Notice the date on the deal- this was done months ago.

Wednesday, 13 June:

The dust is now settling on the historic conference in Singapore.

Gone are the streams of black limousines, the omnipresent security guards, and adoring hordes caught up in the thrill of the moment. The cries of 'we love you, Trump', or the necks craning to see Chairman Kim, late of 'rocket man' fame and newly minted rock star.

To anyone who was there it was a heady, and positive experience.

Then there is the domestic consumption. US media treated this event as everything from a transcendental experience (FOX) to a hastily designed scam meant to change the focus from Russian collusion (just about everyone else).

Why the disconnect? One would think possible peace on the Korean peninsula would be welcomed by all.

The truth is it is welcomed by all; only the clinically insane would want a war between the US and North Korea just so Donald Trump could be blamed for it. They exist, thankfully small in number.

However, the fear of Trump 'trumps' everything for his opposition.

His deconstruction of the globalist state left by his predecessor is anathema to the opposition, who expected to have the American middle class fully cowed and pliable by now. They were almost finished with the job in 2016, and just needed to deal with the last three items:

Universal health care and global climate change- which are about income redistribution- and the nasty business of an armed middle class. They hoped to have these issues settled completely by the end of Hillary Clinton's first term in 2020.

It is impossible to overemphasize just HOW invested the opposition was in this scenario.

Their supporters -academia and the arts, mostly- were demonstrably besides themselves when this 'utopian vision' was sidetracked. Everyone saw the histrionics when they screamed at the sky when Trump won.

They haven't gone away, and aren't anytime soon. Nor will they change their stripes.

So, this means the bizarre dichotomy of current reality conflicts so much with their deep desires that this reality is, and will be challenged by them. It's coming down to this:

Do you believe what CNN and others are telling you or your own lying eyes?

The same 24/7 dialectic that has occurred since the inauguration exists; the epic battle to keep the president's negatives as high as possible has not abated nor will it. The big difference is now, instead of railing against a man they hate it's now about denial of the facts on the ground.

Fact Number One:

The situation with North Korea is substantially better than it was six short months ago. There is absolutely no doubt of this. While the details are still under wraps, what was once frightful belligerence that could kill millions is now promises of beachside condos.

The White House produced this little film for the North Korean leaders:

Fact Number Two:

This is not an 'ad hoc' affair; a last minute paste up job meant to change the subject from Trump's supposed Russian connections. This was a long planned and well executed deal with a very willing partner in Kim Jong Un.

In fact, it was a done deal TWO MONTHS AGO. This was just a public relations summit to disclose it. As far as 'Russiagate' goes, it's so much on fumes that the Mueller team is searching for any reason to drag this out.

The Russians Mueller indicted have unexpectedly countersued, and are demanding the evidence against them be shown as disclosure. This shook the Mueller probe to it's roots, and now they are claiming they can't do this 'because the Russians can't be trusted' and will use this to meddle in the midterms.

No self respecting judge will fall for this.

At some point claiming 'national security' without showing any evidence other than 'trust us' is going to fall flat, and the obvious tactic of trying to stretch this out until the midterms will not work.

The agreement with North Korea is not only solid, in the US's (and the world's) favor, but it will also be given to congress to ratify as a treaty; not snuck past them in the dead of night like the Iran deal. It is a game changer, period.

The spin you will hear on the opposition channels is all noise; every bit of it.

The congress is desperate for relevancy; when Schumer and company decries it for being a 'giveaway' it's more about how useless they were in it's crafting and how desperate they are for some undeserved credit.

Same with the RINO element. The Bob Corkers of the world have been reduced to absolute forgettable status. Dogcatchers have more credibility than he and Jeff Flake and other such non entities.

It may be sad, but it's true.

As for himself, Trump would ordinarily be magnanimous and share the credit. It's his modus operandi, if you ever saw an episode of 'Celebrity Apprentice'. However, the opposition has so poisoned the well that he will allow them to stew in their own self inflicted juices.

The Europeans don't know what to do.

The other day they railed against the president for messing around with their fat trade deals. But yesterday the heads of the EU and NATO praised Trump for the Korea deal, as did -hold onto your hat- the 15 most liberal/left members of congress.

They wrote a letter congratulating Trump for using diplomacy rather than force to solve the crisis. These are the same people who have been screaming for the man's head since January 2017.

Actions, not words. This is the Trump legacy, and so far so good...  

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Trump with his other pals.

