Yes. they're back. Well organized and financed, too...

Sunday, 19 January:

There will be a pro Second Amendment rally in Richmond Virginia tomorrow.

Ordinarily this would be a secondary story; citizens collecting to address perceived issues with their duly constitutional guranteed rights. This occurs often, and other than a Page Six type coverage gets little notice.

Not this time.

The election of 2018 installed, a hard left progressive government headed by the now infamous Ralph Northam. You know, the one who either dressed as a KKK klansman or a slave in blackface and remembers neither.

The former pediactric Doctor also discussed allowing a newly born baby 'being made comfortable' as it is allowed to die outside the womb. Some doctor he is; Hippocratic Oath seemingly only a 'suggestion' to him.

Such is the state of progressive politics. It is purely reductionist in form; lowest common denominators (race, gender,faith,sex) wrapped in lofty utopian phraseology like 'equality', 'diversity' or the ever popular 'saving the planet'.

All meant to silence debate.

So, when the Northam regime took power they immediately pressed the progressive agendas. Not wasting a second of time the newly redistricted state passed Draconian firearm legislation that models the most extreme measures taken by other leftist states.

Belligerent and bellicose, his administration even advocated a seizure of certain types of firearms, first and foremost the AR 15 series otherwise known as the 'black rifle'. Following the same progressive plans adopted elsewhere, they advocated bans of high capacity magazines, and a re-introduction of their beloved (and proven failure) the 'assault weapons ban' from the Clinton era.

It was as in your face as it was bold. They left little doubt how they felt about legal gun owners.

As usual, the constitution is merely a 'suggestion' to them; when it fits their political purposes (like the phony solemnity of the impeachment and newly found fealty to the Founders) and the Second Amendment is something they just hate with a passion.

For decades they fooled the courts into somehow believing it was a collective right as opposed to the other individual rights. As if the Framers would divert from the 'God given' freedoms to ensure a state contolled 'militia' as the only recipients of this 'right'.

They seized on the phrase 'well regulated militia' as their key. Unfortunately for them, it never meant what they wanted it to; the Founding Fathers were keenly aware that the biggest threat to freedom was an invasive government.

'Well regulated' does NOT mean 'gun control'. 

It means that the citizens had exactly the same rights to weapons as the standing Army; in the day it was the 'Brown Bess' or flintlock riflle the military carried. To wit:

Face it. You cannot have freedom from tyranny, the right to assemble (First Amendment) and the other God given rights without the right to defend yourselves from a corrupt government. 

This is what is at stake here. Essential freedom from an overreaching government seemingly bent on globalist control.

The good citizens of Virginia will come to Richmond to petition the elected officials who serve at their pleasure; not 'lead' them like a dictatorship. However, that is not how they are being received.

Instead, the state is arresting so called 'neo Nazis' for even thinking of going there. Militarizing the State Police, and the FAA is closing the airspace over Richmond as well.

In what is appearing to be a very cynical attempt to turn this rally into another 'Charlottesville' like occurred in 2017. Many now know that the violence there was 'coordinated'; the police 'melted away' for over an hour only to return after the violence.

The police chief lied about the incident and resigned shortly thereafter. Rank and file police officers claimed they were told to 'stand down'.

This site has a variety of YouTube videos of the incident in case one wants to refreshen their minds about it. The left and their media slaves tried to use this 'event' to tar and feather POTUS as a 'racist' because he put the AntiFa thugs on the same level as the neo Nazis.

'There were bad people on both sides, he correctly claimed.

Many of you may also know that the so called 'organizer' of the Charlottesville rally was one Jason Kessler. But do know that he was once a supporter of the Previous Occupant? That he very conveniently 'switched sides'?

Dinesh D'Souza remembers here:

This is what the patriots heading to Richmond fear.

They know damn well that Northam and company would love a violent encounter, particularly if they can tie President Trump into it. This MUST be denied them. Many suspect AntiFa goons will dress as MAGA supporters and seek camera coverage misbehaving.

The networks also are licking their chops. They will gladly carry that message.

This whole narrative must NOT become a reality. This is a carefully orchestrated trap that must be exposed as such. Best outcome would be an exposing of the undercover AntiFa elements as the agent provocatuers they are with zero violence.

It's going to be sunny and a brisk 38 degrees tomorrow. Dress accordingly and leave the 'Trump/MAGA' gear at home. Go and petition your government as is your fundamental right. 

Do it with grace and humor. Let the other side shoe their hatred for all to see.

Will this be just another event or the new Fort Sumter? The first shot in the new civil war? It appears some -those who cannot win the vote- may desperately want that. Northam has issued orders to seize weapons from law abiding citizens.

Don't give him an excuse...


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