Relax. The man is on a roll.

Wednesday, 14 November:

To the people who back the efforts of the Trump administration frustration and anxiety looms deep in the background.

They have waited for change. Much has been delivered; indeed the country is on a 180 degree different course than it was just 30 months ago. Still, the real, fundamental change the country really wants has not arrived.

The change that addresses systemic problems in this country.

This includes many on the other side; honest people who side with the Bernie Sanders wing. Those of limited means who want government to help them provide. This is a role, although with limits, that government must perform.

The 45th president understands these needs well. It is why he was elected, plain and simple. His opponent preached a mushy big government/global finance agenda very short on detail. That, and her terrible screen presence is why she lost.

The election and activities up to this moment have been both hectic and electric.

The wiser among us understands there are many levels to the current situation. There is everything from local politics like crumbling bridges to spiritual overtones with climactic good versus evil struggles.

To be blunt, it's been a long time coming. As such, it will not be solved overnight.

The Red Chinese have a saying that is a belief system. Courtesy their founder Mao Tse Tung, it is simply called 'The Long March'. Their ideological cousins here in the west have their own version. While short on romantic names, it is essentially the same thing.

Keep on the offense, take whatever you can no matter how small, and retrench but never retreat. Americans saw this in brutal detail since the president was inaugurated.

Within hours the mantra was 'he cannot be normalized'. Within 48 hours, there were protests all over the world. To a president who had yet to meet with a cabinet, much less sign any legislation.

The international left was in complete agreement. He must be stopped at all means.

You see, the Chinese are actually 'Johnny come latelies' to this. Just 73 short years ago they were massively pro US as we helped them defeat the Japanese. Both Mao and Ho Chi Minh worked with the Kuomintang (Nationalist China's Chiang kai-shek) in an uneasy alliance aided by American military.

The progressive movement in this country predates them by centuries.

As noted in earlier articles here, this was a fallout of the French Revolution and the difference between Jeffersonian democracy, rooted in individual freedom, and Robespierre's 'selfless collectivism'.

It's a matter of just WHO accepts responsibility. The indivdual or the state.

For 250 years this schism has infected every part of the globe; the United States as well. It is most often represented in the claims of those who say the country is a 'democracy'. It is no such thing.

That was rejected by the Founders as 'mob rule'. 51% tells 49% how to live. Sound familiar?

This is not a lecture. Most who follow here know all this. It doesn't make them feel any better about the pace of change, though. The point being is that just in a political sense the 'Trump phenomenon' is still in it's infancy.

This site is in touch with some of the largest voices out there including the most widely read 'Q' researchers. They are all weary of the protests from their followers who want action NOW. 

One can only say 'trust the plan', or 'patience is a virtue' so many times. Understandable.

To all these frustrated followers, two things must be said:

1) They know, understand, and feel exactly the same way

2) Fulfilling desires isn't their purpose. Holding hands is for family and loved ones

See the point? Nobody is happy with the obvious electoral fraud, the posturing of the Dem leaders, the constant criticism of the First Family, the terrible conduct of a corrupt media, and the obvious signs of moral decay celebrated by the entertainment industry.

However, this didn't happen overnight and it isn't going away easily either. They are tremendously well financed. You just  saw that in the election. They own the media lock, stock and barrel.

They still spend every day on identity politics sowing deeper divisions they can exploit. They use tried and true CPUSA tactics. It is beyond aggravating.

Everyone who is involved in this fight feels exactly the same.

So, to those faint of heart who have an itch and want it scratched, well, there are a LOT of YouTube videos out there that will offer solace, if just for a moment or three. There is a lot of religious/archetypal overtones that offer historic context.

Prayer works as well. It does soothe the troubled soul.

Understand that this fight will continue, perhaps you don't need to focus on it every waking second. Also, too, one can find plenty of cosmic level humor in all this. Trump's browbeating of the CNN 'correspondent' a classic example.

Donald Trump might just be the funniest man on the planet; his tweets are regularly hilarious as he torches everyone and everything. That game changer alone is worth the price of entry.

To the faithful we say this:

Relax. Be well. Enjoy your loved ones and the coming Holiday season. Thanksgiving is a beautiful moment, and 'Merry Christmas' doesn't exclude anyone but indeed includes all in the expression of universal good will.

That love indeed does conquer. It unites and strengthens, it fortifies and nourishes. Hate devours and consumes all it inhabits.