Saturday, 9 June:

In yet another whirlwind week of this most amazing of presidencies Donald Trump stopped -briefly- in Quebec to attend a gathering of allies. Or so they claim. He left early to meet with a sworn enemy.

Or so they claim.

In this topsy turvy world up is now down, as white is black and what was good is now bad. This dramatic shift is occurring for one reason: the very existence of the 45th president of the United States. One Donald J Trump.

His administration has caused the light of truth to be shown on literally every aspect of modern life. By challenging the liberal -and revisionist- orthodoxy constantly, they have lost control of their tightly monitored narrative. One they have had a lock on since the 1930's.

Ever since Edward R Murrow went to England to report on cultural issues and instead focused on the threat of Nazi domination, the media has had free, and unchallenged, rein to put forth whatever they considered 'the truth'.

However, as a political issue the definition of 'truth' went from objective to subjective.

In other words, they had created a narrative and would find and shape, or ignore facts that fit. This continued for decades; they furthered war propaganda to defeat Fascism, and for a time even fought communism.

This changed in the 1950's with the now famous 'defeat' of Joseph McCarthy and the dissolution of HUAC, or the House on Un American Activities. Communist infiltration was allowed to occur, and soon it had a foothold just about everywhere.

Particularly Hollywood.

Same with the news business. As the late Arnaud de Borchgrave (Newsweek's foreign editor) told in his thinly disguised novel 'The Spike'(1980) the editorial boards of major news outlets were populated by hard left activists. If a story came across their desks that didn't further the Narrative, or worse yet showed the left in a bad light, it would get 'spiked'.

It is now 2018. This is still happening, only now the public knows it for what it is: Fake News.

During the G7 press conference Trump got a typical leading question asked with contempt, and he stopped and asked the reporter to identify himself. He said he was with CNN. Of course.

Trump just took the poor fellow apart, calling him the purveyor of fake news he and his network is, and right in front of the world. CNN may not admit this publically, but it was thoroughly humiliated.

The point of all this being they just can't get away with the control of the message any more. The president has changed that equation. Therefore this little soiree' in Canada was also shown to be the fraud it is.

This isn't a gathering of allies. It's a group of elite Euro fat cats addicted to US largesse handed out by countless administrations so US power wouldn't be challenged. It was an expensive price to pay for something that was never in doubt.

The Marshall plan rebuilt Europe a long time ago. They no longer need the financial aid and military protection. But the powers that be like this setup, it allows a lot of mischief to occur. Like toppling Middle East governments for fun and profit under the banner of 'terror attacks' against NATO.

So, while on his way to Singapore to address a situation that has festered for almost 70 years he stopped to address the G7 alliance. Basically Teresa May (UK), Emmanuel Macron (France) Angela Merkel (Germany) and Shinso Abe of Japan.

They got a lecture, and didn't like it. Trump pointed out the obvious, that a 467% tariff on dairy goods by Canada just won't cut it. Nor will using NAFTA weasel language to send Chinese steel here by stopping in Canada first.

Merkel can't send all these Benzes and BMW's here by undercutting US steel by $150 a ton. US cars cost more to make here if US first class tempered steel is used, not the so-so product that comes from China.

The 'national security' issue is no joke.

If China is allowed to corner the world steel market then the US steel industry will go under. If we need to make war machines we'll have to buy steel from a possible rival. It isn't accusing Canada or France of being against our national security.

These factories must be saved. Period.

So, while the rest of the G7 went to climate change lectures Trump boarded Air Force One and left for Singapore to meet with what has been, historically, an enemy. If you listen to the cable pundits, the North Koreans are not only mean and ornery but are also brilliant negotiators.

Trump is 'being played'. And if he isn't, well, he'd better include the Democrats (and RINO congress) in these discussions so they can weigh in and take credit. These same bureaucrats who fumbled this ball since 1953.

The G7 and former East German (and current socialist) Angela Merkel is our 'ally' and the voice of freedom in Europe. But Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un are 'enemies'.

Keep in mind that despite the protestations about Trump wanting Russia back in the G8, both France and Germany have met with Putin about buying their energy. So that is OK, but having a nation with 4,000 nuclear weapons come to a meeting is verboten.

Trump called them all out over it, and now he's set to meet with Kim.

While it's true no one knows just how these talks progress, you can count on one thing for sure. They will be more substantive than the media will admit, and the criticism will escalate as a result.

The last thing the opposition wants is a Trump victory in foreign relations coming on the heels of the Iran deal coming unwound and exposed... 

