Stormy: Knocked off the front page. Again.

Friday 16 March:

In a surprise move the Department of Justice announced the firing of former assistant FBI Director Thomas McCabe Friday evening.

That he was in trouble was not the question. He was, even if the media downplays it. What is really notable about this is it takes on the sacred cow of progressive life.

The pension. Particularly a nice fat one. His would have paid $64,000 a year, no small amount for a retirement at 49 years old. This is part of the cradle to grave fantasy utopians dream of; nice cushy jobs after a spell at a fancy Ivy League college with a fat, golden parachute.

They willfully criticize the private sector CEO's for their retirements. They never mention that the price those people pay for failure is getting fired. When a progressive 'fails' they instinctively blame others.

Anyone. You have been subjected to the bizarre festival carried on by the Smartest Woman in the World as she endlessly spins tall tales of just how she was cheated out of her deserved fate.

Now add McCabe to this.

Showing himself to be the epitome of the whining left, he issued a statement that did ONE thing:

Blamed everyone else, naturally. He blamed the president, the media, how his crediblilty was attacked, and why this is an attack on the FBI itself. And of course, he mentioned his pension.

Which he worked really hard for 21 years to get. He's pissed.

Now, there is one thing really wrong with all this. It's a lie, a distraction done knowingly, by a man who may very well be facing criminal prosecution. This all comes from the internal Department of Personal Responsibility.

This is a section of the DoJ. To wit:

It was they, these careerists at DoJ who recommended that he be fired, and as such his pension stripped. It is a stunning rebuke; has absolutley zero to do with the president, and indicts McCabe. They have the IG report from Mitch Horowitz, and worked off of that.

If they did this before the report was released one must consider the amount of other material they have. This was obviously done to publically humiliate McCabe. It is a real shot over the bow at his old boss:

James Comey. The same one ready to embark on a nice, lucrative book tour and guranteed softball interviews with the Kimmels and 60 Minutes types. Keep in mind it wasn't the Trump administration that started the IG report.

It was the Democrats, and Elijah Cumming was at the forefront.

They were unhappy with Comey over the Clinton/FBI e-mail controversy. It wasn't all that long ago they hated Comey, and he is still blamed by many for allowing Trump to steal 'their' office.

There was much discussion over whether the DoJ would do this to McCabe, and as recently as two hours ago expert sources offered differing takes. This, without doubt, sends a message.

It's one the left is getting and is really, really unhappy with.

It's going to knock poor Stormy Daniels off the radar once again...

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Trump and the Marines: The affection was mutual.

Tuesday, 13 March:

So much going on this day that no one item dominates.

The no real surprise sacking of Sec State Rex Tillerson, a hysterically overhyped nothing vote in Pennsylvania, and a major yet anti climactic protest on Tuesday all battle for attention. By midnight on Monday the Tillerson issue was already digested and spit out, and the media had to go to their neutral corners awaiting PA18.

The race between Republicrat Saccone and Demmican Lamb went to bed too close to call.

Then there's the king of all astro turf events, the National School Walkout will occur on Tuesday as 2,200 schools nationwide will play hooky on behest of a half dozen progressive groups. This event is just a typical leftist civilian disarmament issue.

Nothing new here, just using children as the messengers this time. Las Vegas didn't work because it was white, more rural country music fans. Trump people, they're called. Hard to work up slaughter sympathy for them.

But high school children? This is progressive haute' cuisine; the shots of groups of crying teens demanding semi automatic weapons be banned so they can be safe at school is just too good to be true.

They simply cannot exploit this enough.

A look at all three incidents puts them in perspective. Tillerson, a good man but a globalist businessman unfamilar with bureaucracy was probably never a good idea in the first place. Suggested to Trump by Condoleeza Rice and Bob Gates -that should have been the first warning- he basically created his own foreign policy.

He differed from the president on Iran, Qatar and N Korea. He alienated many at State with his disdain for the bureaucratic bloat. 

With the possibility of talks with the Koreans Trump simply had to have someone at state he is in tune with, and Mike Pompeo fits that bill nicely. His replacement at CIA, Gina Haspel, is an inspired choice.

Arguably both moves are upgrades; Pompeo was not a career intel type and is better suited to give Trump advice rather than cite CIA policy. Haspel, a highly respected former covert operator is a 30 year veteran who knows the business.