It doesn't stand a chance no matter how much 'money' it has.


It's all good. There are true patriots in charge, they have their hands full as they are surrounded by agents of both fortune and misfortune. But they are resolute. They know the stakes.

Wish them well, stay involved but by all means take care of your needs. As the legendary baseball great Yogi Berra once said:

'It ain't over until it's over'

And it isn't over yet. Not by a long stretch, or 'long march', either...


(For those who want to know the above pictured generals see this)

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"Where We Go One. We Go All' slogan says it all.

Monday, 12 November:

First of all a disclaimer of sorts.

This site came into it's own just a month after the inauguration of Donald J Trump, and it's expressed purpose was to promote an understanding of what makes the man tick. Why you take him seriously, not literally.

The cryptic phenomenon that is 'Q' came to fruition months later; October to be exact.

Therefore, understand that the mission here is not to promote Q, nor to deny it, either. This article is undertaken to put a perspective on where we are with all this. Let other sites dedicated to 'all things Q' have their positions.

There are a LOT of them.  Be judicious, but use your common sense. Now, to begin.

First of all, let's determine ONE thing: 'Q' most definitely does exist. Exactly what, and who it is will be debated endlessly. But it is not a 'LARP', which means a 'role playing game', nor is it some guy in his pajamas in mom's basement pretending to 'be somebody'.

When it first came on the scene it was a series of coded intel comms. These were combined with what was called 'crumbs' for those hungry for answers to follow.

They hinted at who they were. A SIGINT (signal intelligence) unit attatched to the 'No Such Agency'; a joking reference to the NSA. They are different from the FBI/CIA in the fact this is military.

The others civilian. This distinction is key.

Now, the conventional wisdom is that the president is under investigation for colluding with the Russians, and has the '17 intelligence agencies' aligned against his outreach to Russia. This is incorrect on a whole host of levels.

There are NOT '17 different agencies'. There are essentially five: FBI, CIA, NSA, ONI, and DIA. The rest are just recipients of the output.

ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) and DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) have real work to do. This type of activity -political- is outside their purview for the most part. So you're back to three.

The FBI is not an intelligence agency; it is law enforcement with an intel wing; the 'Directorate of Intelligence' established in 2014. During the previous administration. This is key to know.

For then it really comes down to CIA versus NSA.

One is civilian, the other military. POTUS controls the military as the Commander in Chief. The FBI stays under DoJ authority once removed from the president. There is a LOT of evidence that the previous administration 'weaponized' both FBI and CIA.

This is your Mueller probe fallout. Peter Strzok and all of the others who have been fired and/or disgraced for using their office and power for pure political partisan reasons.

Most people don't know that even though Strzok was FBI he was also almost certainly a CIA plant in the agency. Like Nellie Ohr, who actually went to 'The Farm', which trains agents. Strzok's father was CIA.

Just like Christine Blasey Ford. So many of them pop up. Most don't know she was in charge of recruiting at Stanford. Not that it means anything. Like being able to prepare people for polygraph tests.

She did that as well. Nothing to see here. She has her million bucks.

Q was instrumental in arranging these events in a cogent narrative that code experts excel at. This all started taking shape the months following it's debut.

Soon, like all things mysterious people started to make all sorts of claims. Some said 'they were Q'. Others said it was a roll playing game. Others a 'psyop'.

Irrespective of all this, the site and it's nation, called the 'Q Anons' flourished. The intelligence shared was what an expert would expect: some guesswork, some disinfo, some spot on. True analysts know you have to dig to get the nuggets.

In this business, fooling the opposition is as important as getting the message out.

In WWII, the Allies used their best general to sell the Germans on the invasion (D-Day) being at Pas De Calais, not Normandy. It was a 'feint'; classic disinformation and the Germans bit hard. It was also what they wanted to believe.

Much has been made of the accuracy and/or predictives, of the site. 

This misses the point. It is going to be deliberately wrong at times. It will also be maddeningly vague. This is how the real game is played.

Now, as we speak, many are arguing it's merits, or lack of them. One member of the supposed 'inner circle' has just called it 'garbage'; that it takes away from the 'real narrative'. This is a complete mischaracterization, if not an outright lie.

It does no such thing.

What does, and did, it do? First of all, it united a rowdy rabble looking for coherent leadership. It has given this in spades. Second, it laid out a narrative, and a plan for moving forward. This simply cannot be denied.

