West: no escape allowed.

Friday, 12 October:

As Marshall McLuhan once said, 'the media IS the message'.

When people still loaded tapes into their VHS players Donald Trump had already mastered that media. He knew the celebrity sound bite as well, as his banter with a lost MCauley Culkin in his eponymous hotel showed.

He embraced early cable with his pal Vince McMahon. You may know his wife Linda, as well.

He was doing celebrity interviews with Rona Barrett in 1980. Espousing essentially the same world view he has now. Particularly knowing the real China, as opposed to the one people would like it to be.

That he is winning the media war right now should be no surprise to anyone who knows anything. Just look at his competition.

You know all of them. They yell at the president, make statements instead of ask questions, and then preen in front of a thoroughly compliant audience making prejudicial, even absurd assertions to be accepted as gospel.

It is the gospel of the secular religion. All hail the state!

It is in this environment that a New York street fighter -forget the wealth; these were tough people; he would get into scraps with local kids and six years in military school straightened him out- would naturally thrive.

And boy, does he.

When he came down that escalator at his hotel, surrounded by all the trappings of wealth and success, he struck a chord with everyone. This was deliberate,and it set the stage for the present.

He's beating the media -all of it- so badly, that if this were to have a judge they would stop the fight as a mercy killing. It's a mismatch. Jim Acosta?

Don Lemon? Really??

You must be joking. These are lightweights even by today's standards. They make Jake Tapper look like Walter Cronkite.

There is no competition. And he now owns them all.

For you see, he finally put Saul Alinsky to his much needed second death. Alinsky, who is THE playmaster of the progressive left, has provided them with much needed victories. They're more well known for the losses, which are so rare.

Clarence Thomas, the forerunner of the Kavanaugh ordeal, is one of them.

This playbook, which you can easily read in a couple of minutes, has provided them and their media cohorts a plan of attack they have had great success with. Ridicule, marginalize, and turn their accusations against them.

The Trump inner circle being accused of colluding with the Russians by the last bunch is particularly rich. There was literally nobody they didn't 'collude' with. The country, and its assets were up for sale to the highest bidder.

Trump, who has lost a half billion in under two years and dropped 138 spaces on the Forbe's list, is doing exactly the opposite. He's demanding money come BACK.

This is but one tactic. Projection, along with ridicule (Kanye West? you betcha) and marginalization (Melania) are employed constantly. But they save their favorite for last, and that's the social crimes.

Sexist. Racist. Homophobe. Misogynist. 


At the last second, just before a big moment -like a vote- drop the bomb. He's a sexual predator. The accuser offers no verifiable evidence and prefers to stay anonymous. This is not just a perversion of justice, it's just wrong.

To accept it is to empower the accuser, who through the State, demands and achieves redress.

As they like to say, it's not the 'evidence of the crime but the seriousness of the charge'. Our whole legal system is based on innocence until proven guilty. This stands that on it's head. But they have gotten away with this for decades.

The Smartest Woman in the World did her thesis at Wellesley on it, although it has never been released to the public. Just like someone else's college records. 

But you sure know Brett Kavanaugh's high school calendar, don't you?

This had to end. Along with their near total media control countervailing thought hadn't a prayer. The country was doomed to the inexorable tide of the progressive.

Trump stopped this dead in it's tracks. Not only that, he used their tactics against them, and by knowing exactly  how they would react he baited them into trap after trap, They now have been caught in their worst yet.

Brett Kavanaugh.

This was their Bridge Too Far. By positioning the clean living, Leave it to Beaver like Kavanaugh to be the deciding vote in a 5-4 court. it was too tasty not to take. He knew the establishment friendly jurist was a undefeatable choice.

Therefore, he also knew they would empty their arsenal on him. This means they expected the 'twist' of the sex charges.

By having the rank and file GOP solidly behind the pick, he knew the RINO 'never Trump' crowd would be silenced. Therefore, he had only the eminently predictable Dems and their dog eared, moth eaten copy of Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.

He knew it would be a fight but that he would win, and on both counts.

Kavanaugh would be confirmed because of simple math. They had the numbers, Better yet, they could expose, and finally conquer, their long in the tooth attack mechanism.

The ridiculous charges coming from sideshow characters more fitting an HBO crime series like The Lawyer of Creepy Porn fame finished them off; driving the dagger in the heart of the whole charade.

It didn't matter what one thought of Christine Ford's testimony. Most saw what they wanted to see.

What DID matter was accusing this man of attending 10 serial rape parties by a female who was both too old and lived on the wrong side of the tracks to have ever mixed with these kids. This unforced error was yet another Trump triumph.

By elevating Stormy Daniels to a national figure in order to hurt their enemy instead it became the vehicle of their own demise. They can never use this charge again. Was Trump done there?

Hardly. The Kanye West affair, which they both knew the media would flock to, ended 'racism' as well. It, too dies the death so deserved.

By showing the world it's not about race or class but 'ideas' they changed the narrative forever.

