The Letter to Pelosi: Sure, you all can go- IF you fly commercial.

Thursday, 17 January:

On Monday the newly re-minted Speaker of the House 'disinvited' the President to deliver the State Of The Union speech 'while the government is still closed'.

She was heralded by the media as a 'fighter' who 'took it to the president' and 'proved his match'.

Cut to Tuesday afternoon.

As the USAF bus was on the way to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland the news hit. The Dem caucus was looking forward to some fine dining and Trump bashing in Brussels with their EU masters when the word came.

'Turn the bus around!' 

It turns out the 45th president feels both sides need to feel the pain of the shutdown. If his speech is not suitable than neither is this junket. And yes, it is a 'junket'; forget the Afghanistan locale; it would be a few hours at Kandahar Air Base.

No, the majority of the time would have been in Brussels where they could be feted with fine food and wine while going 'tut tut' about Trump to their EU puppet masters. One more thing, too.

It would have kept Pelosi out of the country past the next payday, as the slavish media continues to spin tales of woe about GS-13's who alll of a sudden can't pay their nannies.

This was the brilliant response to the SOTU cancellation; for 24 hours everyone waited for some sort of word from the mercurial Commander in Chief. Nothing came.

Then this, just as they were on their way. Insiders say the 'ConDel' or 'congressional delegation' were fit to be tied. Dozens of angry phone calls were made to the Pentagon and to the Commander at JB Andrews.

They did not take this well at all.

There is an old French proverb: 'Revenge is a dish best served cold'. This was just about as 'chill' as it gets. Better yet, they knew this was not only a just revenge but they shouldn't be leaving in the first place.

Like their little soiree' in Puerto Rico last week. Porky Bob Menendez, whose taste in women leans to teenagers was photographed on a sunny San Juan beach hitting on a female easily 40 years younger. Then they all joined 130 lobbyists to attend the road show of 'Hamilton'.

This played very poorly back here, where their first effort was to blame FOX news for the 'bad optics' everyone saw. Meaning it doesn't matter what they do. All that really does matter is they are not held accountable for any of it.

Not to be deterred, they were all looking forward to this trip. Joining Pelosi on the trip were such favorites as Elliot Engel (D, NY) and of course the ubiquitous Adam Schiff (D, Ca). They all disembarked the blue USAF bus in a huff.

It was absolutely beautiful to see.

Forget the reasons behind it, or this shutdown that is roiling the establishment. Just glory in the fact that these people are actually being held accountable; they are getting the same treatment the private sector would get.

Their little worlds were ruined, if only temporarily. 

The media continues the fictions that this is hurting the president; it is absolutely taking the Dem opposition apart. Their base went into a full on rage over this; CNN spent hours over the 'how dare he' meme.

Not that they could become even more 'enraged', though. They are permanently 10 on a 10 scale. 

As predicted here a while back, the longer this thing plays the worse it becomes for the opposition. Denying border security may play well with the Soros crowd and the Trump haters. But it does nothing to open the government.

The clock ticks. Soon there will be some real issues as airport ATC's and other government infrastructure starts to fray. There are plans to use military to supplement, and quite frankly the Trump administration thinks this can go another month or so.

IF necessary.

To the detractors out there this is seen as childish behavior from a man they feel both incompetent and criminal. To the supporters, though this is manna from Heaven. Payback on an epic scale to a government that cares only about itself and their money flow.

This president is making the latter argument a whole lot better than they are.

So, what's next? To those in the Q universe, this is simply a forerunner to the series of 'Booms' coming in the next couple of weeks. The Huber report is to be on Mark Meadow's desk no later than 5PM next Monday. To wit:


The best news?

That is just the beginning. Much more to come...




Defending the indefensible: Illegal caravan on it's way waving the Honduran flag.

Wednesday, 16 January:

The New Year has brought much of the same old thing.

The midterm House election, in which big donor special interests purchased -or one more correctly should say  'rented' for two years- has put a belligerent opposition into a position of power it intends to use.

For better or worse.

This incredibly fragile coalition, which includes pro gun/anti abortion types like Connor Lamb and hard core left wingers such as Ocasio-Cortez is going to be a difficult chore even for a political animal like newly re-minted Speaker Pelosi.

Getting any cohesive legislation out of this rabble will be virtually impossible; their first order of affairs a progressive/left wish list that would make a Sandanista blush. It includes gun control, climate change, higher taxes, and as a sop to their new pals the neocons more hatred towards Russia.