They will both be confirmed after the Dems have their show trial hearings. Haspel will get roasted for running a Black Op site in Asia, and the enhanced interrogation techiniques used. But it was the shadow of 9/11, and they were legal at the time.

Pompeo will have a softer ride. But the Dems will milk them for all they're worth.

The vote in Pennsylvania is for a seat that will disappear this November when the election map is redistricted. Lamb had a 6 point lead in the polls and outspent Saccone 4 or 5 to 1. He's a far better candidate as well.

But as the night drew to a close Saccone rallied to within 800 votes. A recount is almost certain. The only real treasure here was the public relations value. A clean win would give either side some talking points.

Instead they get a virtual tie. In many respects it's an almost perfect end. The baying jackals at the various  media outlets can't have their moment of absolutism.

By the time the votes are fully counted nobody will care. A half dozen other issues will knock it out of the public eye.

The school walkout is the biggest event that will be summarily ignored and forgotten in some time. Their outrage has been answered by a genuine push to make schools safer, which is the whole point.

Disarming the US public is a ridiculous overreach, and will doom this before it happens. 

Because of this fact, what good it might have done -just marching for generic peace would be far more effective- it will just play to the respective bases, and there are a lot of gun owners out there.

Once again, the progressives prove they can organize, and have plenty of money to throw around. But when the only scintilla of victory is running a stealth candidate disguised as a  Republican who finishes in a dead heat it just ain't much to brag about.

Then, of course, the President went to the border to see his wall samples like the developer he really is. He bragged about how great the wall would be and how much crime it would stop -the correct answer is a LOT- and then went to Miramar Marine Air Station.

He gave a rousing speech to the Marines present who treated him like both a revered commander in chief and a rock star. 

Of all the things that happened this Monday his was the only real joy displayed. The man is clearly at the top of his game.

A 'stable' government is a do-nothing bureaucracy. What they think is 'chaos' is the reality of the spur of the moment decision making that the CEO's have to make. Trump can think on his feet, react to the moment.

The opposition? Not so much.

Verdict: A very good day for Trump; his appearance for Saccone made a real race out of what wasn't polling close, he improved the state department AND the CIA, and poor Conor Lamb will have to wait days before he gets his six months in the House.

Somebody up there just doesn't like them...

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The president and steelworkers: national security on the line.

Friday, 9 March:

Yet another big week, albeit one of many.

The tapestry that is the Donald Trump presidency is both vast and complex. The reach, so far, of the new adminiistration is sweeping. For a supposed 'accidental' presidency this is most certainly a busy lot.

The mainstream media would have you believe that Trump is an incompetent, chaotic and impulsive womanizer who is all about making mysterious money while playing endless golf. This is an obvious deception.

Once again, as in most things progressive, it is a mirror image; the projection of their own state of being. They celebrate incompetence, encourage chaos, couldn't earn an honest dollar, and a good many of them ignored by any attractive partner.

That explains the near insanity on display. The vitriol they spew almost on command, utter lack of reason nor desire to question a belief system based on flawed human concepts like one world government.

That they view the president unfavorably is understandable. He is 180 degrees out of phase with them. Even wielding power- they crave it, can't get it- while Trump has it and wields it dispassionately.

Like with the threats abroad.

He may be mired in a legal (it's really political and the rest of the world knows it) battle here and partially stymied by a congress at best recalcitrant and worst openly hostile. The simple fact is that this is all just a minor mosquito attack.

Gadflys like Rachel Maddow may find Erik Prince in the Seychelles with a Casablanca-like cast of characters impossible to ignore, and to her credit it's hard to argue. To the fevered mind this whole Russia tale has acheived myth like status.

It's Len Deighton meets John LeCarre by way of Ian Fleming without George Smiley, Harry Palmer, and most definitely James Bond. But oh, the villains! Using specious logic and convoluted travelogues and timelines, they spin a tale of back alley shenanigans.

It has paid off. The aforementioned Maddow is the cable news goddess, outdrawing the formidable Sean Hannity pro-Trump express.

Many find succor in this warm, wet blanket of fables. Some soft landings offered; the Smartest Woman in the World didn't really lose. She got cheated, so therefore I was right all along. 