The reactions from the media were as predictable as was filled with unintentional hilarity. Ranging from mockery to feigned horror, the various media mavens prostrated themselves on their own altar of political correctness.

They were the 'racists' and all of the other Marxist approbations they paint others with. It's been an utterly amazing sight to behold.

Best part is their complete and total lack of self awareness. Their 'bubble' -cocoon is more like it- is so isolating they have literally no idea what asses they make of themselves. That a bunch of black clad masked thugs beating on old people aren't 'a mob'.

They must have focus grouped that word and not liked the results.

It's the theater of the absurd now. Meanwhile, Trump is stoking the crowds, while the fallout from the Kavanaugh affair is not only murdering the specter of Saul Alinsky but wiping out the Democrat lead in the polls.

The generic poll is now about a tie. That means congress won't change hands.

This could not be done without the unwitting help of the progressives, who fell for tabloid politics like porn stars, crooked lawyers and phony celebrities. All things Trump could just beat on like a broken drum.

Think 'Alec Baldwin'. You just can't lose when you have foes like that.

There are still those who think this is but a string of luck; a happy accident. Those who think Sun Tzu is a spicier version of General Tsao's chicken. That Trump is some big dummy rich kid who has never done an honest day's work.

As he just pounds them into oblivion. Those wiser among us chuckle to themselves; China is so flummoxed by Trump that the moment he wins the midterms they will pull a Canada and like the native Canuck Monte Hall said, 'Let's make a deal'.

The media was still dumping on Kanye West, his 'treachery' really got their collective goat.

Rasmussen has him currently at 49%. But they continue to paint him as some undeserving clown. They not only don't know their enemy, they refuse to learn.



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Venezuela grocery shopping: Socialism on display.

Monday, 8 October:

It was a quiet day Monday.

Gone was the constant 'did he or didn't he' speculation on Brett Kavanaugh, the newly sworn in Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. Gone, too was the media circus and the snarling mobs tearing at the doors of the Court.

That represented a new low in the State of the Union. It looked like a trailer for a zombie film; not a proper response to a judicial nomination. It was the image of a banana republic.

For just a hot moment we looked like Venezuela. That might not have been an accident.

Kavanaugh was sworn in Monday afternoon, and in his introduction President Trump apologized to the newly minted justice. He apologized for the nation, and for the 'terrible pain and suffering you have been forced to endure'.

He went on. 'Those who step forward to serve our country deserve a fair, and dignified evaluation.Not a campaign of personal and political destruction based on lies and deception'. 

Do you think that the man may know something we don't?

Do you think that he, and his inner circle, know every single tactic that was used? That the woman who charged him has as dubious a background as imaginable? Maybe the media had little to no interest in Christine Ford but you know that the administration knew.

While the media dug into Kavanaugh's yearbook they ignored the trail of CIA/FBI complicity in her background, and that her lawyers were Clinton inner circle types. That she was an expert in polygraph examinations.

That she had 'counseled' someone else on an upcoming test, something she lied under oath about.

That her 'recovered memory', aided, not by medical people but DEMOCRAT lawyers, was a convenient 'I don't remember' on anything that could be really investigated; time, place, people were all missing.

Instead, it was a 'I'm 100% positive' that Brett Kavanaugh assaulted her at 'some time in the 80's'. All in a lilting, little girl voice.

Now, you can fool some of the people some of the time. This only fooled those who wanted to be sold. To others, it was somewhere between a nice reading to basic summer stock theater.

It was too good, too pat and too clever by half to be really convincing. Fortunately, the GOP knew well enough to allow an independent entity do the questioning. Her meat and potatoes approach exposed Ford as if not a complete fraud, at least the thinnest accusation she'd seen.

Yet to this moment, she is still a cause celebre'; the driving force to the cry of an 'illegitimate court'. The Trump administration could have gone medieval on her; the FBI report showed how awful her 'witnesses' were and did uncover much of the planned 'confession'.

There were many who thought Ford would never show. That would have been suicide.

They had to 'get the widow on the set' as Don Henley once sang. Fully coached, and with an unprovable allegation. It was epic theater, and it worked. For awhile, anyway.

However, Kavanaugh knew the administration was 100% behind him. He did the unforgivable; he outed the Democrats as the anti Constitutional, corrupt hacks that they are, right down to being the bought dogs doing the Clinton's business.

The media ridiculed it as 'conspiracy theory'.

Yet Debra Katz is one of the Clinton's legal counsel. This is no conspiracy, at least not any secret. The Democrats swore they would 'do anything they had to' to stop Kavanaugh from being confirmed.

So, it's no surprise that they wheeled out the Saul Alinsky playbook yet one more time. It's never failed in a pinch, and this was for all the marbles.

But they lost, and lost big. This will have repercussions for some time, and they won't be a stain on Kavanaugh, either. He will be warmly received by the other justices; Elena Kagan hired him to teach at Harvard and they're personal friends.

He's a brilliant, mainstream jurist and his decisons will be smart and well reasoned, all within the limits of the constitution.

