j' accuse: Christine Blasey Ford. The new Anita Hill...

Monday, 17 September:

The so-called 'resist' movement is in it's last gasps.

How is this known? Simple. They now lie knowing full well the lies will be exposed within days, and sometimes even hours of being issued. They, and their porch pals the never Trumper RINO's are all in on this.

Their future is on the line.

With the midterms -which are 49 days away- happening, the opposition knows that nothing really matters now, not how egregiously bad, or transparently nasty the conduct becomes. The latest ploy, a 35 year old allegation of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh is particularly noxious.

First of all, the person making the charge, Christine Blasey Ford is a college professor who is admittedly left wing. A list of her affilitations and donations:

On the surface she is not the most believable of witnesses. She can't remember key details like time, date, or even location.

She also tried to do this in 2012 when she thought Mitt Romney might win; when he lost she backed off. So, blocking Kavanaugh from the court for ideological reasons seems readily apparent.

This is all quite transparent.

Senator Diane Feinstein has had this information for months, Kavanaugh was interviewed over 65 times, answered thousands of questions, and has had multiple FBI background checks. He is not an unknown quantity.

Everyone in the senate knows this is very snake like behavior; that it is just a pathetic attempt to delay this hoping they somehow get power back. That they can retake the Senate, which is a joke.

The House is powerless to stop this, so that election is peripheral.

As many pundits are now pointing out if somehow Kavanaugh was pulled, Trump would just appoint another conservative. And whoever that was would be more in the strict constructionist wing; not the big government GOP part he is part of.

Kavanaugh praised Title 9 because it allowed his little girl a basketball team to play on. But that rule has laid waste to boy's sports; wrestling has just about disappeared but baseball and even football is being affected in smaller schools.

It's bad law, outcome based legislation. 

What it does do is show that he is about as mainstream as anyone Trump will select. They can't unleash the arsenal against the next candidate, either. This only works once. Therefore exactly what they net out of this is unclear.

Unless, like John Kerry keeps telling people (foreign adversaries mostly) that the president will be 'gone soon'. He told the Palestinian Authority Trump would be gone 'in a year' four months ago.

He also hinted that the president should be far more worried about Manafort's conviction and desire to cooperate rather than his conversations with the mullahs. Like maybe he knows something.

Perhaps he does. More likely, it's bluster. That seems to be their modus operandi now, anyway.

Like the coverage of the hurricane, a storm that while a nasty bit of business was not the 'generational storm' with thousands of casualties they were hoping for so they could hang it around the president's neck.

Reporters have been caught faking shots. Cell phone videos are today's arbiters of the truth, and when a newsman is faking hurricane force winds when a passerby catches a pair casually strolling in the background is quite an indictment.

What is happening is the last gasps of the Alinsky doctrine, which the Democrats swear by. The  Smartest Woman in the World who lost the last election badly to the 'orange baby' wrote her graduate thesis about this at Wellesley.

To this day it is still 'lost'. 

Probably the same place the grades of the Previous Occupant and his drug dealing pals reside. They still think the public is stupid enough to keep falling for this.

Are they?

It's a big risk. Many are apolitical; they believe the headlines and this empowers the media and it's deep state/progressive masters. However, when it starts running into 'knowable truths' like what your 'lying eyes' are actually seeing this complicates matters.

So, they have been forced out in the open. It doesn't matter what they say, how or when they say it. The truth means nothing. It is simply we must prevail, and it doesn't matter what tactics are used.

Any means to an end, you know.

It is apparent to anyone with a more than room temperature IQ that the country is in a complete conflict, you could even call it a war and wouldn't be incorrect.

There's little violence and no shooting. Yet. That may be the final gambit if all their other attempts fail, which seem pretty likely at this point. Trump holds all the cards, especially if the absence of collusion with Russia as expected is shown soon.

Much of this could also be a distraction from the abyss the deep state looks into when the FISA docs are released. This could be very soon.

It is they who are in trouble, not the president. But they have much invested in displaying the opposite, which is playing out in true Orwellian fashion. The question is:

How much longer? You'll surely know before your Holiday shopping is over...

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Even Homer can't stop the Trump express...

Thursday, 13 September:

The sound and fury is everywhere.

Anywhere you look on media you see fear, rage, panic and desperation from their activists posing as 'journalists'. Such is the problem when it is an echo chamber; no critical thinking allowed when you are heavily invested in one side over the other.

The one that is losing, too.

And, boy is it. Losing is never fun, but when you are as graceless as this lot it's pretty painful to watch. Unless you favor masochism as a hobby, that is.

