'George, you're being a little wise guy. Which is typical of you'

Trump responding to a loaded question from Stephanopolous


FF? need to put the mines BELOW the waterline to sink a ship...

Friday, 14 June:

The long wait is just about over.

For the better part of the last three years, the bitter and partisan pitched battle fought on Capitol Hill has consumed both the forces involved and the airwaves as well. It is an all out war, not a skirmish, and is now at it's peak.

Think the US in 1944. The 75th anniversary of D-Day was a fitting moment as it highlighted the stakes then as it does now. The very freedoms we fought for then are now once again under dire threat.

After the Invasion, the Nazi Fortress Europe fought back with every thing they had. The same thing is occurring now, as the unholy alliance of the Deep State/progressive 'resist' movement is emptying their respective tool kits.

The DS is trying full on to thrust the US -and a president they loathe- into a shooting war; indeed several of them if possible. Most know about Venezuela and the failed coup. The DS really believed POTUS would back them with a military strike at Palo Negro Air Base.

He pulled the rug out from under them at the last minute. Now they want to go shoot up the Iranians. The news has shown the tankers in the Straits of Hormuz ablaze, and the neocon crowd has been all over the media decrying the blatant attacks.

However, are they the real deal?

First of all, you don't sink a ship by attaching mines above the water line. All of these incidents have had that anomaly; these are just small limpet mines that cause minor damage and a lot of smoke from controllable fires.

So they are not trying to sink anything. Then why do this? Attention, perhaps?

That might be more believable if Japanese premier Shinzo Abe wasn't in Tehran with a handwritten letter from the president asking for talks. As far as the Iranian response, they said for public consumption that 'they wouldn't even entertain' reading the letter.

However, Iranian Foreign Minister said THIS:

Reported attacks on Japan-related tankers occurred while PM @AbeShinzo was meeting with Ayatollah @khamenei_ir for extensive and friendly talks.

There is little doubt that the US initiative is a huge part of this discussion. The timing is so suspect as to make the cynics out there immediately go to 'false flag' territory to find the reason.

Even the released footage of a speedboat removing the mine from the side of a ship at night could just as well be a covert Op. Sure, it's possible Iran did something really stupid. They have done dumb things before.

This move, however, is so counterproductive for them -and opportunistic for the neocons- as to be almost breathtaking.

It didn't stop here. The Federalist had an article talking about Syria again, and once again it was their 'WMD's. One more time folks.

Haffez Assad is no Thomas Jefferson, and they fight a particularly brutal type of warfare in the Middle East. But the supposed chemical attacks attributed to them have been proven to be fakes.

The 'sarin' attack showed them washing children with water. Sarin is a neurotoxin, and all of the bathing in the world won't help. It was far more likely a blistering agent like mustard gas.

One administered by the 'white helmets' who were lauded for being 'saviors'. To wit:



This is just a part of the juggling act POTUS has on his hands.

The DS/neocon movement is pulling out all the stops; they are trying to get multiple shooting wars going. Meanwhile the 'resist' people here are going full speed on an impeachment based on no crime, lawsuits and subpoenas aimed at getting his close advisers in perjury traps, and a hostile media doubling down on the hatred they have peddled since he was elected.

Not to mention the social media giants aiming to censor all non progressive thought. We all may lose the media platforms like FB, Twitter, Instagram and others. 

Yet the President is standing tall throughout all this. His poll ratings are even going up in spite of the 24'7 vitriol. It's kind of amazing to see, really.

You wouldn't know it if you just passively watch the news; even FOX is invested in lauding the clown college of Democrat poseurs running for president. They accentuate every negative and downplay any positive.

As far as the patriot movement goes; there is quite a bit of complaining, if not outright whining. Many people know what is really going on. They know that POTUS was set up by a cabal intent on having him removed from office.

They also know that the so called 'intelligence community' was compromised, and then weaponized, by the previous lot to snoop on opposing political parties. They know that policy differences are now criminalized.

They seethe quietly every day when CNN and other propaganda outlets push easily disprovable lies, only to ignore them when pointed out. 

These 'normies' also see the hatred towards Christianity, traditional morals, hard work, noble self sacrifice and duty to family and country. Drag queens reading books to pre schoolers.

They are forced to shrug their shoulders over an invasion of our country by the poor, sick, criminal and those inclined to terrorism. People from the Congo coming in through Mexico with possible Ebola virus.

Politicians happy with homeless defecating on sidewalks and shooting heroin on streetcorners but determined to remove 'God' from the classroom.

This is all by plan. They want you to feel helpless; this allows them to install their various implements of destruction without much pushback. Progressives love to usher a feeling of inevitability.

'Resistance is futile' as the Borg on Star Trek used to say. The mantra of the collective.