That means that he understands that if you have a problem with the president you have TWO options; one is impeachment, and two is the voter booth. Trying to cook up criminal charges to indict a sitting president ain't gonna fly.

This means the leaders of the coup will not be able to achieve their goal. 

It means the legally elected president can, through the will of the people, execute policy based on what is best for the country. The very reason Trump was installed in the Oval Office.

He is but the tip of the spear.

Therefore, the only option is that this resistance will have to be dealt with in it's totality. The fact that the Court is now secure, it is loyal to the original Document is key. Now, the next phase can begin.

First of all, the soon to be unleashed violence has to be countered. The Feds are all over the MS-13 thing. They are the 'dogs of war' the left would turn loose; it's why they are 'allowed' to ply their trade.

The bad guys know where they all live, and will call in the chit when necessary. But ICE has assets they have never had before, Bolstered by other units from the FPS, they are isolating and encircling the leaders.

Yes, we know who they are, too. 

They will be in a world of hurt over the next three weeks; no 'electioneering' for them. It will be an honest election, you know. Different sheriff in town now.

Second, the deep state/EU/globalist nexus is going to fall right back to Russia; they need something to cover their asses and a war would be just dandy. Fortunately, Trump and Putin are smarter than they are.

Our partners in the intelligence business made a very bad choice and threw in with the coup plotters. Their complicity is in the unreleased FISA docs. This is not even much of a secret anymore; the president jokingly referred to said countries 'begging' not to be revealed.

This game is playing out behind closed doors. But suffice that there are changes in alliances being made, and some of them might surprise people. China knows Trump is serious and if he wins the midterms (he will) then they will sit down and talk.

They're getting killed on the trade front. They've never had a president take them on before.

So, there is a 'continuity of government' issue at stake for some of these countries; these actions were ones of war against an ally, and could throw the country(s) into chaos. Trump suggested this is why he delays these docs.

He is in the catbird seat. It's so obvious; his confidence is complete and total.

There is no real reason to dump all the information on the public right now anyway. His pat on the back (kiss of death?) to AG Rod Rosenstein on a 45 minute plane flight Monday shows that he is very much in charge.

Rosenstein made a mess over there at DoJ with Mueller and the rest. His most likely chat topic today? 'Clean it up and wrap it up'.

Enough already. The opposition has had a cloud over this president since he was sworn in, and this fraud needs to come to it's natural conclusion. Expect that right after the election. Mueller will fold up shop and go home.

The president will not be indicted, nor even charged. 

The issue will be what the Jeff Sessions/John Huber arrangement brings. 50,000 sealed indictments is a LOT.  How far this goes is anybody's guess. The redoubtable 'Q" even said that ony '40 percent' of the bad guys will ever be exposed; they don't want to throw the entire world into chaos.

It is that pervasive. It goes literally everywhere. The elite are a very perverted lot. They believe, and do, some very strange things. Vast wealth can corrode the soul.

Ultimately it doesn't matter much. The truth will eventually get out; this includes the vast pedophile network the media slavishly covers for. Of those sealed indictments one suspects a whole passel of them will be for this.

However, don't expect much before the elections.

After the Comey debacle of 2016, where he managed to screw everything up, there is no taste from anyone on either side for a major 'October surprise' that will affect the election either way.

Americans are a fair people who like, and expect, fair play. They will want a clean election on the issues. They will get that.

It's after the dust settles that you will see some serious business coming down, and that's irrespective of the outcome. Still have a lame duck congress until January.

This doesn't mean the intensity will let up; the sheer panic of the left will guarantee that, plus the amusement value of Russian submarines lurking about and such.

The Kavanaugh exhale is just about over. The next phase begins now...


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Around the clock protests in D.C. They will get worse.

Thursday, 4 October:

In a series of events playing out in pure predictable fashion, the progressive left has finally realized that they are about to lose their most prized possession:

The Federal Court system.

Over the last 50 years, they have systematically inflitrated the courts at the federal level, replacing constitutional jurists with political activists with law degrees. The apogee of this effort was achieved with the Previous Occupant, who was the sin qua non of the judicial activist.

He famously said that the Comstitution was a 'document of negative privileges; meaning it tells you what government CAN'T do for you as opposed to what it SHOULD do for you'.

Words like that made Thomas Jefferson and James Madison do cartwheels in their graves.

The beauty of our system is that the country allows you to pursue your dreams without interference. Just play by the rules and the world is your oyster. The progressives, thus called because they hope to 'progress past the constitution, want to be able to dictate what you MUST do.

Choice is not an option in the collective. You are designated for an assignment.

The difference is stark. One is a free country with limits of federal power. The other a state that lords over it's people. The difference between a 'citizen' and a 'subject'. Citizens have rights.

Subjects do not.

In Europe you are a subject of either the state (France, Germany) or the Crown (UK). Here you have the freedom to do what you choose as long as you do not harm others. That's why this isn't a democracy.