It spawned a movement. This movement is only growing; the midterm elections only spiced the punch some. It's still worth drinking, and the sheer enjoyment of 'the beverage' provided is a solace for millions.

The number of believers is huge. By the same token, doubters are welcome.

Think about it. 'Q Anon' invites all opinions and highlights differences. Much is discussed. The opposition? They are in an all out assault at their newest public enemy, FOX commentator Tucker Carlson.

They want him shut down. Gone. See a difference?

Q brings raw faith into the equation. The American Nation, the one founded on the blood of the Founders, was a Christian nation. This does not mean it excluded others; indeed all faiths are welcome.

Even the Founders who weren't 'Deists', like Thomas Paine, had no problem with our jurisprudence being based on Judeo-Christian laws. Being an Individual with Free Will and the inherent responsibilities was accepted.

This is under attack from those who embrace socialism. 

They see the collective as the future. Those who believe in the destiny of the individual most assuredly do not.

These 'religious exhortations' are simply pointing out a belief system rooted in the ideas of freedom. ''Stay United', 'Stay Strong' and other slogans are not demanding one to become a church goer.

This is simply tying up the philosophical loose ends. The other side is quite proud of their atheistic contempt for religion, particularly Christian. Yet this is still very much a country based on those precepts.

In words, 'Q' is both what it is and what you want it to be. Like all movements, some faith is involved, and a lot of healthy discussion required. To the faithful, the admonition from Luke 12:28 comes to mind:

'How much will he clothe you, Oh ye of little faith?'

Comes a point in time to stand and be counted. That time has arrived, and this humble little 8chan site with a few coded comms and exhortations to be strong has changed the world.

It has brought 'Where We Go One We Go All' into THE catchphrase of the movement.

The evidence is there. No matter what anyone says...


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New AG Whitaker: the swamp has a new predator.

Friday, 9 November:

The elections are over but the dust from it may not settle for some time.

Both sides urged their people to vote, and boy, did they. An estimated 113 million people hit the polling booths. The most since the mid 60's.

The night had something for everyone, but it was a stunning success for the Trump administration. They not only picked up seats in the senate but they replaced RINO cancers like Jeff Flake and Bob Corker. They also picked off Joe Donnelly in Indiana, and it looks like they will hold on to the Rick Scott pickup in Florida.

Bill 'crypt keeper' Nelson is whining like a stuck pig, but the small lead should hold up under recount. 15,000 votes is a lot. Unless they keep 'finding' votes from their 'secret stash' in Broward county.

The Dems took the House as was expected. The sheer amount of money spent on it pretty much guaranteed it.

There was no real 'blue wave'. It was a green wave, like in 'greenbacks'. The left wing billionaires bought the house.

Governors were about evenly split, and if not for the Walker loss -more ballots showing up in the Milwaukee 'secret stash'- it would have been a spectacular night. The GOP held on to Florida, Ohio, Iowa and New Hampshire.

The path to 2020 primary success now locked down.

Georgia cannot be stolen. The new Governor was in charge of the election; no socialist governance to come there any time soon. 

Arizona is different. They have a ton of mail in ballots to be counted, Sinema had built in advantages and McSally was a mediocre candidate at best. That was always a reach. You'll know mid next week, but don't count on it.

All in all, Trump got what he wanted. A better senate more in line with his agenda. They will be able to reshape the judiciary for decades to come. It is impossible to exaggerate just HOW important this is.

Think 'Ruth Bader Ginsburg'. Think '85' and multiple rib fractures from a fall. She will be gone within a year.

Don't like that Ninth Circuit? Trump just put two young, conservative judges on that bench much to the chagrin of Diane Feinstein and Kamala Harris. Their 'holds' were ignored by Trump.

Expect the GOP senate to put another 50-60 judges on the bench before January. That's when the real fun begins.  Perhaps the Gitmo shuttle will be real busy. Lord knows, the facility is ready and waiting for it.

$500 million to renovate something the Previous Occupant tried desperately to close.

Something's up there. Just wait.

So much for all that. The election is history. Now the real game begins. The opposition really wanted the senate but that was a fool's errand. They were defending too many seats, and Trump's tireless campaign stopped any dreams they had.

They will instead use the weapons of the House.

Forget any talk about 'comity' or 'working together'. They are itching to take the battle to the president. After two years of crying, screaming, bitching and flat out public insanity they want revenge.

And they want it bad. 