It will all be DOA on Capitol Hill.

All they have managed to do is turn a questionable victory into a government shutdown. The victory was gotten by nebulous means and cannot be duplicated. Therefore they have but two years to advance their issues.

So what do they do? Dig in on not securing the southern border to force the government to re-open. If that seems like a really poor bargaining position to the average reader, well, it is.

However, the looney base of their party is united in opposition to All Things Trump, and really don't care much if MS-13 is murdering their neighbors. Complicating this is the simple fact that all of these people have voted for walls (or barriers; semantics is huge in this issue) and every expert agrees some construction is needed.

Everyone except George Soros, who owns the Democrat party lock, stock, and smoking barrel.

He wants the US to cease being a sovereign nation. This pairs up with the narrow issue of replacing voters lost to Trump with illegals, and the cheap labor appeals to big business. This explains the bizarre alignment of the hard left and global capitalists.

None of this is any surprise to the regulars who visit this site.

Nor is the government shutdown. Long anticipated by POTUS and his inner circle, he vowed last year after he signed the omnibus spending bill with no border security funds that he would not do it again.

Simply put, this is a fight the president clearly wanted.

The same people who do not want our borders enforced scream bloody murder at the notion of not defending the Iraq/Syria border. Or the 38th Parallel (DMZ) in Korea. Most Americans do not know that there are still 35,000 troops in Germany.

Why? They sense zero threat from Russia, and that was the whole reason for this deployment.

Without getting too deep in the weeds on this issue, it is clearly one that plays well to the 45th president. As the country continues to crumble from decades of neglect, people see this projection of US power as at best a relic of a different age.

At worst it is sending our kids to be the cannon fodder for EU elite.

When the president sent these same forces to the Mexican border they screamed like they had been disembowled alive. How dare he keep Honduran migrants from their constitutional right to invade the country illegally and receive aid and comfort tax paying citizens are not offered.

If you all are having trouble squaring this circle don't feel bad. Any sentient life form would see these inherent contradictions as impossible to reconcile.

Once again, as has been the rule of the last 24 months, President Trump has the whip hand. The government is now in it's 26th day of shutdown. Cleverly designed to leave as little negative impact as possible much of this time they were all off on holiday anyway.

Not to mention it is a partial shutdown. Non essential services only.

Here's where it gets really interesting. It seems after 30 days of a shutdown something called 'RIF', or 'reduction in force' becomes a possibility. It means exactly what it says. The government can, after 30 days, begin to formulate a plan to reduce the size of government.

If one wonders why the Democrats are getting really edgy about all this, this is why:


The Democrats have gotten high praise for recapturing the House. Their speaker did what she does best; organize, raise money, demonize the opposition, and ride herd over the bizarre accumulation of her caucus.

However, she has never been smart at strategy; indeed the whole 'resist' movement is anchored fully in the 'today' and never thinks about what the future holds in store. This president, who has toyed with this role for more than 30 years, most certainly does.

In plain English he wanted this, planned for it, and will take every advantage he can.

They were forced into a corner which he knew they would take the short term view. To the great unwashed of their party, 'Orange Man Bad' is all they can process, so therefore denying him a 'victory' on the wall was a non starter.

If they had any real brains they would have given in and called the bluff. Force a vote on DACA and other pet projects. But that would be 'cooperation' with Bad Orange Man.

So they choose embracing hordes from Central America as four US servicemen are blown to bits in Syria. This is a good optic for them?

In short, Trump is winning this whole issue hands down. He's a bright and involved man with a solid cadre around him.

The opposition? Not so much. They only excel at mouth foam and other pathetic displays.

Meanwhile, the confirmation hearings on Bill Barr as new AG are going just fine; they mistake a former swamp denizen as 'one of the club'. His answer?

At 68 years old he no longer has any concern of a future career and wants to see justice done. His selection another excellent pull by POTUS and his advisers. He will gladly assist the DoJ and other agencies reform and return justice to the people.

A coda any patriot would love to have.

Oh, there is a new caravan trying to push across the Guatemalan border. Numbers range from 1500 to 3,000 but more are on their way. An 'organizer' was already on FOX saying 'this is NOT organized or paid for', which of course means exactly the opposite.

