Schiff doing his 'version' of the letter; no he couldn't carry Pompeo's jockstrap...

Wednesday, 2 October:

The love affair that never was is now officially over.

The last, desperate stand of the opposition to the legally elected 45th president is in full swing now. That is the ridiculous 'impeachment lite' the Democrats have launched. Keep in mind they have been doing this implied threat since the day the man took charge.

Understand that this president is NOT going to be removed from office.

There is no way enough Republicans would defect to give the two thirds majority needed. No matter how much they (secretly) loathe this blustering brigand who is upsetting their happy little applecart of corruption.

They know the voters would toss them out ASAP. 

The reasons behind this action are numerous. They feel if he is damaged enough he may not be reelected; that the public will tire of the 24/7 conflict and want a more peaceful replacement.

This flies in the face of the 90% approval of POTUS by his GOP voters. They are behind him because of what he does; not how he does it. Sure the sheer obnoxious nature of the whole affair takes it toll on one.

However, one can most certainly say they started it.

The president didn't get even one moment of peace since the election; indeed he had trolls planting phony pictures of his inauguration to prove somehow he wasn't as popular as the Last Guy.

Putting up a shot of the mall FOUR HOURS before the inauguration and claiming it was a poor turn out was dirty pool number one. The so called 'metoo' movement protested him just days later, with Madonna saying how much she wanted to 'blow up the White House'.

It hasn't let up since.

It is no secret that the policies the president is pursuing are contrary to what has been occurring for the last 40 years or so. The bum's rush to globalism, a one world government is basically it.

He wants a sovereign US answerable to the citizens of the country. This ruins an awful lot of planning. Think 'Greta the Climate Brat'. This was all supposed to shame the public into giving up their wealth and liberty because a child was mad about the weather.

Doesn't matter if they are wrong on the climate, which the one consistent fact is that they are always wrong. You had 'ZPG' (zero population growth') and the coming Ice Age in the 70's and 80's, and global warming this century.

All but simple guesswork shaped by a political agenda.

President Donald J Trump presented an 'existential threat' to their agenda. This is undoubtedly true. On the few moments the progressives speak the truth, some have admitted that POTUS will 'undo 100 years of plans in just a matter of months'.

Marx once said that as long as one capitalist was allowed to exist he would own everything in the world. The very nature of individual accomplishment is anathema to them, and right now the world is in the hands of such an individual.

This rush to impeach is just a ploy.

The real story is not the president calling the prime minister of the Ukraine and bringing up Joe Biden and his family. The fact they are but bagmen for the corrupt overlords is pretty well known.

When average citizens are told that Hunter Biden got $50 k a month salary for being on the board of a Ukrainian energy company in spite of zero experience they just roll their eyes and think nothing of it.

They may not like it but it is the way the world works. They expect it, sadly.

Donald Trump is trying to reverse this course. To say the Powers That Be are unhappy with it is the understatement of all time. There are plenty in the Republican party who are just fine with the status quo; they would be fine with being useless appendages in congress as long as they are well compensated.

Then when you add the systemic evils that exist; satanic pedophelia and child trafficking, which is an epidemic involving the world's elite one can see just why the opposition is so hysterical. 

They are all in it together. This explains the sheer frustration that POTUS showed in the press conference today. The media asks him leading questions on pet topics trying not to educate or elucidate but to embarrass, demonize and incriminate.

It is why he calls them fake news, which he now says is far too nice.

'Corrupt news' is the new meme. It's hard to argue against him. Even those who don't like him or his policies (Ron Paul and others) say he is under an unfair set of accusations and is a victim of an orchestrated hit.

The rest of the world sees it, too.

They know he is the legitimate leader of the Free World and is a force to be reckoned with. They also know he does his negotiations in public, he is THE most transparent president in modern history.

They also know they will get a fair shake from him if they put their best foot forward. This explains the the unlikely friendship of POTUS and Kim Jong Un. Kim sees a way out of the downward spiral his country is in without being invaded.

POTUS sees nice condos on the North Korean coast. There is an undeniable human charm there.

All of this threatens the careerists in the government. They liked the way things were. DJT wants to rain on their parade and bring accountabiity -and take away the profiteering- that needs to happen if one is going to have honest government.

This does not explain the depth of the resistance,though.

Many think this is just another cycle in our history, that another president will come and things will return to 'normal'. That is not what is going to  happen. This is a time of great change, like the Revolution or the Civil War.

The country will be forever changed come 2024.

Either we will be restored to a constitutional republic responsible to its citizenry, or a vassal slave state to the global order. There are no other alternatives. This is why the anti Trump forces will stop at nothing to bring his adminstration down.

POTUS has them in a bind.

He has investigations that will indict the most powerful in this world. AG Barr, who's silence is not to be confused with inactivity, is harnessing all these components into a cohesive whole.

His lead attorney John Durham is ready to roll on what he found in the Ukraine, and the fact that it was they who contacted the State Department about information they had about Democrat interference in the 2016 election.

That it was they who wanted 'dirt' on Paul Manafort. Also, the corruption of Poroshenko and his dealings with the Bidens. It's all coming, and that is just a small part of it. You also have the facts behind the Mueller scam, and the participation of the Previous Occupant and his minions in illegal surveillance of a political foe.

The media corruption -the fact that they are 'all in' with the progressive movement- indeed they have a fully incestuous relationship with each other. Through hiring practices and even intermarriage, the media and the progressives are one in the same. 

Sure POTUS is frustrated. One can clearly see he is really riled up about this.

He handles it all by himself, too. GOP support is awful quiet. But he does not care; he knows that by taking the heat he allows others to work under the radar.