Jefferson railed against that as did Madison, fearing the 'tyranny of the majority'. It was considered and thrown out almost instantly. Instead, we are a Constitutional Republic with Limited Suffrage, meaning restrictions on who can vote.

This very system was the target for elimination, and the oppostion was close. REAL close.

Load the courts, have them pass the progressive agenda the people's congress won't allow by judicial fiat. Like Roe versus Wade, which while at the heart of this isn't the reason for their panic.

We'll get to that in a bit.

To be able to seal that deal they had to have the Supreme Court. The last bunch buttressed the left wing judges Ginsburg and Breyer with Elena Kagen and Sonia Sotomayor. These four are hard left; they have no problem bypassing the system to impose their will.

With the resignation of Anthony Kennedy, the four conservative jurors John Roberts, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and the newly minted Neil Gorsuch present a four to four tie. However, as reported here before, Kennedy personally chose his clerk Brett Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh is no right wing ideologue.

He's about as mainstream as you get. But that isn't the point. You see, the opposition HATES the system, and isn't shy about admitting it. They call it an 'old white man's patriarchal power structure' and this non sequitur has become an anthem.

The statement is ridiculous at it's face; it doesn't address the ideas, it insults those who exercise them. Which is typical; they cannot prevail on the ideas because who in their right mind would choose slavery to the state over personal freedom?

You all saw them come out and say that Kavanaugh does NOT 'deserve the presumption of innocence'. Using the talking point of 'this isn't a court of law but a job interview' they assert that the simple accusation of sexual impropriety is enough to deny one the position.

The fact that the accusations are almost certainly false, and possibly crafted lies are quickly glossed over.

What they did NOT expect was the 'Trump effect'.

He has singlehandedly supercharged this debate; when Kavanaugh went before the senatorial star chamber last week he had adopted the attack POTUS uses. Take the facts and just fearlessly throw them back in their faces.

When the 53 year old father of three appeared at the hearing he launched a 45 minute tirade that called the progressives out for exactly who they are. The Dems sat their slack jawed as he painted the conspiracy to deny him the seat in broad colors.

Right down to the Clintons. 

These people have never been spoken to this way. The right treats them like judicial equals, and offers them comity they do not deserve, for they never offer it back in return.

This, and Lindsey Graham''s raw burst changed the whole dynamic.

The left was put on the defensive, and hasn't been able to recover yet. They feebly callled for a one week pause to do an FBI investigation. They got exactly what they asked for and when given it was predictably not enough.

They want dozens of other allegations investigated, all 'he said/she said' stuff.

But the GOP, following the lead, has stepped up to the plate. They have called a vote, and it will happen either Saturday morning. He will pass with a 53-47 margin. 

The real reason for their panic -and it is exactly that, a full bore meltdown- has nothing to do with abortion. That's way down on the list. What they are terrified of is the 5-4 conservative court acting on the upcoming trials for sedition.

You heard right. The FISA documents they don't want released.

They indict the previous adminsitration, the FBI, CIA and several foreign powers, both alllies, in a plot to overthrow a legally elected president.

It is every bit as bad as it sounds. This goes to the heart of the Mueller investigation and the 'resist' movement. It includes a veritable who's who of the former government. You must keep in mind one thing:

They never thought she was going to lose.

When it occurred they knew they had to come up with something to save them from criminal prosecution, so Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele got involved, and with the help of several intelligence agencies helped set up traps for the incoming administration to walk into.

George Papadopolous was one. That sting was Australian intelligence. The UK was behind setting up Carter Page, using Stefan Halper, known mole, to be his handler. These documents show how much Halper was paid and by whom.

It also shows how the CIA infested the upper levels of the FBI; Peter Strzok was CIA, as is Nellie Ohr, her 'husband' Bruce's handler. She's a pure 'Farm' product. right down to getting her ham radio license so she could speak to Steele surreptitiously.

Like in a James Bond film except nowehere near as cool and they're all bad guys.

This is all going to be released, and soon. This explains why they are so damn scared.

They should be... 


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Graham no longer the Grinch...

Thursday, 27 September:

The title of the article is a little misleading; don't mean to be fake news, you know.

It should read 'victory is here', but superstition dictates that one should await the final outcome before declaring a victory. Patton couldn't quite wait for Montgomery to greet him in Messina before he declared it over the fleeing Nazis.

It was a fait accompli'. Or more colloquially, it was always in the bag.

To explain, let's start at the beginning. When Trump was running, he very wisely courted cautious conservatives by presenting a list of just who he would nominate for a Supreme Court vacancy. The Merrick Garland affair was fresh in the political mind.

The list, compiled by the Federalist Society, was published. Trump ran on this and won.

Among the names was a consummate D.C. insider named Brett Michael Kavanaugh. The 53 year old jurist was both widely known, and widely respected. He had political experience as well, having served in Bush 43's staff.

Trump had other jurists more in his libertarian, populist style. But he knew one thing:

That he was well liked and accepted by the establishment, including most of what is called 'the deep state'. He did work for Bush, after all. That puts him in Karl Rove and Dick Cheney territory.