The enemies of this country -not 'Russia', either- are intent on their plan to turn the US into a socialist third world hellhole ruled by globalist concerns and will stop at nothing.

Except one Donald J Trump and his core of America first patriots. They will not only stop them, but will destroy their movement and imprison their leaders.

It won't happen overnight. But happen it will... 


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India-China border. Troops and barricades.

Wednesday, 9 Jaunary:

The big moment has passed.

The 45th President spoke to the nation from the Oval Office, a rare event that usually portends a major event. This was not only no different, but it was a major event even by those standards.

The speech was only 9 minutes.

In true Trumpian style, it was far more about the buildup rather than the delivery. He has a knack for baiting his opposition; to allow them to project their actual sins on it rather than cool their heels and await the outcome.

He could have simply tweeted this had he wanted it to be about the message. However, in classic style, the opposition served up a heaping helping of their guilt for two solid days. Fearing they would be fully exposed, they instead indicted themselves.

You see, this wasn't about the wall, really.

It was about who owns the progressive movement and their minions in the media. The villain in this operetta the Hungarian billionaire who sees the US as the enemy of the world, namely George Soros.

The same Soros who pumped $32 billion into his 'Open Society Foundation' and that money has filtered into every level of the US democratic system. By comparison, Russia's 'meddling' in the electoral process was a drop in the proverbial bucket.

His desire to have the United States as an egalitarian, open society flies in the face of all reality. It says nothing about aspirations of the other nations. Red China, for instance, shares nothing with this vision.

In short, this is simple brain dead liberal progressive ideology being used to cow a nation into subservience. 

These are people who see freedom as fascism, and totalitarianism as the guarantor of liberty.

It is a living, breathing contradiction. So much so that any attempt at rational discourse turns to emotional invective almost immediately. How does one tell a member of 'AntiFa' that their very existence is fascism, pure and simple?

That Donald Trump, as rugged an individual as the US has ever produced, desires to be a dictator. The obvious fact that he is actually transferring power back to the people is utterly ignored.

Most of the squealing about his policies is the deregulation of UN desired mandates over control of natural resources. They want the pond in your backyard controlled by the government.

Not to mention taxing every exhale you make.

Who's the fascist here? The UN/Globalist alignment or the group of people who have banded together over the last decade to stop them?

Now, key to all this is the notion of a sovereign nation. In simple terms, you either have established, defensible borders or you don't. The ones that do, like China, have highly militarized borders. 

Just like their pals the North Koreans. No free movement there.

Yet the same politicians who gladly take the Soros money -and his billions are well distributed among them- are just fine with these neo-fascist states. Some of them, like the Senior senator from California, not only has deep financial ties with China but also had a chauffer for over a decade who was a Chinese spy.

Google and creator Eric Schmidt were very tight with the cabal in Beijing. So much so they even created the 'Chinese Google' code named 'Dragonfly'. This was a planned replacement for the western model, which allows far too much political resisitance.


It was all 'destroyed' by a mysterious fire a couple months back. How convenient.

This is the backstory to the president's speech on Tuesday. Lacking any coherent arguments against, they shamelessly play the emotion card; it's all about the sick babies and abused women and anything they can dredge up to appeal to guilt.

If one mentions criminal illegals and their crimes against US citizens they are called, of course, 'racist'.

This is a simple equation, and POTUS played this card perfectly. The whining from the government about not getting paid isn't lost on the masses; they know these people will get every penny back.

It's a paid vacation, more or less. Something not available to the average citizen.

This is so much more than just a wall being constructed on the southern border. This is an argument for a free, and just United States. What Trump has done is wrap a bow around the entire issue of why he became president in the first place.

The opposition wants open borders for a myriad of reasons; namely cheap labor (big business), newly minted voters to replace the hemorrhage of African Americans fleeing the Dems, to increased social security revenue, sought by both parties.

America's adversaries want them for an entirely different reasons.

Unfettered migration destroys sovereign states. Resources must be diverted. This allows them to conquer us without firing a shot, particularly once we've been disarmed. Which the new congress is intent on doing.

This is all being engineered by the Previous Occupant and his globalist cadre.

They don't care if this country spirals into third world status; indeed this is a desired outcome. They have hundreds of millions stashed in Iran to pay for their comfortable retirements abroad.

That $5.7 billion in cash was in untraceable bills. It was hidden from congress and the American people. 


It guaranteed ISIS and the Syria crisis would continue. That the attempts to start a world war to cover their crimes would also occur.