This is supremely stupid, but so far they haven't shown much in the way of self reflection or sober appraisals. It does, however, play right into the president's hands. Once again, in true Sun Tzu fashion Trump has chosen the battlefield.

He knows his enemy well.

They have yet to prove they know him at all. Their desire to be right, to never be challenged has left them almost defenseless. How can you inflict damage on someone unless you know how, and where, to attack?

Turning Hollywood against him worked well, didn't it? Even poor Taylor Swift, who tried to stay out of the political realm was forced into the Tennessee senate race. She embraced Phil Bredesen who was down about 4 points when she got involved.

Marsha Blackburn won by eleven points. 

Meanwhile, in Texas Hollywood and the whole west coast moneyed elite turned out for Robert Francis O'Rourke, aka 'Beto'. The glitterati festooned loving praise on him and spent over $100 million trying to turn Texas blue.

He couldn't beat a carpetbagging Count Chocula look alike who spent one third as much.

In short, the left came out of this with a very expensive two year rental on the House. They are not very happy right now.

In fact, they are even more miserable than ever. They have a voice in congress, but they didn't get 'bad orange man gone', which is what they really want. To roll the last two years back like they never happened.

Call Marty McFly and Doc Brown. Need the DeLorean time machine, they do.

This is no joke. Talking head pundits have publicly claimed as much; wipe the history clean, install The Smartest Woman in the World and undo all the appointments he made. They actually have advanced this silliness.

So they are unhinged. This is no secret. Their emotions have given them away for some time.

The real answer is what's next?

Trump wasted no time in installing a temporary AG with the long awaited -and carefully planned- resignation of Jeff Sessions. His replacement, Matthew Whitaker, who was Sessions' trusted assistant is a new chapter.

One that cannot be controlled by the 'swamp'. He wasn't part of the FBI/DoJ chain of command, and as such can preside over the transition. The former 1991 Rose Bowl lineman is here for ONE reason:

To see over the dissolution of the Mueller probe.

This is the reason for most of the terror you are seeing in D.C. today. He knows what the scope of the investigation was supposed to be, as did Rod Rosenstein. You may be surprised to hear that Rosenstein lauded his selection.

He thinks Whitaker a 'superb selection'. To wit:

So, what to make of what you are hearing? The swamp is terrified that a new gator, one who is 6'6" and dead lifts 285 and isn't one of 'them' is on the loose. You know those funky FISA docs no one on Capitol Hill wants released?

He thinks it's just fine and dandy. So does POTUS. That is 'the storm' that will be coming soon. The PAIN will soon be felt by some.

Buckle up, people. This is going to be a bumpy ride, but it will be exhilarating as well.

NEXT: 'Q' explained...


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Pretty much sums it up.

Monday, 5 November. Election eve:

The 45th President of the United States has just wrapped up a historic; epic tour of the United States. Barnstorming mutilple cities mostly in the 'Heartland', he drew crowds that numbered sometimes in the tens of thousands.

These were rock concerts, not political shindigs.

The crowds would rival his newest foe, a famous young singer who is busy delivering a state TO Trump rather than against him.

During this incredible journey, now legendary for the sheer stamina of it all Donald J Trump has stessed a series of points. This is no 'policy tour'. He leaves that in the capable hands of the Mike Pompeos of the world.

No, this was a very broad stroke affair, indeed.

In careful and repeated messaging, the president emphasized certain facts: One, is the obvious; you cannot have a sovereign country without borders and the will to defend them.

Two is that reduced taxes and regulations help economies as his model proves. 3.5% growth is bringing trillions in wealth to the people. Third, the military is being rebuilt, fourth the judiciary restocked with young, constitutional jurists.

What was implied was the threat.

You see, this isn't just another midterm election in an avaerage electoral cycle. The good people of this country usually pay scant attention and go about their business. Times, now, are different.

It's why the predictions of the 'experts' is ringing hollow right now. Something is happening.

You can feel it, taste it, smell it. It's there and it is real. 

There is an energy in the air, one not only of change but of change for the better. A turn away from the sins of the past; the endless wars, the dissolution of the American family, loss of faith and innocence.

Turning away from belief in a Higher Authority. It's been going on with fits and starts over the last 50  years or so; spurned on by a movement that is intent on taking this country in a far different direction.

You are now familiar with this agenda.

It would have the United States turn from a constitutional republic by, and for, the people into a globalist entity; but one of the 195 'United Nations'. This was a heavy issue for the previous administration who pushed it relentlessly.