He also knew he was an 'originalist', someone dedicated to the word of the constitution as opposed to the so called 'meaning', which is a loose interpretation. The president didn't care about the rest.

That's good enough for Trump. After Gorsuch -who was as conservative as he could get confirmed- was seated, then Anthony Kennedy made his move. Kavanaugh had clerked fo him, and he was his guy.

This whole affair has always had the progressive knickers in a knot. Their whole approach to seizing power was by controlling the courts. Think about the travel bans the administration went with early on.

They were blocked by a judge in Washington state and one in Hawaii. It was a bold usurpation of executive power that had to go to the Supreme Court. It did.

It was overturned, and then Kennedy stepped down. This is the stakes.

Therefore, when Kavanaugh was nominated the opposition knew they were basically screwed. They couldn't get the mushy GOP middle against him like they could on, say, Amy Coney Barrett.

They had no other option than the last minute gambit. They're historically good at this.

George W Bush almost lost because one of their operatives discovered an old DUI on him from years past, in true 'W' fashion it was for driving too slow in a 40 mph zone. It was popped in the last 48 hours and it cost him a point or two.

Then came the Hanging Chad. You know the rest. There was an Illinois politician, an up and comer named John 'Jack' Ryan was going to run for senate. He was married to Jeri Ryan, Star Treks 'Seven of Nine'.

She was a pretty girl with a stunning figure. So much so, that while in Europe Ryan allowed her to do some, well, near naked stuff in private clubs. This was buried in his sealed divorce papers. However, nothing is impossible if you're snaky enough.

Dem operatives got these papers, leaked them to the media and he had to withdraw from his campaign. He was replaced at the last minute by career gadfly Alan Keyes. He lost in a landslide.

His opponent?

The Previous Occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, that's all.

This is just how dangerous the Alinsky playbook has been. Ryan would have won that election, instead they replaced him with a punching bag. This is what they planned to do to Kavanaugh.

They played the card well enough. Along with all the willing media help Soros money will buy, they strung out the process until the last second, and then ran with Christine Ford and her 36 year old repressed memory story.

Do NOT think for one second she was all they had. Operators like 'creepy porn lawyer' were busy trolling all of the eastern shore ready with wads of cash for anyone with anything on the choir boy like Kavanaugh.

They had a real firecracker, or else really thought so until it turned out some 'anons' at 4Chan punked creepy porn lawyer with a brilliant scam, so good he had to waste precious time on it and then resort to his fallback, a longtime Dem operative who was too old and lived on the 'wrong side of the tracks'.

She partied at Ocean City Beach. Kavanaugh and his friends went to the tonier Dewey beach.

That fell apart quickly, and creepy guy ended up helping the opposition. 

Again. Between he, and the really terrible perfomances of Richard 'Stolen Valor' Blumenthal, Hirono from Hawaii (she graduated Georgetown Law? Yikes) Dick Durbin and a few others helped seal the day.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh will be the next justice on the Supreme Court. 

Let that roll around in your head for a moment. It is no longer about this 'change in balance'; indeed it's about nominating Amy Barrett when Ruth Ginsburg finally gives up the ship. They say they will really fight that one.

She's a mother of SEVEN with several adopted Haitian children. And a full time judge. Take her on at you own peril.

Meanwhile, the president, who has just concluded beneficial trade deals with Japan and S Korea, sits back and watched. His judgement on Kavanaugh justified. Next he will meet with Rod Rosenstein, who is awaiting his beck and call.

As some like to say:

'Who's your daddy?'

Winning. Please beg him to stop... 

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Yale classmate Ramirez: The latest accuser.

Sunday, 23 September:

Throughout American history -even the history of the world- there have been watershed moments that have precipitated massive change.

The attack on Fort Sumter by Confederate forces started the Civil War, whereas the assassination of a minor dignitary, the Archduke Ferdinand of Austria precipitated World War One. That resulted in the death of almost 40 million people.

Caesar and the Ides of March. One man murdered, the course of the world changed.

What is happening right now to an otherwise unassuming judge from Washington, D.C. named Brett Kavanaugh is doing the same thing. His appointment to the Supreme Court, which would ordinarily be a ho hum affar, is threatening to tear the country apart.

That threat is coming from one side only.

Most Americans are busy with their lives; enjoying the robust economic revival under the populist policies of the newly minted administration. Their concerns are of a much different nature.

They want some peace to go with the prosperity; would love to see it blossom on the Korean peninsula, and bring our troops home from the Afghan plains.

The last thing on their minds is the confirmation of a Supreme Court justice. Particularly a Ward Cleaver like clone who's politics -and legal rulings- are in the mainstream of US policy. No radical, he.

However, this does not reflect Those Who Lost.

The ones seen baying at the moon when Donald J Trump was sworn in as the 45th president. Since that day, they have been on 24/7 hyperventilation, dreaming endlessly of removing this man from power.

Using any means possible.

They have openly called for his assassination. Even the governor of California recently said 'somebody has to DO SOMETHING TO this guy, and soon'.

