president' just told all of us that 'amendments to the constitution are not absolute'. Yes, he did say that. It's a lie, of course. They  certainly are 'absolute' unless they are changed by law.

Not by a puppet on a string dancing to the globalist chants of the NWO crowd.

They are coming out fast and furious, too. Some are sticking -the gun EO's will have to be challenged in court- and others like the so called 'vaccine passports' were so badly received that they had to withdraw them.

For now. The global cartels want these badly. They wanted contact tracing, too. But the vaccination thing is falling apart on them as well, with people realizing the virus just isn't particularly lethal.

The end game on all of this is to get all of the people registered and controlled. 

There is much good news, though. You just have to dig a little to find it. First of all, the 'good governors' are opening up their states and guess what? Their virus issues are receding, much to the chagrin of the CDC.

It seems sunlight, warm weather and herd immunity actually works.

The pushback on the passports was furious, and the idiots in DC heard it. The retreat was quick. The massive attempt at a firearm grab has generated epic sales numbers. Indeed records are being smashed.

Keep in mind there are already over 400 million firearms in the country. These pathetic -and illegal- attempts will backfire spectacularly. But they have an agenda, and are hard wired to get it done.

That's the trouble with hive mentalities and collective thought. It becomes rigid and stale, and the lies they use to prop them up fall apart easily. Tucker Carlson tore them apart on his Thursday monologue.

Attempts by the cabals to start a shooting war have fizzled so far; DJT left an agenda of peace and non intervention that may piss off Lynne Cheney but the foreign governments seem to love it. 

In fact, much of what the 'victors' are trying to accomplish is just not happening. Once again, Trump left a solid structure behind, and as you can see at the southern border their desperate ploy to bring in hundreds of thousands of 'new voters' has collapsed.

Indeed, they now have to continue  finishing Trump's wall. You have to read this headline for the joke of the day as they try to blame their actions on, you guessed it, Donald Trump.

And so it goes.

There are still many America First types -basically your average US taxpaying citizen- that are down in the mouth a little; they think DJT took them to the brink and then abandoned them to the communist infiltrators.

It may seem so to some but understand such is not the case. There is a lot of very good things happening, all basically under the radar, and the timing on all of this is somewhat dependent on the actions of those who stole the election.

The country has to unite against them, and that is coalescing as we speak. Not quite there yet. Mike Lindell and Patrick Byrne have both made bold claims, but they are NOT 'crazy talk'. The election fraud issues have to be resolved at the state level, and what you are seeing in Maricopa county Az, Georgia, and Wisconsin are all very real.

Dominion needs to be exposed. Myanmar, of all places, is helping immeasurably as they are aggressively after both them and the Soros funding behind it. Being a banana republic means they don't give a damn about what the world thinks.

They arrested their 'phony president'.

So, patience is still required, and that means the pain of watching the unreal sight of a withered old man attempting to seize that which they cannot achieve through the congress. Oh, and wanting to stack the courts, make the military a hotbed of left wing progressives.

We just said that the white hats are going to win this. Never said there wouldn't be some pain first...


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The 300 who came, just like the 300 Spartans


your loyal editor addresses the rapt audience...

Saturday, 27 March:

The media is trying to convince everyone that the era of Trump is gone -and buried- and the Biden administrations heavy handed rush to impoverish the country is irreversible. They are the current incarnation of the 'Borg' of 'Star Trek'.

To those unfamiliar with this, they were an AI collective who's tag line is 'resistance is futile'.

This is indeed the position of those behind the Current Occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. They want you to accept their tyranny without a fight. They want you to give up. They look with pride upon their horde of mask wearing nazis-in-training and expect you to surrender.

This is a huge mistake.

Their followers are people who seek solace in a collective; who cannot thrive in a meritocracy. Socially inept and invariably incapable of decent romantic lives, they funnel their insecurities into a miasma of jealousy, fear, and rage.

Not against those who thrive on their suffering. Against those who have triumphed over the inequities the world has foisted against them. With the support of a corrupt and slavish media the black hats in control think they have the good citizens cornered.

They threaten them with 're education camps' and even worse 'elimination'.

However, last night in the bluest of blue states Illinois, there was ample evidence the worm has turned. In the Chicago collar county of McHenry a sold out arena of patriots -actually average American citizens who love their country- showed there is plenty of fight left in the body politic.

'Freedom Friday' as it was tabbed, was the brain child of mover and shaker Karen Tirio, who is on the board of the Mc Henry GOPAC, a conservative politcal action committee. At first there was some uncertainty about the success.