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Trump and the Comrade. He's been a happy guy recently...

Monday, 4 June:

The beauty about the Trump narrative is it's turn on a dime flexibility; how it responds to certain stimuli while stimulating others. The great Roseann Barr controversy an almost classic case. The offending tweet has been repeated often.

So by paraphrasing it it can only help. At 2 AM and supposedly under an Ambian 'moment' -the makers of the drug immediately said it doesn't make you 'racist- she made her utterance. Valerie Jarrett was both a Muslim Brotherhood agent, and is the sire of Cornelius and Zira from 'Escape from the Planet of the Apes.

Or something like that. It's not all wrong.

Jarrett was born in Iran, is a proponent of the Muslim Brotherhood and a major player in the 'cabal' that opposes Trump's presidency. She is sadly not, however the progenitor of countless 'Ape' films since.

Hell, It was late. But this statement was met with the full fury of the media. They thought they had 'Trumps' sitcom nailed. ABC's Bob Iger immediately waded into the mess and cancelled her series, it was done within hours of the story breaking.

They marched Jarrett out -sitting next to Al Sharpton, of course- and had her read her preplanned statement along with the softball reporter question to set up a shot at Trump, of course.

It was so predictable. And so ineffective.

Her millions of followers, who previously have been given heads up on the vicissitudes of General Michael Flynn, now know about Jarrett and the 'Hood. This just adds to what people have been discovering since the previous lot vacated office.

Then there is the so called performance artist Samantha Bee. Known to be a pursuer of the 'I hate Trump more than you do' comic title along with Kathy Griffin and Alec Baldwin, she stepped in it as well.

While running with the oh so stale meme that Trump is incestuous of his daughter, Bee presses her to 'wear something low cut' and 'tight' and have her demand her dad to do immigration reform, less she be a 'feckless (redacted)'.

An indelicate term for female private parts. But hey, this is TBS, right?

Barr's tweet was a hasty, poorly thought out factoid wrapped in a foul wrapper. Bee's was scripted, rehearsed, recorded and released. Barr got sacked.

Bee? She apologized, walked it back a  bit and won an award from some progressive outfit. Like Joy Reid, she is safe in her liberal environs. The real losers are the staff of the new Roseann series.

The producers, writers, other actors and dozens more all lost really nice paying jobs. Hero to zero in a couple of hours. There is some talk of reviving the show without her; it's actually serious.

Guess they had a few scripts ready. Oh well.

Point being is Roseann, who first said she was 'done with twitter' is now back, and her fans (and others who see the Samantha Bee thing for the rank hypocrisy it is) are rallying around her. People finally know who Valerie Jarrett, and her communist parents, are.

Meanwhile, the President navigates these choppy waters.

His summit with the North Koreans is on the predicted schedule. They got cute and it backfired when Trump pulled out. So now it's all business. The media, which is loathe to allow Trump any credit for this whole thing instead spends hours re-inventing reasons why he's wrong this moment.

He's getting 'played', you know. But does any of these people really know? And the ones who do are knowingly spinning falsehoods. Comrade Kim has seen the light somehow.

Something happened to cause this 180 degree shift and this site has it's suspicions. China and Russia are having last minute meetings with the N Koreans because they are scared that Trump might pick their pockets.

Kim falls in with the South, and allows reforms you now have a capitalist country directly bordering China. Something they most assuredly do not want. Russia just wants leverage, and weapons are their bargaining chip.

The real truth is much more likely that a general deal has been agreed to, and it's just the terms have to be worked  out. Kim knows the US is deadly serious about the nuclear ICBM's.

They will be wiped out first. This has probably been established, and now it's all about cover as former allies and former foes re-align. 

While this was all going on another famous Kim. the one of Hollywood Kardashian clan, visited the Oval Office to address prison reform and ask for a pardon which he is considering. But it is not to be ignored.

Kanye West has blessed Trump as his 'brother' all full of 'dragon energy'. His tens of millions of followers have been given a blessing to support Trump. His polls in the black community are moving up and fast.

Kardashian and the prison reform issue. CNN's Van Jones attended a White House meeting on it which he found 'amazing' and is something Trump is solidly behind. This is causing a different narrative for a presidency that's been called 'racist'.

It's none of the sort, and this is being discovered. 

Trump is making outreaches to Comrade Kim and Kim Kardashian at the same time. It's almost a metaphysical perfection... 

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