Sure it's flannel mouth Jerry Brown, who'll say just about anything. But this is different. He's just reflecting what his rank and file want, which it the secular Utopia they were promised.

Trump is raining on their parade. They really, really don't like it.

In his first year he put Neil Gorsuch on the bench. They grumbled, but with Anthony Kennedy  there they felt a one to one replacement of the late Antonin Scalia was, if not ideal, at least livable.

When Kennedy decided to step down they saw their decades long plan to take over the courts in mortal danger. To their credit they were right.

Trump, with input from Kennedy, settled on veteran jurist Kavanaugh because he was a 'known quantity'. No 'tea party' type; he's a Bush era big government conservative in his politics. But his legal rulings are pure strict constructionist.

He is, what is called in legal circles, an 'originalist'.

That is to interpret the laws as judged by the original meaning of the constitution. What the founders really meant. Liberals prefer what they call 'the living document', meaning it should be interpreted using more modern (read: flexible) reasonings.

There is a real problem with that. 

When you make it what you want it to mean it means nothing. The framers gave the people the means to change this document. It's called 'amending', and you put people in congress to do it. These amendments must have the majority of the country behind them.

It is a wonderful system; difficult to change on purpose. 

When Ben Franklin left Independence Hall in Philadelphia after the document was ratified, a woman shouted out a question:

'Mister Franklin!  What form of government have you given us?'

Franklin stopped, and faced her. 'A constitutional republic, madam. IF you can keep it', he replied. He, and the rest of the signatories knew very well how fragile this system would be. To counter the tyranny of the majority an electoral college was created.

This gave the rural farmer the same representation as the teeming cities. This is why the cries of '3 million more votes' over the Trump forces mean nothing.

It's like a baseball game. You can win while the other team gets more hits than you do. It's the runs that count. Same here. 

Kavanaugh would rule in that fashion. Is it, or is it not constitutional? If not, well get your congresspeople to change the law, or propose a constitutional amendment. They are not impossible; the 18th amendment (Prohibition) was both passed -and removed- by the 21st amendment in 1933.

So, it happens.

However, the progressives are aware that their agenda is not very popular with the people. Therefore, they use the courts to force change.

This is called 'judicial activism'. This is anathema to someone like Kavanaugh, and therein lie the rub. They are fully vested in controlling the courts and cannot abide by this change in the scenery.

Yet the president and his party control the issue. They have both chambers of congress.

What to do, what to do. Then the inevitable decision came: let's just start a civil war. That'll teach them, they think. At the 11th hour of the Kavanaugh hearings they threw an incendiary device into the proceedings.

Just drum up a sex charge. Doesn't have to be true, just  salacious.

Maybe some girl he knew back when he was a SOPHOMORE in high school can remember a clumsy encounter. We'll just embellish it and get a tearful girl on the set saying it 'ruined her life'.

The fact that she lives quite well, and seems to enjoy herself quite a bit isn't mentioned.

Nope. For progressives -who like their mentors in the French Revolution like Robespierre- it's not the guilt or innocence. It's the seriousness of the charge.

This is pure fascism, but we'll go on.

In their view, all one has to do is suspect values that run contrary to The State and bingo, you're guilty as charged.

Brett Kavanaugh firmly denies every one of these charges, but they aren't meant to be proven, because you can't. They are simply attacks on his character meant to make him as toxic as possible.

The media water carriers are fully complicit in this act.

This is no longer a 'resist' movement. This is now a full blown civil disobedience, a direct assault on the REAL 'rule of law', and a deliberate attempt to void the results of a legally won election.

It is a war, there is nothing else you can call it.

How can they back down? If the GOP goes ahead with the confirmation, they  have plans (and the financing) to disrupt the very machinery of congress. They have already planned the demonstrations and hired the protestors.

This is all paid for by George Soros and his $81 billion endowment to the left he made last year, and organized by none other than the Previous Occupant through his pac OFA ('Organizing For America').

They are all coordinated through their HQ just blocks away from the place they hope to reconquer.

The White House.

Now, while all this is going on the president and his inner circle has these same progressive politicians by the scruff of the neck. The upcoming FISA declassification will implicate Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein as complicit in a plot to overthrow Trump.

This is why they -and several foreign entities- are begging not to have this revealed.

Trump cannot lose no matter what happens. The left will not retake congress; it just won't happen. The man will turn out the vote they need.

Mitch McConnell will pull the rug out from under the Kavanaugh resistance by keeping the senate from recess in October. They were planning on this with this conduct meant to run out the clock,

And just like an NFL referee, he can just add time back to the clock. They're screwed either way.

This does not mean the opposition is defeated. They are in the grand scheme of things; the country will never go back to the globalist desires of the progressives. People have wised up.

Eight years of a fascist cypher will do that to a country. Why his 'return' was so poorly received.

No, all this means is that they will get even more desperate. Right now they are turning to a second rate lawyer with marital problems and even dicier finances to save them. The fact he earned the sobriquet 'creepy porn lawyer' doesn't even bother them.