That's the key to this whole story. Progressives simply cannot accept either being wrong, or the consequence of their actions. As Homer Simpson once famously said:

'It's everybody else's fault but mine!"

As long as these people exist in an alternate universe the reality of the current one will escape them. Such as it is with the 45th president. On Thursday he announced sweeping tariffs on both steel and aluminum, as was expected.

He has only been talking about this for 35 years.

While the media was furiously elevating all of the opposite views, Trump bypassed all of them by going once again straight to the people. His announcement in the West Wing with a phalanx of steel and aluminum employees standing stalwart next to him was simple and direct.

These materials are of strategic interest. You don't have a country without the ability to make them. Period.

OK, so a can of beer may go up a cent or two. Maybe the French won't buy as many Levi's. But the common man gets it. It also has the beauty of flushing out the opposition, much of which is either unprincipled or even corrupt.

A couple of 'retiring' GOP senators come to mind, but they have plenty of company.

The president is right on this, of course. The free trade wing of the conservative movement whined loudly, but they are profoundly wrong. This isn't about a few more dollars in your pocket. These are strategic industries.

The Chinese make 50% of the world's steel. It's $200 a ton, half as much as US Steel, but it's also an inferior product. Poor quality control being item # one. Keep in mind we make our military machinery out of this product.

Anyone can see the dilemma this posed. Now, the sweeping tariffs promised was pure Trumpian negotiation; carve outs for Mexico, Canada, Australia and the UK have already been approved.

The market breathed a huge sigh of relief and finished the day in the mid 25's. Very healthy, indeed.

This was followed by a stunning announcement from the South Korean Defense Minister:

Good evening. Today I had the privilege of briefing President Trump on my recent visit to Pyongyang, North Korea. I’d like to thank President Trump, the vice-president and his wonderful national security team, including my close friend General McMaster.

I explained to President Trump that his leadership and his maximum pressure policy, together with international solidarity, brought us to this juncture. I expressed President Moon Jae-in’s personal gratitude for President Trump’s leadership.

I told President Trump that, in our meeting, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said he is committed to denuclearisation. Kim pledged that North Korea will refrain from any further nuclear or missile tests. He understands that the routine joint military exercises between the Republic of [South] Korea and the United States must continue. And he expressed his eagerness to meet President Trump as soon as possible.

President Trump appreciated the briefing and said he would meet Kim Jong-unby May to achieve permanent denuclearisation.

The Republic of Korea, along with the United States, Japan, and our many partners around the world remain fully and resolutely committed to the complete denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula.

Along with President Trump, we are optimistic about continuing a diplomatic process to test the possibility of a peaceful resolution.

The Republic of Korea, the United States and our partners stand together in insisting that we not repeat the mistakes of the past, and that the pressure will continue until North Korea matches its words with concrete actions.

Thank you.

To say this was unexpected is a massive understatement. However, it makes all sorts of sense and the timing is not a coincidence. There ARE no coincidences in this arena.

What has happened is that this president uses economic leverage as well as any one ever has He understands the might of an unleashed US economy. There is no reason to fear China as an economic rival. 

There is more than ample reason to engage it, though. That is exactly what is occurring. The tariffs are aimed directly at the Communist juggernaut. The media will tell you that only 3% of our steel comes from China but that's not true.

Those are direct shipments. Much more comes in through 'transshipments', which is products made with Chinese steel that come from other trading partners. These tariffs, 25% on steel and 10% on aluminum will hit the Chinese right where it hurts.

In their pocketbook. Then the threat of retaliation over theft of intellectual property was raised. 

Only hours later the Chinese blinked and the North Korea news was announced. The faces of the CNN crowd was priceless; they wanted to really run with Stormy Daniels (her cleavage is worth a couple of rating points alone) but instead had to admit that Trump might have been right all along on 'rocket man' and his pals in Pyongyang.

They have now decided to go with 'Trump is falling into Kim's trap', when only weeks ago they decried him for threatening military action.

It's why they are being ignored, and it's driving them batty. While all this is going on Jeff Sessions is driving criminal illegals out of the country by taking on sanctuary cities. What might have been headlines is now page three material as a result.

This is the tapestry he and his core of advisors has woven. It is slowly enveloping the country, and it's changing the game. 


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'There is no distance between us and the President'- NRA boss Chris Cox.