All of this nonsense has been stopped dead in it's tracks. The border wall a key ingredient in the fact that it represents turning back this whole evil operation. It is a 'harbinger' of change.

The progressives know this. It's why they fight it with every ounce of their fiber. If the construction starts, they know they have lost. Same with the Mueller investigation, which is why they don't care about what is found- they know he didn't commit a crime- but about keeping it open at all costs.

This president has been playing 4D chess since he got in office.

He has them over a barrel. These government employees vote almost exclusively Democrat, as many of them are unionized. Others are highly paid political appointees. They want their money.

Being put out of work because their benefactors don't want to keep hordes of illegals storming the border isn't something they can abide by. You can be certain their Representatives are getting blistered over this.

The meeting in the west wing on Wednesday only made it worse. They dug in on the wall, and demanded government be re-opened. Trump walked out on them.

So, here we are.

The silver lining? If you believe in the admonitions of the 'QAnon' universe, this shutdown gives POTUS much lateral room to move in the implementation of 'The Plan'. Perhaps you have noticed how smooth things are going inspite of this event.

They have planned this for months. 

Trump wanted this showdown. He wanted them to out themselves as exactly who they are, and what they believe.

On that level this is a dramatic success...


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Eponymous poster: No brag, just fact.

Thursday, 3 January:

The Holidays are over, the new congress is sworn in and now the real fun begins.

For the better part of the last two years, the Trump administration has toyed with the opposition which was thoroughly rejected after 24 years of globalist, 'America Last' rule. The table was set; the powers that be and their allies in the media had the people prepared.

Or so they thought.

The 45th president had different ideas, and has spent the last 24 months elucidating them to the whole world. Gone were notions of endless wars, restrictions on basic freedoms, diminished job opportunities and the inevitable slide to second or third world status.

Instead, the exact opposite occurred.

This was not in the plan. The world had different ideas; they quite liked the United States as their farm and source of military protection. Not to mention the hundreds of billions drained from the US taxpayers to fill their coffers.

All of this was stopped dead in it's tracks.

The worldwide consortium, realized here by the so-called 'deep state' did what all empires under threat do. They struck back. Using the unlimited funds stolen from the people during the zero percent 'quantitative easing' period, they literally bought the House.

In Orange County California the GOP candidate for governor won by 9%, it wasn't close. Yet every congressional candidate lost. Tech billionaires like Tom Steyr pumped millions in these contests; getting homeless and even illegal aliens 'ballot harvesting' to run the table.

In contrast, one GOP candidate in N Carolina did the same thing, and the media behaved like it was the sin of the century.

Of course California changed it's electoral laws to allow this prostitution of democratic vote.

So now, they have sworn in their bought cabal. The tens of billions netted them a 40 seat margin, and they are feeling all fat and sassy.

This is the ultimate illusion.

In fact, it couldn't be a better scenario for this audacious commander in chief. This 'victory' by the progressive movement, could be the pyrrhic victory of all time. So far, by using both the Art of the Deal and the Art of War, he has succeeded in having the opposition define itself.

You see, he knows them. Knows who, and what, they are.

On the other hand they think him a simpleton, a buffoon. 'Orange Man Bad', more or less. This mistake is huge, defining and fatal.

It's why no matter what spin you hear from the media the man is still winning. The government shutdown is not only in his interests but he's planned for this for months. The government will continue to run smoothly; so far the occasional plugged toilet in a National Park is the only story the media can dig up.

The essential services will continue.

Oh, and the vast majority of the 900,000 workers laid off are Democrats. The whole area around DC is populated by highly paid bureaucrats who vote big government at every opportunity.

They are decidedly not happy about not being paid over a dispute over border security with Mexico, and are letting their representatives know it, too.

Yet incoming speaker for the Dems and her caucus think they have won some earth changing battle. That somehow the public is demanding a return to the slow decline the last four presidents brought about.

More urban decay like the water situation in Flint Michigan, perhaps. Or burgeoning homeless populations in Seattle or San Francisco. Throw in sanctuary cities for good measure. Does anyone really think there is a demand for this?

Or to send our 19 year olds to be blown to bits by someone in the Middle East? Just to protect the oil supplies to Europe, or even worse guarantee a healthy crop of Poppies in Afghanistan?

We are somehow 'abandoning our traditional allies'. 