They lost an election, then lost every challenge. They have lost most -not all- of the plants they put in the administration. They lost on Neil Gorsuch, the Mueller Russia probe, Michael Cohen, Stormy, social media bias, the list goes on and on.

They have tried for every hour of every day since the 45th president was elected to negate that which was inevitable. Sisyphus would be jealous at the sheer worthless effort they have expended.

This has put all of them in a very foul mood. 

It's obvious if you watch any of their programming -a painful task, to be sure- and certain people are in far worse shape over it than others. CNN has several who are literally rabid, and all of their minions are busy looking for anything that can paint Trump in a bad light if even for a few moments.

They are about to see their biggest loss yet: the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. This eventuality -make no mistake, it's going to happen- has them bouncing off the ceiling like so many toddlers denied their chocolate milk.

The attacks on Kavanaugh are laughable; Trump selected him because he was just about spot on perfect as a candidate.

In the latest pathetic effort, Senator Diane Feinstein has sent a letter to the FBI accusing him of 'sexual misconduct' (of course) from an 'anonymous source' (natch), it happened decades ago in high school (fer sure) and the best part?

She has had this since JULY. Sat on it for weeks; is just advancing it now to stall the nomination. 

This is to set up their Last Stand. Like Custer setting up on that hill in the Little Big Horn, seeking some high ground before being surrounded, so too, does the progressive movement. They have every bit of their apparatus invested in winning the House of Representatives.

Contrary to what the state media (this includes FOX) and their pundits tell you, it is much closer than they project. They continue to depress Trump's approval ratings hoping his voters will stay home.

There is little evidence that is the case.

GOP primary voters have either matched or exceeded the supposed 'blue wave excitement' so ballyhooed by the media. While no one doubts the left will have their base stirred up as well, that's a much smaller bloc.

But it is all they've got.

So, the public is seeing this play out on literally every possible avenue. Cable, print, social media, even Liz Warren's smoke signals are all in play. They are even blaming Hurricane Florence on the president and it hasn't even hit shore yet.

They want the death toll in Puerto Rico to skyrocket. Even FOX is complicit in spreading the '3,000 death' fantasy, which is based on models, not actual data. Here's some other information to consider:

Then there's the 25th amendment nonsense, which has zero chance of happening. As usual, under the radar this is what Trump is getting done: Forced Comrade Kim back to the agreed timeline for denuclearization, China is begging to sit down and talk on trade. Canada is apparently OK with committing financial suicide and not signing the US-Mexico trade deal.

They are run by the radical left. The difference between them and, say, Nicaragua is one of style more than substance. Trudeau is no friend of the American people.

The left in this country is running to their side. Like John Kerry, who is violating the Logan Act they accused poor Mike Flynn of doing, has been telling everyone to 'wait out' Trump. As if he, and those who elected him, are simply going to disappear and allow the 'return to normal' they desire.

A normal which saw Europe getting fat and sassy on US protection, China getting rich by stealing our ideas, and the rest of the world policed by our military while getting supported by US taxpayers.

THAT 'normal'.

The same people screaming about this were the ones profiting off of it the most. Who is the favorite to take on Trump in 2020? Joe Biden, right? And who is running his own rogue foreign policy?

Kerry it is. Now, why is this important? Why do they want Trump gone SO badly? This could be a clue"


They're crooks. They like the way things were. These people went into political office without two nickels to rub together and are all mulit-millionaires. Trump, on the other hand, went in with more money than he now has; reports say  his losses are about a half billion so far.

To wit:

Just keep this in mind when you criticize the man. He has taken it on the chin since he won the nomination, and this doesn't count his children. Ivanka was singled out and had her clothes line put out of business.

The major reason they want his tax returns is to relitigate a deduction he took decades ago; if they can seize the House they could use the IRS as their weapon of choice (like in the past) and use this to basically bankrupt him.

You must understand just how much he is hated.

They want to destroy him and his family. Take everything, ruin them. This isn't much of a secret, really,

But he just keeps chugging along. Economic growth could be revised upwards to 4.5%. That means we are making more money than we're spending. Positive economic growth. Manufacturing base being restored.

The jobs the Previous Occupant said were never coming back.

BTW, his rollout last week was an unmitigated disaster. He reminded everyone who isn't a kool aid drinker why they were glad he is gone. They don't want him back.

Or his policies.

So, the countdown is on. 53 days until the midterms. One that has Trump and his associates in much better shape than is being sold. When the dust settles there will be very little change; they may lose a dozen seats in the House and pick up a couple in the Senate.

You know why of course? This election cycle will be honest. The usual ability to cheat will be very closely  watched. Their is a hidden reason why the opposition wants ICE to go away. It isn't just the deportations.

They will be where the 'polling action' is, and that's a good thing indeed...

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