You know where we are now.

If you believe in borders being defended you are a 'racist'. This epithet, very liberally used lately is an utter non sequitir. It really means nothing anymore.

If everything is racist then nothing is racist. This Alinsky tactic is now dead. Every nation has defensible borders; that's why you have armies. Not to the Previous Occupant, who recently offered up that the 'soldiers were taken from their families to go to the border for some stunt'.

Soldiers taken from their families to defend the country's borders. Imagine that. He thinks going to Afghanistan for the 7th time is OK, though.

We are more likely to send US troops to protect someone else's border rather than their own. Think about that for a second. This is just wrong.

It shows how much we have lost our way. They want to invite hordes of illegals to install in sanctuary cities where they can actually live outside the law.

But the 100,000 people who have died from opiod addictions in rural towns where all hope was removed way back when? What about them? They are actual American Citizens. As are the poor people on Chicago's south and west sides where gangs kill more than the Taliban and ISIS combined.

What about them? These are fellow Americans. One can feel for how bad it is in countries like Venzuela or Honduras. But ignoring our own to festoon benefits over foreigners because they may make better voters is just sick.

It was NOT the way the founder's intended government to be.

Where the 'ruling elite' have been in office for 30, 40, 50 years and more. They come in people of modest means and leave multi miillionaires. Left wing hero Bernie Sanders has several homes, and a $200k Audi sports car.

This is a socialist who has never held a real job in his life.

This is crazy. The people know it. #WalkAway and #Blexit are for real; as the African American population bails on the Democrats wholesale. They can't count on Hispanic Americans because they are hard working, industrious and God fearing.

They have to make sure young women stay single, have multiple abortions and then when they do have children make sure they are in government control immediately. They don't want the normal male female courtship to occur.

They want children to report their gun owning parents to the teacher. That is Hitler Youth stuff.

They want you to pay more, expect far less and especially do what you're told. Here's some drugs, go find a corner and don't bother me. This is not how an honest government handles it's constituents.

Trump is not in this for himself. He was hired to do a job, to be the Vanguard, the tip of the spear. He is not the 'movement'. That began in 2008.

This man gave up a life of leisure and luxury to be called every foul name in the book, to have so many enemies and death threats that his security details are already legendary. He has had his family and name discredited and dragged in the dirt.

He has lost almost a half billion of his fortune in 20 months and dropped 138 spots on the Forbes 500 list. He is not doing this for the money.

Donald J Trump is doing this because the country was at the brink of being lost. The malefactors ready to split up the ill gotten goods; think the Iran deal and you are on the road to the truth.

The crimes committed against the people are absolutely epic in scope and number. 61,000 sealed indictments await. The same people conspired to overthrow the legally elected 45th president and then illegally resisted him ever since.

They had the ball once and didn't want to give it up. 

This alone should disqualify all of them for office. Even those who committed no crimes certainly knew of them. They all cheat the system pretty much anyway. Think congress and 'insider trading' and you'll get the idea.

They have advantages and use them.

This is 'the swamp'. The one so badly in need of being drained. The job has only just begun, and there is still China and Russia and the whole Middle East thing to sort. The last thing this president needs is to have Maxine Waters in charge of the House Finance Committee.

The Previous Occupant promised 'fundamental change'. They came very close to delivering it.

Now the possibility of restoring the country to one of full freedom, including the freedom to fail, is on hand. One where you can pack your bag, hit the road and take a chance at the American Dream.

It's why everyone wants to come here for, remember?

American voters have the clearest choice in governance since 1775. This one shouldn't be difficult. Freedom and the responsibility that comes with it. Or obedience to the state.

It really is that simple. Make sure you keep that in mind when you stand in the polling booth on Tuesday. Vote GOP and then hold their damn feet to the fire.

Vote freedom...

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GOP health: Keep government out when possible.

Monday, 5 November:

This piece will attempt to define the Achilles heel of Republican governance.

Health Care. Thanks to the ceaseless efforts of the progressive left movement, the previous administration passed the Affordable Health Care Act (AHCA). Approved on a strict party line vote, it was crafted without any GOP input.

It was a fully prepared plan written by the Tides foundation and the Apollo Alliance, the big leftist outfits who installed the man who became president. It may seem a health care plan on the surface, but with all things socialist the devil is in the details.

