Tuesday, 26 Feb:

He calls them 'the enemy of the people'.

These of course would be the multimedia conglomerates. He, naturally, would be the 45th president of the United States. As he has stated on multiple occasions.

They chafe at this description but do very little to actually counter it. In fact, they reliably go along with their corporate donors and do their bidding. That, of course has resulted in the 'double down' strategy.

If that's what you want to call it.

Strategies involve much more than rote resistance, but there you have it. No matter what they do, no matter how ridiculous the attempt/hoax is, they will insist on being right no matter what. No matter how overwhelming the evidence may be.

This culminated in the now infamous Jussie Smollett case.

He's obviously guilty of the whole thing, and has lied badly to cover it up. But the media is going to try to facilitate some sort of exit ramp for him. It won't work, and he is going to be tried, convicted, sentenced, and put in prison.

As deserved. However, there will never be an admittance of guilt, just the tired cries of 'racism' and all the other inevitable 'isms'.

There is the abortion issue which has now become a race to see who can legalize infanticide fast enough. Now, if one is a cynic perhaps, seeing the pressure on Planned Parenthood is hurting their efficacy somebody has to supply fetal tissue.

After all, there are aging billionaires and ancient judges who need their Mengele type treatments. Must keep that ball rolling you know. Think this is a joke, do you?


It isn't. And the blood has to come from somewhere. Maybe this is all legit transfusions from healthy young volunteers. Then again.

There's adrenochrome. This is particularly nasty business. From the Wiki page this:

Adrenochrome (alternatively called Neuromelanin) is a hallucinogenic drug suspected to have been used in Project MKUltra. Like Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), Secret Cold War experiments tested various drugs during unethical human experimentation in the United States.

And look what pops up? Yep, MkUltra.

Where they harvest this is the real terror, and that is exactly what it is, the adrenal gland being tapped during extreme fear. Quite a thriving business, from what one hears. So, seeing New York, California and Virginia dive right into the pure infanticide issue fully bypassing abortion itself isn't that much of a surprise.

These aborted babies are worth a small fortune. Project Veritas exposed them undercover bargaining for a Lamborghini as a possible reward. Over a nice chilled chablis.

And they call who 'Nazis'?

Do not doubt this. Do some research and connect the dots. They lead, fairly quickly too, to a obvious but dreadful conclusion. We allow the unborn to be harvested as a commodity, and it is very precious to those who demand it.

This observer would refuse it if offered. Never trade 'time' for 'eternity', if you catch the drift.

This isn't even mentioning POTUS in Hanoi (sealing the deal) to then meet with Xi after the successful trade talks. Or meeting Comrade Kim tomorrow. The Dems have put on the Michael Cohen show on to run opposite so they can 'derail' any good news from it.

Not very classy of them. But to be expected.

Venezuela? Trump is making Pence earn his salary and arrange the coming 'exit' of Maduro. That's all being worked out behind the scenes. His 'generals' don't want to be executed as the narco terrorists they are.

Any fighting will be with the Cubans who run the place and they wouldn't last long. Assets already in place to deal with that.

No, it's the lyin' media. The ones who don't want to be called 'the enemy of the people'. If so, then stop acting like it.

So, brace yourselves. The 'mainstream media' is now officially dead. They have been replaced by us. That's right. We, the people, are now the media.

Q said so officially the other day and you can go argue with them over it. Not here. Been too right too many times. Nope, this is the real deal. Everyone out there has to become the 'new media' and to disseminate as much info as they can.

The truth will be everywhere. 

The only problem will be waking those who need to hear, and that is now the job tasked to all of us. The next month will be very dramatic, indeed. So, do your part. The winning hand has been dealt but it needs to be executed.

So much on the line. What a great time to be alive...