They wil fail at this effort to impeach. Indeed, it is simply a matter of just how badly the blowback will be on it.

So far taking on this president has shown zero winners...


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POTUS dissing the climate brat. Classic Trump...

Monday, 23 September:

The narrative has shifted over the last month or so.

The world progressive movement, otherwise known as the 'opposition' or 'resist' crowd, has pretty much allowed their faithful here in the United States to proceed on the political attempt to remove the president.

Impeachment being the main goal.

In spite of the current kerfluffle over phone calls to the Ukraine and the (well known) corruption of the Biden family, this is certainly not going to occur. In fact, President Donald J Trump is now at 52% according to the latest Rasmussen poll. To wit:

A close look at the breakdowns here show a president FAR more popular at this point than his predecessor was. His fundamentals are all strong, in spite of the relentless attacks from the media.

They now know that he will not be removed by the Democrat party, even as the pursue this in a suicidal fashion. The progressives are more than happy to destroy what's left of the once proud Democrat party in order to accomplish their goal.

They have plenty of support from the GOP turncoat faction. It's bigger than you might think.

Still, they basically cower in fear of 'Orange Man Bad'. He scares them witless, haunts their dreams and essentially makes them crazy. They have used their entire Alinsky arsenal against him yet he not only still stands but is at an all time high in his popularity.

China has given up on the notion he will be replaced. They know he is smarter and more capable than the last four presidents combined. Add the determination to give the power back to the citizenry and you have the most dangerous foe the so called 'world order' has ever faced.

So what to do?

Simple, for them. Start a war, any war, no matter where. Iran is preferred, but Venzuela, or Kashmir will do just fine. Once again, the problem is that no matter how many provocations (read: 'false flags') that occur, POTUS won't bite.

The president met with both prime ministers this week; he appeared with Modi at a rally in Texas and sat with Imran Khan of Pakistan at the UN today. Both have been promised financial assistance in business deals and the temperature in Kashmir has cooled substantially.

The media tried to whip that one up, too. Too bad for them.

Just like in Iran, where the DS and it's hired hands in congress demanded a military response to the attack on the Saudi oilfields. As with the shooting down of the drone in June, he played pattycake with his warhawk element (Pompeo, Graham) allowing them to rattle their sabers and feel good.

He simply uttered his now famous 'we'll see what happens' phrase.

So far, nary a shot has been fired. More shootings and deaths in the progressive den of Chicago than in Iran, or Kashmir. You could even add Iraq and the Ukraine and not touch the 3,000 shootings in the Windy City this year.

363 dead so far. Now that is a 'shooting war'.

This whole nonsense of the Ukraine and the phone call is desperation at it's most critical. The Biden family, well known in certain circles for being corrupt, is at the center of the Ukraine scandal. This is also the center of the whole Mueller hoax as well.

You see, the previous adminsitration, along with their 'traditional allies' were all in on the US backed coup in the Ukraine that installed the fascist stooge Petro Poroshenko. He replaced the Kremlin goon Viktor Yanukovych.

Now, keep in mind none of these people are any good. Yanukovych was a two bit corrupt tyrant with fealty to Putin. However, Poroshenko was just a mirror image; he was the toady of the US/EU cabal that inserted him.

Then the fun began.

The US moved in and started seizing their resources; this is how Hunter Biden, who had ZERO experience in the energy business got his $100 k a month spot on their 'energy board'. Like when Biden took his son and John Kerry's stepson Chris Heinz on Air Force 2 to China and they came back with a $1.5 billion equity fund deal. 

Read this and say it doesn't stink to high heaven:

So, when POTUS speaks to the new Ukrainian president, perhaps he has a real reason to ask about the Bidens and their schemes.

Vlodomir Zelensky, a former stand up comedian, is the man. There was a historic 82% turnout, and he won SEVENTY THREE PERCENT of the vote. Let that roll around in your mind for a moment.

The very government that supposedly fired the lawyer that was investigating Hunter Biden was unceremoniously thrown out by the Ukrainian people. They are being held up by the likes of Shepard Smith and Judge Napolitano -along with the 'rest of Europe and the World Bank'- as somehow moral exemplars. They were basically tarred, feathered and run out of town.

Think the locals know just who these people were?

The jackals are screaming to have the transcript of the phone call released. Zelensky has said the call was 'friendly' and there was 'no pressure'. The 'whistleblower' (most likely Sue Gordon, Dan Coats' former aide) played the same game that Comey and McCabe did with Russia.

The IC -intelligence community' is a corrupt, politicized arena engineered by the previous administration. President Trump is an existential threat to them.

They have a pact forged in hell with fellow progressives to use all means at their disposal to defeat their political enemies. They could care less about the Red Chinese threat of world dominance.

Indeed, many are good with it.

So, while this plays out -and you will see POTUS triumph on this as well, and it won't take two years, either- the DS will continue with the attempts to start a conflagration. Expect more 'attacks from Iran', which is a sad sack country in hock to the DS.

They won't work any better than the last two. Keep in mind the same people do NOT want the president to speak with Iranian PM Rouhani. Does that make any sense?

No, they want him to 'step in it' with a military strike. Just like they hope to force him into a 'gun control' deal that will alienate his gun owning base. 

As if.

No, POTUS is in full charge, his popularity no longer in doubt and the opposition grasping at the thinnest of straws. The Biden thing will bite them squarely in the ass, but they wil just throw him overboard and find something else they can gin up.

Any way you shape it, they are losing, and badly, too.

Manwhile Donald J Trump soldiers on happily, slaying dragons as he goes...


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