Right now all eyes are on Donald J Trump. He is the sole force in the universe of light right now, or so it seems. Sure, he has his inner circle of patriots who work feverishly to change 100 years of progressive designs on this country.

Something is going to break, and soon. You know why?

It simply has to. The dialectic has been established; the arguments prepared and presented. There is no turning back for either side. It is now, as it always has been, a zero sum affair. 'Game theory' as the Q verse likes to speak of.

Win or lose. Everything is on the table, and it is for all the marbles.

There was no doubt the Allies would win the war after the invasion of Normandy was a success. However, it was still a tough road that lay ahead. The same holds true now. It is the conclusion of this analyst that the forces of light will prevail in a classic showdown that will play out in front of the world.

There will be indictments, arrests, convictions and imprisonment for some of the highest office holders of the land. The country, and the whole world, is in for a major change. This is absolutely going to happen.

The president knows all of this. You can see the confidence in his eyes, his stride, and sense of command. 

To all of those who are tired of the discourse, sick of the wait and starting to believe none of this will ever happen, all one can say is this:

The die has been set. There is no turning back. It will happen; 100% guaranteed. Just be prepared for what really is coming. It will be positively epic in scope.

Hint: You don't want to trade places with these three people right now: James Comey, John Brennan, and James Clapper. 

And they are just the tip of the iceberg...




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Nothing has changed here. For DJT it's 'bring it on' time...

Wednesday, 25 May:

The Deep State played their hand today.

In what was an extremely uncomfortable eight minute press conference, a beleaguered looking Robert Mueller delivered in a quaking voice his take on the 448 pages he and his '18 angry Democrats' created.

It was an obvious ploy. Mueller contradicted himself on the key assertion he made today, which is that they didn't indict the President because of the OLC (office of legal counsel) rules saying a sitting president cannot be indicted.

He differs 180 degrees on this very important issue from AG William Barr, who is his superior. Yet shortly after he said he (Barr) had 'acted in good faith' with his handling of the report.

Sorry, pal. Can't have it both ways.

Barr said on several occasions that Mueller told him 'he didn't have the evidence' to indict; not the OLC rules blocking him. Somebody is lying here.

Yet he still is good with the AG's handling of the matter.

This whole incident can be looked at several ways. On the surface it most certainly is a lifeline to the 'muh Russia' crowd; he basically threw that country under the proverbial bus before he said 'they should have the presumption of innocence' that all people have.

It was noticed as 'unusual' he would say this about the Russian troll farms yet not about the president of the country. So, the first take is this is yet another deep state attempt to 'take down' a legally elected president by feeding falsehoods to the congress.

They can continue to use their endless loop of created fictions leaked to the media that became the 'facts' the case was based on. This is already in full display as the DS controlled media is having a rare field day convicting POTUS of all forms of imaginary crimes.

Then there is another, very intriguing possibility.

If this is indeed a 'witch hunt' based on data that was created out of whole cloth by an opposition political party then any impeachment inquiry would uncover all of this. The Dems have so far walked this tightrope. 

For example none of them have read the fully redacted Mueller report which is available in a secure location. This is because once they actually know what is in it they cannot knowingly misrepresent (lie) about it without risking criminal punishment.

Those who sit on the committees like Adam Schiff and Jackie Speier, both California Democrats, are already guilty of this and could be prosecuted. The rank and file see no upside in this risk.

Therefore, if they decide to go down the impeachment road this may be exactly what POTUS and his inner circle may want. By doing this they will allow all of the real facts to be revealed; the declassified documents now being released could be used as evidence against both the special counsel and the Democrat opposition.

In other words, this just may be the ultimate self destruction of the 'resist' movement. A gilded trap they waltz willingly into the middle of.

Did the Russians really 'hack' the Democrat servers, or were they aware of the 'gift' to Julian Assange of a thumb drive by a disturbed Sanders operative before his untimely death? That the server's password was 'password' and didn't need to be 'hacked'?

Still never said is what was on this, what the emails really said, and the actions by HRC and the campaign are still never questioned. 

Julian Assange is still in British custody awaiting an extradition the DS seems dead set on preventing.

In sum, all Mueller did today was the bidding of his establishment/DS masters, who will do whatever they can to keep from being exposed, and the destruction of the Democrat party is a small price to pay.

The ploy to demonize AG Barr is the old 'Kenneth Starr' trick. Nothing new there. However no matter how you slice this pie, POTUS still has the winning hand. Barr defended DJT so far because he has seen first hand, the utter criminal misconduct done by the opposition.

He has openly shown his horror over it to those in the inner circle.

Had Mueller come out and said what he should have, that there was no criminal case and I'm going home that would have been the end of it. But no. He left a big door open.

One that leads to a gilded cage of a trap where only self incrimination can be found...