The dream of the CPUSA -the US communist party- has been to install a government run health care system. It isn't because they care about your health; that's not it.

It's all about control.

By giving you something 'for free' you acquiesce to their demand, which is total dependence. Like in the UK, or Canada, you have but one option. To deal with the state.

Getting something for free is nice, providing you can get it in the first place. A story highlights this:

Actor Liam Neeson was in Canada skiing with his celebrity actress wife Natasha Richardson. She had a serious accident at the Mount Tremblant resort just outside of Montreal and suffered major head trauma.

Canada has nationalized health care. The couple are fabulously wealthy; millionaires many times over. But the Canadian system rations care. The closest MRI center was not close. She was not properly diagnosed. In the US, every major ski resort has these facilities ON SITE.

By the time she was flown to Lennox Hill Hospital in NY City it was too late and she died of epidural hematoma. If this accident happens in the US she is still alive.

Socialized medicine is all about rationed care.

Remember when Sarah Palin pointed out the infamous 'death panels'? This made the left go off their rockers; they denied this six ways from Sunday. The author of this piece can tell you they most certainly DO exist.

During a routine medical procedure to install a feeding tube in an aging relative one made phone contact. Not one of the doctors involved in her care.

He urged that she be allowed to 'die with dignity', that this was a quality of life argument, and that the feeding tube was hugely invasive and dangerous. After checking with the actual doctors the truth came out.

This 'doctor' misrepresented himself, and lied about the whole affair. Her regular doctors said she was in good overall health and the operation was 'no big deal'. Relieved, the authorization to operate was given.

This didn't end it. The 'doctor' called back in a rage.

"You agreed not to do it' he shouted. To which the reply was 'her doctors said it was fine'. He prattled on for a few minutes before hanging up.

This was in early 2016. Almost three years later she is doing fine; lives in the moment but is much loved at the senior care center that is now her home. She loves the family visits and  when the dogs come with.

This anecdotal story is being shared because it delineates what's at stake. If the US has the system that the UK and Canada does this precious life is gone.

To the left, her value is minimal. They put a curve on who gets care; the most vulnerable is the very young and the very old. They also have the least 'societal value' to the left; they prefer to center their care on productive 35 year olds.

This is a fact. They may scream when confronted on it, but it IS what they believe.

Waits for medical care in these government run states can take months for minor care and years for major surgery. Many die waiting.

Just like the Veterans Administration. You all remember that scandal. Bureaucrats were rewarded while combat veterans died without care.

What the GOP wants to do, and has been historically poor at explaining it, is reduce the costs of medical care. When the government is involved everything gets more expensive, and the delivery of the service more clumsy and burdensome.

The plan, simply, is this:

Allow insurance to be competitive by making the market nationwide. Give Medicare money to states in bloc grants, to be dispersed by their own needs. Remove barriers of getting cutting edge drugs to market.

In short, use the competition of the free market to bring down prices and improve service.

The single accomplishment of the previous administration is winning the argument that government be involved in the delivery of health care in the first place. They spent all of their capital,and installed a monstrosity that was deliberately destined to fail in AHCA.

But they did prove one thing: When you 'give' something away 'for free' taking it back is literally impossible. This caught those who are fiscally aware in a trap, which they are still in.

The only thing keeping this midterm election close is health care. The Dems will clean up in markets that see this as a defining issue. To this moment the GOP has not put up a good fight on this other than to assure people 'pre-existing conditions' will be covered.

The smarter folk out there will see past the Democrat proposals. They are not only weak, but generally assertions with no promise of delivery. Just 'sign here'; or as Pelosi famously said, 'sign it so we can then read it'.

Like controlling your exhales by passing CO 2 taxes. It's always the same thing.


This is a free country. A constitutional republic. If one is going to have the government involved in the middle of health care a small footprint is desired. Oversight and smart regulation will be a key ingredient.

However, unless you want some panel you never see or meet to have power over you or your family resisiting the socialized model is very important.

This issue requires trust from the voter. The GOP wants the public to determine things; not them. It is just the opposite on the left. The conservative path forward is to work with the people to deliver an efficient product.

It is YOU who will determine where it goes and how expensive it is through the future ballot box. But if the AHCA is saved, it will be expanded and made permanent by any future Dem takeover.

Trust is a valuable resource in short supply. Just keep in mind once control is ceded it is really hard to regain...


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Trump and Bannon: Trust the Plan.