Tuesday, 6 March:

So now it's tariffs and upcoming trade wars.

Last week it was guns and the second amendment. The week before immigration and DACA. The week before?

Can't remember that far back? Not to worry. It was the old standby 'Russiagate', of course. Some former staffer is running from show to show after telling the Mueller team to indulge themselves in the impossible act of self fornication.

Seems he is refusing a subpoena. Said 'go ahead and arrest me'. It's come to that.

Now it's the trade imbalance, and the wailing being heard is amazing. Not completely unexpected, mind you. Just amazing in it's baseless fear mongering.

First of all, Donald Trump has been talking about fair trade since the 80's. Nothing new here, and he is simply following through on his campaign promises. This is why it''s good policy.

One, national security. As Trump said in a weekend tweetstorm, 'without steel you don't have a country'. He's right. The Chinese produce 50% of the world's steel. There is a glut of it on the market as a result.

This means cheaper products. OK, that's good. But ceding the manufacture of a capital good to a strategic adversary is extremely short sighted. Keep in mind 'The Long March' is the Chinese policy of becoming the world's pre-eminent power.

Guess who's financing it? YOU are when you buy goods made with their raw materials. As Karl Marx said in his famous manifesto, 'we will sell them (the capitalists) the rope we will strangle them with'.

The wailing from the conservative movement is appalling. This belief that unfettered capitalism; doing business with anyone no matter who as long as the bottom line is good is NOT a pro-American view.

These are people who will outsource jobs to Indonesian sweat shops so the investors have a fatter profit. Capitalism is supposed to be a mechanism to promote a free society; not to make predatory businesses wealthier.

You have to take care of your employees. No, this is the same bunch who wants open borders as well. They want that cheap labor, and the neighborhoods be damned.

Ultimately these tariffs are relatively small, and they are as much about reining in the Red Chinese as anything else. These moves will urge them to work on the North Korea issue, too.

If NAFTA is successfully renegotiated they might not go into effect at all. Make no mistake; Trump is serious about trade imbalance and will address it.

Then there's the gun thing.

Many gun owners are crying out over some of the comments Trump made on his televised round table last week in the West Wing.

Sure he said some incendiary things. He did the same thing over immigration and the DACA recipients. It's classic Trump 'art of the deal' negotiation ploys. You seize the narrative; throw out some ideas and get both sides off their talking points.

It is fascinating to see just how many didn't get it. They were focused on his ideas, and apparent endorsement of Diane Feinstein's 'weapons of war' statement. Somehow they all ignored the fact that Trump met with NRA bigwigs Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox the Sunday before the west wing soiree'.

Then met with them AGAIN two days later. Think this whole thing might have been, uh, 'engineered'? 

Of course it was. The media was whipping the Florida shooting into an anti gun frenzy and it was getting some traction. What Trump did was give cover to the NRA using classic misdirection tactics.

One more time, the philosophies of the two sides:

The progressives, particularly the Clinton machine, were adherents of Niccolo Machiavelli. That's all fine and good for weilding power. Trump is a Sun Tzu disciple, as is his generals.

This is war, though and Tzu's admonitions hold true. First order of affairs is 'know your enemy'. Trump undoubtedly does. They, on the other hand, convince themselves that the nonsense they spew about him is real and self delude as a result.

Then there is 'war is deceit'. You use misdirection and feints to confuse the enemy, and these comments on DACA and guns are just that. It gives cover to your people while flushing out the enemy.

The conversation has been shifted. No longer is the Florida shooting a gun issue. It's a combination of hardening the target and fixing a failed bureaucracy. The anti gun march planned for the 24th of this month is now already old news and it hasn't even happened.

At some point people will start comprehending this. So far they still expect Trump to be a politician. He isn't.

He's a businessman who plays one on TV. It's like criticizing his golf playing. He works harder and longer hours than anyone on Capital Hill. He also finds time for his golf game. Keep in mind congress works 133 days this year.

That's right. 133 lousy days. 232 off, if one adds correctly. So just who is freeloading? The president has gotten 64% of his agenda done in one year according to the Wall Street Journal.

Know your enemy. The opposition doesn't, and has no interest in learning, either. They got 'W' wrong and he beat them for 8 years. And he isn't in Trump's league, either.

Rest assured, though. He most certainly knows who they are... 

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