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is the DS in trouble with the white hats? You bet...

Tuesday, 21 May:

The long wait is just about over.

For over two years, the combined forces of the previous administration, the current Democrat party and global interests they had long partnered with have unleashed a withering assault on our president.

It has been as savage as it is unprecedented.

Fortunately this whole sordid affair has pretty much run it's course. They have hit the proverbial wall. Their fervent supporters have been whipped to a frenzy, having been promised everything from socialized medicine, free college and a guaranteed income.

Not to mention ridding the known universe from 'Orange Man Bad'.

They have no intention of living up to the former, but sure would like to deliver on the last one. This is where they have stallled out. Donald J Trump is far more than they ever imagined as an opponent.

They are learning, much to their chagrin, that he was prepped and ready for this extended attack. As a matter of fact, he has gained strength as they have weakened. Much of this has been relatively simple.

All they had to do was let their fury bloom into unhinged insanity. They did all the hard work themselves.

Meanwhile, POTUS and his inner circle have done a pretty darn good job on governing the country. If you examine closely, you will see that is exactly why they are trying to have him removed.

He, and his followers, the so called 'deplorables' are busy rolling back 50 plus years of progressive/statist policy and has put the country on a path to self sustaining internal development.

This single fact is what really riles the globalists who call the shots in the 'resist' movement. They fear -correctly- that this president can undo in 4 years what it took them 50 to do, and if given another term would undo all progressive policies dating back to Jekyll Island.

That was 105 years ago, when the Federal Reserve was created. To wit:


You may have heard rumblings about it lately. POTUS just tried to appoint two men to the Federal Reserve board, Herman Cain and Stephen Moore. These appointments were met with an unprecedented degree of hostility.

They had to break out the Alinsky playbook one more time; both were accused of sexual improprieties. With Moore it was laughable. They went after him for advocating male referees in basketball some 20 years ago.

He, and Cain, both withdrew.

The point was made, though. They are now free to comment on the Fed going forward, and you can bet your bottom dollar the people chosen to replace them will have exactly the same beliefs.

The return to the gold standard. This would put the deep state/globalist alliance utterly out of business. They know it, too. Ergo this flare up.

This would happen in a second Trump term. This is why the opposition is so heavily invested in not only his defeat but removal from office. They have a fantasy, fanned by the corrupt media, that he would be removed in handcuffs, Pence would resign in disgrace, and Speaker Pelosi would become president.

She would then appoint The Smartest Woman in the World as VP, and resign. She would draft Tim Kaine as her vice president, and by executive order undo everything Trump has done.

Don't laugh. There are millions who believe this rubbish. They are the CNN/MSNBC crowd who have been brainwashed into accepting life in a slave state as some kind of upgrade to the unparalleled freedoms they now have.

This brings us to the here and now.

The resisters, and their lackeys in the Democrat party, will proceed down a scorched earth path. seeking any and all negative issues they can. In spite of what you may hear, they have almost as little interest in the coming election as they do governing.

It's 'all hands on deck' as they concentrate on one thing: Removal.

It is a fool's errand, but the plan -dream more like it- is that they will get the president's tax returns and find some connective tissue, no matter how thin, to the Russia matter. They know the real truth is about to break, and want to sideline it.

They have the media firmly on their side. They will spin, and lie, anything they can to brace the narrative. Some actually think this will work, and have been telling the Red Chinese and Iranians to 'wait it out'.

Think about that for a second. If there was ever a defintion of treason that would be it.

Many of you are chafing at the bit. You are aware of much of what has been said in this article. You are tired of talk, and want to see some action.

This is understood. POTUS is a little frustrated as well. He knows the real truth, and also knows who all the bad guys really are. He wanted to declassify the 'Five Buckets' some time ago but his people have resisted.

They want to get all of their ducks in a row, first.

It's easy to preach patience and more difficult to practice it. But be aware of this: There are multiple reports all ready to be released. By mid June you should have most of this in the public domain.

And there's this, too. The 4th of July extravaganza POTUS is planning. Seems he may have something special up his sleeve, and the Dems are already spooked by this. They just might have a very good reason to be, too.

The classic poem 'Invictus' by William Ernest Henley comes to mind...

Out of the night that covers me, 
      Black as the pit from pole to pole, 
I thank whatever gods may be 
      For my unconquerable soul. 
In the fell clutch of circumstance 
      I have not winced nor cried aloud. 
Under the bludgeonings of chance 
      My head is bloody, but unbowed. 
Beyond this place of wrath and tears 
      Looms but the Horror of the shade, 
And yet the menace of the years 
      Finds and shall find me unafraid. 
It matters not how strait the gate, 
      How charged with punishments the scroll, 
I am the master of my fate, 
      I am the captain of my soul. 



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