Saturday, 3 November:

In the second part of this series leading up to the midterms the economic issue will be explained. First of all, the philosophical context must be set. Trump, along with visionary Steve Bannon, are adherents to something called 'The Fourth Turning'.

The Wiki page is relatively straight forward. Recommend reading and learning it's fairly simple constructs. To wit:

It is easy for any sentient being to see that the world is heading towards some sort of apocalyptic doom. The media preaches endless nihilism every day. 'Slouching Towards Gomorrah', as Robert Bork once wrote.

This is done to inculcate a sense of futility; to make one just shrug their shoulders and give up. 'You can't beat city hall' as the saying goes.

The world is drowning in debt. The World Debt Clock has it at about $73 trillion. That's right.

Trillions, like in so much dough that there ain't enough paper to print the money to pay it with.

Asset bubbles are everywhere. US commercial real estate scarily overvalued. This has happened over the last 30 years or so as the US started redistributing it's wealth; selling most of our gold.

It is a terrible period, and every president since Reagan is culpable. The US is a major debtor nation and the Red Chinese hold a lot of our debt. This meant they could literally rape our business sector because we had no leverage over them anymore.

'Leverage' is key here. Read the economic manifesto above. Right next to 'self interest' which is classic objectivism. Ayn Rand done proud.

If the opposition -and you know who they are- manage to pull together their alliance it will mean third world status for most who read this.

Therefore the people we hired are setting all this straight. The busy little beavers have just about devastated the regulation state. It is, like the progress on the judiciary, just epic.

This and the tax cut got a stalled economy going. The Previous Occupant likes to take credit and for what it's worth here it is: he tried mightily to destroy it but was incapable of doing so.

His modest 2% growth for 8 years was a chokehold on an economy kept afloat by zero percent money. Big banks got filthy rich loaning each other money and then buying credit swap default derivatives.

However, despite their best efforts, something called 'fracking' -hydraulic fracturing- was invented, and on private land only did the oil boom take off. This is what saved their rear ends from a recession. Oil saved the day again; their gambit of a 'carbon tax exchange' also knocked down. 

That's right. The petrodollar, became based on either selling off debt for a profit or used to swap carbon emission credits for cash donations.


Gold reserves fled the country. No audits of either Ft Knox nor the Manhattan Fed allowed. Ask Rand Paul for details.

This all had to change. It is as we speak.

The corporate tax cut allowed hard cash assets to return to the country. The repatriation is huge, and it's in largely precious metals; perhaps in the $14 trillion mark. This hedges the country against any attempt to crash the world fiancial system.

Don't discount it. The big money man behind them is the infamous George Soros who has destroyed currencies before; he is well known as the 'man who killed the British Pound'.

The net is busy scrubbing the more salacious stuff on him, but this is what's important. Read and know the foe:

It is under all this information one has to get up to 30,000 feet and take a look. Now all of a sudden the tariffs on China, the new 'USMCA' or 'NAFTA reboot'if you will, look al lot better.

The whole ethanol subsidy. Ordinarily this is absurd; corn should be a foodstuff and not a fuel (biomass is better) but it makes sense. China had returned the favor; targeting US farms in Trump country with higher tariffs.

Oddly enough they ended up putting tariffs on their own products: The Chinese tariff on pork hits the world's largest pork producer, Smithfield. Guess who owns them?

If you said 'China' help yourself to an Oreo.

This subsidy will help our farmers temporarily while the issues with China are sorted.

His buddy Premiere Xi is anxiously awaiting. He, too is intersted in the midterm results. As is Putin, whom Trump is meeting with on 11/11. Not that the numbers mean anything.

Do they? Better ask Q or decoding expert Lisa Mei Crowley. Perhaps an answer would be forthcoming.

Simply put, the United States was facing insolvency. Our assets would be gobbled up at discount prices by the very people who stole us blind in the first place. The Soros example is very apt, indeed.

Trump is busy putting us back on an operational footing. A sovereign nation must  have borders, as you see with the caravan, but is must also have access to it's own resources. China was putting our steel and aluminum companies out of business.

Then replacing it with lower grade product. Their steel is $150 a ton. Our superior quality is $300.

We were making our military craft with Chinese steel. Are you good with that?

Then in a crisis where are you going to get it if you cannot produce it? See the point?

The world will have a reboot. It's coming; the debt on the $73 trillion goes up a LOT with these Fed increases.  Something was, and is bound to happen. The big deal is that the Trump team knows this, understands it, is prepared to deal with it.