Hell, it makes him presidential material for them.

They will go scorched earth on Kavanaugh, and their more corrupt members of congress have already theatened to impeach him if he gets confirmed. This means they would have to regain the hold of congress.

Which, of course posits that the American people really want what these people have never been able to sell before. It is a contradiction in terms.

This won't stop them, though. They are feeding the most unstable and unhinged among us a pack of garbage they possibly can't deliver on, and change their story from moment to moment.

It is inciting a riot on a massive level, it's dangerous and even worse, sheer treachery meant to cover themselves. This will not end well.

It will end, though. And not with the outcome they desire, either...


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j' accuse: Christine Blasey Ford. The new Anita Hill...

Monday, 17 September:

The so-called 'resist' movement is in it's last gasps.

How is this known? Simple. They now lie knowing full well the lies will be exposed within days, and sometimes even hours of being issued. They, and their porch pals the never Trumper RINO's are all in on this.

Their future is on the line.

With the midterms -which are 49 days away- happening, the opposition knows that nothing really matters now, not how egregiously bad, or transparently nasty the conduct becomes. The latest ploy, a 35 year old allegation of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh is particularly noxious.

First of all, the person making the charge, Christine Blasey Ford is a college professor who is admittedly left wing. A list of her affilitations and donations:

On the surface she is not the most believable of witnesses. She can't remember key details like time, date, or even location.

She also tried to do this in 2012 when she thought Mitt Romney might win; when he lost she backed off. So, blocking Kavanaugh from the court for ideological reasons seems readily apparent.

This is all quite transparent.

Senator Diane Feinstein has had this information for months, Kavanaugh was interviewed over 65 times, answered thousands of questions, and has had multiple FBI background checks. He is not an unknown quantity.

Everyone in the senate knows this is very snake like behavior; that it is just a pathetic attempt to delay this hoping they somehow get power back. That they can retake the Senate, which is a joke.

The House is powerless to stop this, so that election is peripheral.

As many pundits are now pointing out if somehow Kavanaugh was pulled, Trump would just appoint another conservative. And whoever that was would be more in the strict constructionist wing; not the big government GOP part he is part of.

Kavanaugh praised Title 9 because it allowed his little girl a basketball team to play on. But that rule has laid waste to boy's sports; wrestling has just about disappeared but baseball and even football is being affected in smaller schools.

It's bad law, outcome based legislation. 

What it does do is show that he is about as mainstream as anyone Trump will select. They can't unleash the arsenal against the next candidate, either. This only works once. Therefore exactly what they net out of this is unclear.

Unless, like John Kerry keeps telling people (foreign adversaries mostly) that the president will be 'gone soon'. He told the Palestinian Authority Trump would be gone 'in a year' four months ago.

He also hinted that the president should be far more worried about Manafort's conviction and desire to cooperate rather than his conversations with the mullahs. Like maybe he knows something.

Perhaps he does. More likely, it's bluster. That seems to be their modus operandi now, anyway.

Like the coverage of the hurricane, a storm that while a nasty bit of business was not the 'generational storm' with thousands of casualties they were hoping for so they could hang it around the president's neck.

Reporters have been caught faking shots. Cell phone videos are today's arbiters of the truth, and when a newsman is faking hurricane force winds when a passerby catches a pair casually strolling in the background is quite an indictment.

What is happening is the last gasps of the Alinsky doctrine, which the Democrats swear by. The  Smartest Woman in the World who lost the last election badly to the 'orange baby' wrote her graduate thesis about this at Wellesley.

To this day it is still 'lost'. 

Probably the same place the grades of the Previous Occupant and his drug dealing pals reside. They still think the public is stupid enough to keep falling for this.

Are they?

It's a big risk. Many are apolitical; they believe the headlines and this empowers the media and it's deep state/progressive masters. However, when it starts running into 'knowable truths' like what your 'lying eyes' are actually seeing this complicates matters.

So, they have been forced out in the open. It doesn't matter what they say, how or when they say it. The truth means nothing. It is simply we must prevail, and it doesn't matter what tactics are used.

Any means to an end, you know.

It is apparent to anyone with a more than room temperature IQ that the country is in a complete conflict, you could even call it a war and wouldn't be incorrect.

There's little violence and no shooting. Yet. That may be the final gambit if all their other attempts fail, which seem pretty likely at this point. Trump holds all the cards, especially if the absence of collusion with Russia as expected is shown soon.

Much of this could also be a distraction from the abyss the deep state looks into when the FISA docs are released. This could be very soon.

It is they who are in trouble, not the president. But they have much invested in displaying the opposite, which is playing out in true Orwellian fashion. The question is:

How much longer? You'll surely know before your Holiday shopping is over...

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Even Homer can't stop the Trump express...

Thursday, 13 September:

The sound and fury is everywhere.

Anywhere you look on media you see fear, rage, panic and desperation from their activists posing as 'journalists'. Such is the problem when it is an echo chamber; no critical thinking allowed when you are heavily invested in one side over the other.