As the saying goes: 'with friends like this', well, you know the rest. Germany pays nothing, really, their NATO contributions do NOT go to operational readiness, yet they negotiate with the Russians to buy their natural gas.

This is what is being sold to the American people.

Fortunately, never fear. Trump is here. With associates, of course. Not a one man show, you know. That said, he is sitting in the ultimate catbird seat right now. The opposition, blinded by their hate, thinks they have some sort of upper hand now.

They don't. As a matter of fact this whole situation favors him and he knows it.

Why is there a shutdown in the first place? Over a needed barrier on the southern border? The same people have ZERO problem defending the Iran/Syria border. How does one square THAT circle?

The longer this drags on the more they have to defend that which is indefensible. Not to mention all of those GS-13's at HHS not getting their $95 grand.

Lost in all this commotion was the Wednesday press conference the president had. Laying on the table in front of him was a simulated movie poster with a photo of Trump on it. It said, simply, 'Sanctions are coming'.

Devotees of the Qanon universe caught on immediately. Sanctions on Iran? Most surely.

However, 'sanctions' has another meaning as well. From Wiki:

Dual meanings abound in the Trumpian universe. There are all of those sealed indictments, you know. Not to mention hard evidence of malfeasance by the previous administration.

So, to all who believe that the opposition, with it's glued together mob of bought dogs in the House can somehow put their derailed train back on the tracks, well, good luck with that.

To others, those far more aware, they know that the fun is just beginning, and are ready to enjoy the ride. 2019 will be very interesting, indeed.

One thing is for sure. President Donald J Trump isn't going away anytime soon, and for that we all will be grateful. Just for the sheer exhilaration of watching them squirm when the light of truth shines upon them.

It's gonna be a good year no matter what they try to do to stop it...


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Melania agrees: 'tis the time of the year.

Tuesday, 18 December:

There is a LOT of items flooding the news. So much so, that they are walking all over themselves looking for a way to advance, or subvert, a narrative.  Michael Cohen is so last week.


As much as the pro Iran crowd would just love the public to marry that story it just gets swamped by the torrent. The 'resist' movement to the 45th president is unloading it's arsenal. Last week his lawyer, this week his former National Security Director.

Next week? The dismantling of his foundation. Like many rookie campaigns it made mistakes on what events were campaign related and ones that weren't. Checks get written from the wrong accounts. The Previous Occupant misreported $8 million.

They were fined $375K and given a written reprimand. No big deal.

Somehow an MSNBC host thinks this is going to cause Trump to resign 'in weeks'. Keep in mind this: the Trump organization tried to shut this down two years ago and SDNY (New York) wouldn't allow it.

No, they just now let it dissolve. Nice timing.

The amounts haven't been mentioned but they are believed to be less than the last lot's was. The children are not in threat of jail. These are all minor issues in the scheme of things. But Trump is so hated by his foes that they are transfixed.

They have to react with emotion constantly. This requires constantly finding new insults, as it were. Doesn't have to be an action. Can be a possible thought crime that never happened either.

Minds obsessed with hatred become pretty twisted places.

Yet he soldiers on; today signed a school protection act that has some teeth to it, along with the ban on so-called 'bump stocks'. Infamous for being used in the Las Vegas massacre last year, a Federal ban on these goes into effect in 90 days.

Some say 'bump stocks' a slippery slope; that this paves the road to gun confiscation. But consider this: these contraptions, which are utterly useless unless you need suppressing fire to advance on an enemy position, are a clever sacrifice.

The public can wrap their arms around 'no machine guns' and say 'no'. This could be far more of a 'line in the sand'; those things are no good but semi automatics are perfectly acceptable.

This brilliant move used a device with no real value to build a 'wall' around the rifle. Well done.

Much is made of the Michael Flynn affair.

There is a lot of excellent analysis out there if you care to look. Suffice to say that things are not as they seem. Had he walked today an NDA (non disclosure agreement) would go into effect. 

This means he couldn't continue to cooperate with ongoing investigations. Instead, he is free to continue to 'assist' as these investigations complete. Know that some of them have NOTHING to do with the Special Counsel's office.

Today the government acknowledged he 'is not a traitor' . Now that may be no real surprise to the faithful, but to the Great Unwashed isn't that the whole thing? Collusion with a hostile power to subvert an election?