Oh, and win it, as well.

This is a blind faith argument. You have to buy into the 'bigger forces are involved than I really understand' mode. It isn't just $73 trillion, it's the winners and losers and division of the spoils.

One side want them seized and centrally controlled. The other wants to repatriate them to the citizens who created the wealth so they can control their own destiny. Once again, from the brilliant Ayn Rand:

 It's all there,out in the open. Plain to see...



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Trump and Kim: No more missiles in the sea of Japan.

Friday, 2 November:

Over the next four days this site will tackle the major issues of our day and why a vote to keep the Trump team in control of congress is important.

Let's look at Foreign Policy first.

This is the rubric in which all other issues should be seen; we are but one planet. Having a harmonious one is eminently desirable. Since the end of World War II it has been largely about American hegemony.

The defeat of Nazism was followed by the conquest of Soviet communism. This left a vacuum that ended up being filled by Islamic terrorism and the so called 'war on terror'. Now how one can have a war against a tactic is kind of bizarre, but that became the norm.

The roots of the war were never really discussed, nor was any type of actual solution. 

Just invade more countries, spend more money and leave chaos in your wake. Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen all have become more or less failed states, and Afghanistan has been the longest war in US history.

It is heading for a settlement with the same hated Taliban we went after in 2001.

Nuclear proliferation was also an issue, as Iran and N Korea were racing each other to see which radical regime could secure a nuclear arsenal first. The previous administration struck a deal with the mullahs in Iran that was very nice for all involved.

They get money, sanctions lifted, a pathway to a nuclear weapon at some point. The west gets some very nice business deals and access to Iranian oil.

The EU, and officials in the previous administration were all rewarded financially from this. They did NOT like when the president pulled out of the so-called 'treaty'. It wasn't, you see, because the congress would never approve it.

Just like the 'Paris Accords' on climate change. 

That wasn't a treaty either. An 'agreement'. One that would send tens of billions of US taxpayer money to unelected bureaucrats to be redistributed as they see fit. An 'agreement' that put severe controls on US industry while allowing China and India to pollute as always.

It was, and is, a scam.

When Trump got in office he went right away to re-sort the world order. NATO and the EU are corrupt parasites; they had US protection, had tariffs on our products, and yet cozied up to adversaries for any advantage they could get.

Germany was the worst offender, but not the only one.

He went to the Middle East and forged a new set of alliances that would isolate Iran and the Shia (and Sunni Wahabbist) crazed ideologies. Then he met with China and lured them into the N Korea trap.

Everyone has known that the Chinese use the hermit kingdom as a proxy; they rattle the sabers while China quietly builds it's military. But Trump intuitively knew that if he could get Kim Jong Un alone, he could sell him on US influence and a path to the Free World.

That by starting a dialogue between the North and the South would end up sidelining the Chinese. That is exactly what is going on.

Haven't seen any missiles landing in the sea of Japan lately, have you?

He has also set up new deals with Mexico and Canada. The media lies to you about this too; they say it's 'basically NAFTA with a few tweaks'. Hardly.

It opens Canada to our logging industry, not just the dairy. It prohibits the third party import of Chinese steel for autos built in Ontario. All they got out of it was an independent review for greivance.

Mexico cleaned up. Their leaders were besides themselves with joy. US auto makers will have to pay Mexican workers $16 an hour, which is a fortune down there. It instantly created a middlle class.

The big loser? China. They can't dump their steel anymore.

Meanwhile the administration has peeled Italy (and to an extent the UK) from the EU. He has just now singled out the 'troika of terror'; Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba as the incipient communist threats they are.

There is also the FISA documents with proof of malfeasance by 'allies' who conspired to take down a legally elected President. They are still quaking in their boots over being revealed; it could topple their governments.

There is a lot of business that will occur as soon as the midterms are over.

Simply put, Donald Trump is trying to remake the world as well. He has repatriated $14 trillion to the US treasury and is getting the country ready just in case the globalists strike back with a financial crisis.

He sees a world where sovereign nations deal with each other fairly, and from a position of strength. It is an intoxicant to the lesser nations who have been traditionally taken advantage of.

In short, he's a businessman, and business is good...


The economy


This site would love to bring a better product to our readers; an improved platform that is more interactive is in the works. It is more expensive, and since the site is self funded any and all aid would be appreciated. Every penny will go towards this goal.

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