The one that is losing, too.

And, boy is it. Losing is never fun, but when you are as graceless as this lot it's pretty painful to watch. Unless you favor masochism as a hobby, that is.

They lost an election, then lost every challenge. They have lost most -not all- of the plants they put in the administration. They lost on Neil Gorsuch, the Mueller Russia probe, Michael Cohen, Stormy, social media bias, the list goes on and on.

They have tried for every hour of every day since the 45th president was elected to negate that which was inevitable. Sisyphus would be jealous at the sheer worthless effort they have expended.

This has put all of them in a very foul mood. 

It's obvious if you watch any of their programming -a painful task, to be sure- and certain people are in far worse shape over it than others. CNN has several who are literally rabid, and all of their minions are busy looking for anything that can paint Trump in a bad light if even for a few moments.

They are about to see their biggest loss yet: the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. This eventuality -make no mistake, it's going to happen- has them bouncing off the ceiling like so many toddlers denied their chocolate milk.

The attacks on Kavanaugh are laughable; Trump selected him because he was just about spot on perfect as a candidate.

In the latest pathetic effort, Senator Diane Feinstein has sent a letter to the FBI accusing him of 'sexual misconduct' (of course) from an 'anonymous source' (natch), it happened decades ago in high school (fer sure) and the best part?

She has had this since JULY. Sat on it for weeks; is just advancing it now to stall the nomination. 

This is to set up their Last Stand. Like Custer setting up on that hill in the Little Big Horn, seeking some high ground before being surrounded, so too, does the progressive movement. They have every bit of their apparatus invested in winning the House of Representatives.

Contrary to what the state media (this includes FOX) and their pundits tell you, it is much closer than they project. They continue to depress Trump's approval ratings hoping his voters will stay home.

There is little evidence that is the case.

GOP primary voters have either matched or exceeded the supposed 'blue wave excitement' so ballyhooed by the media. While no one doubts the left will have their base stirred up as well, that's a much smaller bloc.

But it is all they've got.

So, the public is seeing this play out on literally every possible avenue. Cable, print, social media, even Liz Warren's smoke signals are all in play. They are even blaming Hurricane Florence on the president and it hasn't even hit shore yet.

They want the death toll in Puerto Rico to skyrocket. Even FOX is complicit in spreading the '3,000 death' fantasy, which is based on models, not actual data. Here's some other information to consider:

Then there's the 25th amendment nonsense, which has zero chance of happening. As usual, under the radar this is what Trump is getting done: Forced Comrade Kim back to the agreed timeline for denuclearization, China is begging to sit down and talk on trade. Canada is apparently OK with committing financial suicide and not signing the US-Mexico trade deal.

They are run by the radical left. The difference between them and, say, Nicaragua is one of style more than substance. Trudeau is no friend of the American people.

The left in this country is running to their side. Like John Kerry, who is violating the Logan Act they accused poor Mike Flynn of doing, has been telling everyone to 'wait out' Trump. As if he, and those who elected him, are simply going to disappear and allow the 'return to normal' they desire.

A normal which saw Europe getting fat and sassy on US protection, China getting rich by stealing our ideas, and the rest of the world policed by our military while getting supported by US taxpayers.

THAT 'normal'.

The same people screaming about this were the ones profiting off of it the most. Who is the favorite to take on Trump in 2020? Joe Biden, right? And who is running his own rogue foreign policy?

Kerry it is. Now, why is this important? Why do they want Trump gone SO badly? This could be a clue"


They're crooks. They like the way things were. These people went into political office without two nickels to rub together and are all mulit-millionaires. Trump, on the other hand, went in with more money than he now has; reports say  his losses are about a half billion so far.

To wit:

Just keep this in mind when you criticize the man. He has taken it on the chin since he won the nomination, and this doesn't count his children. Ivanka was singled out and had her clothes line put out of business.

The major reason they want his tax returns is to relitigate a deduction he took decades ago; if they can seize the House they could use the IRS as their weapon of choice (like in the past) and use this to basically bankrupt him.

You must understand just how much he is hated.

They want to destroy him and his family. Take everything, ruin them. This isn't much of a secret, really,

But he just keeps chugging along. Economic growth could be revised upwards to 4.5%. That means we are making more money than we're spending. Positive economic growth. Manufacturing base being restored.

The jobs the Previous Occupant said were never coming back.

BTW, his rollout last week was an unmitigated disaster. He reminded everyone who isn't a kool aid drinker why they were glad he is gone. They don't want him back.

Or his policies.

So, the countdown is on. 53 days until the midterms. One that has Trump and his associates in much better shape than is being sold. When the dust settles there will be very little change; they may lose a dozen seats in the House and pick up a couple in the Senate.

You know why of course? This election cycle will be honest. The usual ability to cheat will be very closely  watched. Their is a hidden reason why the opposition wants ICE to go away. It isn't just the deportations.

They will be where the 'polling action' is, and that's a good thing indeed...

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