It's pretty obvious that some serious chess is being played. The press accounts on this are almost assuredly wrong. That wasn't a 'lunkhead move' in court. It was planned to achieve the desired result.

March seems to be a very big month, indeed. Add the good general's fate to the slate.

The border battle and looming shutdown are side show distractions. The opposition loves them because they can write about Chuck and Nancy as if they're important. More likely to be powerless placeholders as anything else.

Trump is very good with the shutdown because he can show the people how much they don't need the 900,000 furloughed employees. All of whom will be eventually repaid every penny.

The money for the wall drives home how craven the opposition. People saw the hordes storm the Honduran border with Mexico. The others rushing the gates in Tijuana.

$5 billion is a rounding error in a $4 trillion budget. But the fury directed at it's use exposes the open borders crowd. Both parties, too.

So, once again, the media makes the president's argument for him by attacking him. It is perverse, but it does work. You can't be secure without a wall. It's kind of why they exist in the first place.

He'll take that argument any day.

Those impatient for the other shoe to drop must take heed: There is a LOT going on and the resistance is FIERCE. They may be somewhat delusional but they do understand the threat. This isn't being fought for entertainment reasons.

Although it does have that merit from time to time.

You see, very little makes sense unless this 'plan' is both actual and realtime. Why would Donald Trump put himself and his family through this -losing almost a billion in wealth so far- unless there was some greater goal?

Why does the collected evil of the world hate him? Witches, warlocks, assorted demons and Satan himself all have sided against him. Add the Pope and you get 'bingo'.

There is so much supporting evidence to support the notion that this is a dedicated group of patriots trying to restore the Republic while avoiding a holocaust. It is Trump and Putin (along with Xi) that are preventing a conflict others seem to really desire.

None of this is hard to see if one's eyes are open at all.

So, in the spirit of the Christmas season, enjoy the camaraderie of friends and a warm hearth. Mike Flynn will be with his loved ones. Trump is going to Florida. The media will have to find yet a new calamity to try to pin on he or his administration.

They are running out of hysteria to promote. His unpaid parking violations will be next.

The truth is out there, and it cannot be contained much longer. Take a few days off of all this and take stock of what's really important. Things you want to do. Places to go. People to see.

People you want to be around. Have some fun.

This'll keep another week...


the bill signed today:



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Never saw this with the other fellow: Trump's the man.

Saturday, 8 December:

The day after the attack on Pearl Harbor was eerily quiet.

Outside of the sounds of desperate rescue attempts on the capsized USS Oklahoma as jackhammers pounded on the hull. They were hoping to get out trapped men now terribly short on breathing air.

One of the first of many unsung heroes of that war was a local civilian yard worker named Julio DeCastro. He organized a team that rescued 32 sailors. Overall, though a sense of dread fill the air, there was what Admiral Isoruku Yamamoto correctly predicted:

A 'terrible resolve'.

Once again, the American people were sadly underestimated by a deliberate foe. The country went from a second world largely agricultural society to the mightiest nation since ancient Rome in just about 44 months.

Big mistake attacking America while asleep. We historically like our leisure time, and will basically do anything to keep it. That's the price of a meritocracy; lazy and shiftless need not apply.

We'll still take care of them. Just don't import the whole world to join in.

However, these people, these Americans, have a point of no return. There does come a time when the decision to fight for not ony what you want, but what is good for your children's children.

The best way forward for the planet. It needs to be defined by personal freedom and acceptance of responsibility that goes with it, guided by a gentle, benign government.

This feeling, this ideology if you want, is rife within the growing -and it is growing fast- support for the 45th president and the worldwide movement the media desperately tries to ignore. The simple fact that the human soul yearns to be free is not a fiction.

For the True Believers among us, the idea of 'collective salvation' is not only absurd, but evilly so.  That would amount to spiritual fratricide. Dark places await.

Not good. Particularly right now, with the celebration of the Prince of Peace close at hand. The time when people of all stripes can unite in a harmony found nowhere else. It is the most precious of times because it threatens the most.

You can't commit to a secular state if you choose a Higher Authority.

You can work together with one, but only on an agreed set of rules, and that IS the 'Judeo-Christian' ethos of laws that bind us as a nation. Which, of course, is only as good as the enforcement arm that protects it.

In the United States we elect a president who's first duty is to protect the nation.

We then trust this individual to make decisions in our name to advance the commonweal of the body politic. Meaning, 'America First'. The author here will add 'Last, and Always' to the saying as well.