The COVID situation has been used so effectively to keep people bottled up no one was sure if the people would show. Illinois has not exactly been a model of personal freedom anyway and they like the control this 'pandemic' has given them.

Not to worry. They showed, all right.

The sellout of 300 was done early in the week and they had to turn back dozens of late requests for tickets. Three GOP candidates for governor were there; Gary Rabine, a local paving contractor, Darren Bailey, a state senator and farmer, and Paul Schimpf, also a former state senator and USMC JAG officer.

They were all excellent. Rabine's performance was electric, and the crowd loved every second.

The candidates said their piece, On Target range director of operations Tom Dorsch, a former Marine and DSS agent gave a spirited defense of the Second Amendment, and why an armed middle class is necessary to protect freedom.

But the night was about the people.

Maskless, sitting right next to other humans, no temperatures taken or any other of the phony 'science' coming from the CDC, we saw -and participated in- more handshaking than all of last year.

It was simply glorious. 

The folks were so damn happy to be out, to be among others with shared beliefs, and able to hear candidates who have actual selfless reasons as to why they want to serve. By the time your loyal editor was asked to speak they were primed and ready.

For about 20 minutes we shared the intel that followers have come to expect, only this was to people who, maybe six months ago, were considered 'normies'; good folk but not clued in to the under the radar happenings.

No more. They not only ate it all up, but many stayed after to ask questions for hours.

They knew about the Clinton Foundation, Epstein and his island, and Hunter's laptop. They also understood FULLY that we, as a nation, face not just bad politics but a profound evil. It was as much fun to watch them react with what could only be called 'joy' as some essential truths were being shared.

'The Great Awakening', indeed.

What was even more amazing is that this did not satiate the demand; indeed the thirst for someone -or something- to fill the void that Trump's stolen election created is huge. There are now plans to 'take this show on the road'.

Remember this IS Illinois, too.

So, take solace in the fact that the resistance of the patriot is definitely 'not futile'...



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Biden presser today: a complete and utter embarrassment.


Thursday, 25 March:

There are a lot of unhappy people out there now.

The reality of the vacuum a 'Trump-less' presidency is has settled in, and being forced to take Joe Biden seriously is now upon us all. It has been the strangest of administrations from it's inception as well.

Starting with not being given a government aircraft to fly to his inauguration, with a now out of power DJT riding to Patrick AFB on Air Force One was odd enough. Then there has been the continuing strangeness of Biden not using 'Air Force One' as a call sign when in flight.

To this day they have not used it; instead it is listed as 'N/A'.

There have been the CGI intensive meetings (he famously waved his hand THROUGH a phantom microphone in one) and others seem to indicate a Hollywood set was being used. For 56 days he refused to do a press confernce, and that ended today.

All it did was raise more questions and was utterly painful to watch.

He took pre-screened questions from the slavish shills posing as a 'press corps' and had the answers written down. He was still obviously confused as he lost trains of thought and abruptly changed the subject.

In what can only be considered a ridiculous claim, he said he 'will be a two term president'. This is preposterous on the surface, and even more so when you dig a little. He has called Harris 'the president' multiple times now, and it's even money he doesn't last a year.

That 25th Amendment thing looms, as Trump wryly pointed out last year.

Other oddities indicate that he -and his party- are not in full control of the country. One of the more obvious examples was the promotion of US Army General Charles Flynn to head of Pacific Command.

The promotion was on 23 January, after the inauguration. Now, anybody who knows anything is aware of the sheer hatred the left had for Mike Flynn, and revenge is something they live to do. Nixon's impeachment had its origins in his 1950 campaign against Helen Gahagan Douglas whom he branded a communist sympathizer.

They vowed revenge and got it 24 years later with Watergate.

Yet General Flynn's kid brother gets key Pacific Command (this means  Red China nemesis Taiwan) and without a peep. This was strange and still is. Sure, he's qualified. That isn't the point.

It does show that Michael Flynn is an obvious force to be reckoned with still, and he is at the center of the 'Q Anon' controversy, too. No, this is not an administration that is in control. Or at least not total.

They are spending digital dollars like drunken sailors but the world's economy will no longer support profligate US deficit spending. The dollar may soon lose it's spot as the 'basket currency' the world uses.

Raising trillions out of thin air has consequences,and they're not good ones, either.

You will notice that they seem to be in a 'bum's rush' to get their fascist agenda passed as quickly as possible. Flooding the border with illegals, banning deportations and handcuffing ICE and Border Control happened immediately, as did EO's giving Red China access to our power grid.

That last one is a head scratcher with only ONE conclusion: the Reds must be allowed to shut down the grid if they feel threatened. Only someone owned by the CCP in Beijing would do this, and on the first days, too.

The mad dash to seize your guns is on as well, as they check off their wish list of items to rob you of your freedoms while giving them more power. This display of criminal incompetence has been difficult to view, but it was necessary.

If the military had installed DJT at gunpoint on 20 January the resist crowd was ready to riot in all 50 capitol cities. Whie it was obvious they stole the election, the optics on this would have been 'banana republic' and civil conflict -with many thousands of casualties- could have ensued.

There was no way Trump, who avoided armed conflict assiduously, would allow tihis. Therefore the fraud that is now the 'Biden Administration' had to be allowed. People needed to see just HOW bad they really are,how much they lied to acquire power, and just how resolutely evil their agenda is.

The election fraud lawsuits are now winding their way through the courts, and this time 'lack of standing' will not be used as an excuse. The cases will be heard,and the DS is in sheer terror of that happening.

This will all soon come to some sort of a climax.

President Trump, who has been banned by the fascist oligarchs of social media, will soon have his own, secure platform. This is about 60 days away. It will be a game changer as the DS/resist crowd will do anything to stop it.

The internet could be brought down,and even worse. They know what they have done wrong,that the election was rigged and that they cover for child traffickers and other nasty groups.

They know that Trump knows all this, too. They desperately do NOT want the rank and file to know about it. Right now they have voices (like ours) pretty well throttled and controlled. We used to get thousands of visitors for each post and now it's in the hundreds.

While they spin obvious, and really poor, lies about their own. This will come to an end, and many things will change. Trump tried to get us ready for it by building the military, protecting the borders, going back on a gold standard and becoming energy independent.

When the 'Great Reset' comes we would have been in good shape to pull through it. 

So, the battle rages on. Good news is the white hats will win this. Only real problem is how much pain the opposition will cause... 


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Wednesday, 10 March:

First of all, apologies to the faithful visitors to this site.

The last couple posts were 'spiked' by evil forces (use your imagination) as they had seized the site. That''s how bad the censorship is right now, as the black hats struggle to keep their lies from being exposed.

And there is a LOT of lies they are covering up.

People now have a very good idea of what the new administration has up it's sleeve. You have a nominal 'president' who's lack of mental faculties has become a worldwide joke. The 60 or so executive orders have all been about two things:

One, undoing anything Trump did to help small business and energy, and two empowering Red China. The most unbelievable -and telling- EO was one of the first ones. It allows the Red Chinese to have access to our power grid.

You can ask yourself 'why' on this for a thousand years and no good answer will ever occur.

However, if the agenda is to weaken the United States and strengthen the CCP and foreign power producers this all makes sense. They promised not to 'end fracking' but immediately banned it from public lands.

As a result gas has gone up a dollar a gallon or more in just six weeks.

The attack on their ideological foes -and they are legion- have been ramped up. The false flag of 6 January is being used for everything from investigating 'white supremacy', which anyone knows is a small handful of malignant creeps that are a minor issue at best, to keeping thousands of National Guard troops in DC to 'protect' them.

From what? Just what is it they are afraid of?

This is easy to answer. They have the classic 'guilty conscience'. They know what they have done. They are aware of the predeliction for sexual excesses like pedophelia. They know the election was stolen.

They know the media lies for them. They know ALL of this.

Also known is the fact the white hats know it, too. What terrifies them is that the people are waking up to these facts. Ergo the throttling of all dissent. It's at it's worst now, not certain this article will even see the light of day.

Social media sites are controlled. You can get censored or suspended for saying anything that goes against their agenda. You can't question COVID or the vaccinations even as this whole issue is crumbling.

The CDC quietly said hydroxychloroquine works (it does and always has) with an 84% success rate when taken as a prophylactic or early treatment. It does NOT, as Neil Cavuto repeated three times 'kill you'.

But you all know this by now.

Going forward the issue is letting all the 'normies' know. The only way you take the country back now is to take a page out of their book and organize at the community level. Don't expect any help from the Republicans until Trump helps purge them of the Murkowskis and Kinzingers of the world.

Speaking of DJT he has been awfully quiet lately.

'Revenge is a dish best served cold'

-French proverb

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