Call it editorializing if you want. Fine.

Over the past decades this trust has been eroded. Badly. Endless wars, profligate spending, nebulous activities with foreign subjects, an erosion of ideals and values. This was why the current president was elected against all odds.

It's a matter of trust. One of 'Q's favorite words. It means a lot of different things that all end up in 'honor'. POTUS has pledged this to the country, and if you know one thing about the man at all is he takes this stuff deadly serious.

It is the most Christian of concepts, although not exclusive to it.

If you cannot trust your neighbor, your co-worker or your government the system is in deep trouble. This is now being addressed. It explains why the people who got us all here in the first place are so desperately unhappy.

For this 'sacred trust' to exist you  still need arms and Armies to protect it.

Today our country put on it's finest display of why the US is the envy of the world. The event? The annual Army-Navy football game. One of the best athletic sporting events to be staged. 

Any great athlete can play in a SuperBowl, or World Series. But not everyone can adhere to strict military discipline, play a superb brand of football, maintain a code of conduct second to none while getting a 4.0 GPA.

In advanced curriculum; not Sociology 101.

They meet in a festive atmosphere that respects the game, the traditions, and each other. The cleanest brand of competition is always on display, the handful of penalties all minor. It is simply, a symbol of America at it's finest.

These kids, soon to be soldiers and sailors are also America's future. They also act the quintessential American; in spite of the spit and polish there was plenty of hooting and hollering.

The occasional goofy sunglasses on a Middy or a Cadet with the 'hang loose' hand sign snuck in. Just in case you didn't think them still college students. The energy and atmosphere are electric.

This is also because of just who was there.

The last 10 presidents have attended these games although Teddy Roosevelt attended his first one in 1903. The two acadamies have been grinding this out since 1879.

There was a difference this time. When President Donald J Trump walked out onto the field the place burst forth in a controlled, but deafening roar. Flanked by his military hierarchy and Sec Def Mattis at his side, he strolled out, well, like he owned the joint.

One thing was readily apparent: 

He was among friends. That was obvious. To say this particular president is beloved by his military is a massive understatement. THEY are the reason he's there in the first place. They know instinctively that he is there for them, their families, and this country.

Meanwhile, a superb and exciting game was there for all fans of the sport.

Army moved the ball well but had trouble scoring against a flexible but still tough Navy defense. Army showed quickness and agility; their pursuit on defense the highlight. Lot's of future Ranger and Green Beret officers on that field.

Navy had a great story as well. Linebackers Hudson Sullivan and Taylor Heflin are both playing their last football game. The two met at a Navy prep academy 5 years ago and have been best friends since.

They are also two of the best out there. Certainly Division 1 types with possible pro careers.

Instead these two will become Marine Corps officers. They will have a 100% chance of being deployed to a hostile region while they could have gotten a nice look at a NFL combine. 

The two combined for a big sack on Army QB Kelvin Hopkins that stopped a real TD drive.

Defensive coach Dale Pehrson simply said this of Heflin:

'He will make an excellent Marine' Of that there is little doubt, as will Sullivan.

The good stories don't stop there.

When CBS came back from break they paid tribute to retiring cameraman Neil McCaffery. Nicknamed 'Sarge', he joined the Marines in 1963 and saw combat in Vietnam.

The burly, broadshouldered McCaffery, now in his 70's, has been a fixture at CBS for 44 years and won 8 Emmys as well. CBS gave him a first class farewell. Thanks, Sarge and God bless.

Welcome home, too.

Navy made it interesting with a field goal with 30 seconds left to make it 17-10. But the Navy onside kick failed, and West Point wins for the third year in a row, Guess what else?

They will finish in the top 25 ranking of the NCAA. First time since 1996. There are BIG football schools out there that would have traded. Navy played well and acquitted themsleves beautifully.

Understand that many of these kids, among our best and brightest may either come back broken or never come back at all. 

This is 'Trump's America', it is our America. The one the Founders envisioned, sharp, motivated, dedicated and ready to lead. What has made us the envy of the world. Why we take more immigrants than any other nation because they WANT to avail themselves of this.

This Christmas season is a time for many things. 

To rejoice in the message of 'Peace on Earth', for sure. To understand that although goodness is expected, evil does indeed exist. That vigilance is required, and that a common thread has to unite us.

The country was on the verge of losing that thread.

No longer...


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