The White House swearing in of Justice Barrett: Simply resplendent.

Tuesday, 27 October:

First of all, an apology to the faithful readers of this site.

The ones who do not 'do' Twitter and count on the posts here for a thorough briefing. This is the crowd insiders refer to as the 'normies'; regular folk who have real lives,don't follow every twist and turn in the political landscape, and think 'Q' is just a letter in the alphabet.

To these people humble apologies are offered.

The president decided 4 years ago that Twitter was going to be the battleground he chose to fight on. His campaign focuses on Facebook, which in all fairness this reporter has little to no use for.

Just knowing that they 'own' the site so much that it drives the resist crowd crazy is enough. They are making a seven figure ad buy to get the title page. Good for them and those who get their information there.

As all of you are no doubt aware, the dialogue has been hot and heavy, and the media is in full protect Biden mode. This site was locked out of twitter for 12 hours for retweeting the breaking information on Hunter Biden and his dodgy financial dealings.

They are censoring anything that refers to the criminal activity discovered on his laptop computer. By now most of you at least know about this, if not in much detail. There is plenty of people weighing in on it; just check out The Federalist website for details.

The sheer volume of information is moving so fast that any article written here becomes, well, obsolete rather quickly. The media can lie outright because they know that the public will move on to another story within minutes.

When the facts clarify the issue they have moved on. 'Old News', they say.

This explains the paucity of articles here lately. Defending the Republic on twitter takes up a huge part of the day as 'correcting' the media spin is almost endless. An 8-10 hour day is not unusual.

No complaints, although at some point it would be nice to get this whole thing over. Nobody is getting any younger, you know.

That said, this is where we are at right now. 

First of all, forget the polls,particularly the national ones showing Biden with an 8 to 10 point lead. These polls oversample big city Democrats and undercount both Republicans and minorities.

The big news is the minority vote.

You won't hear this anywhere else, but the Trump campaign has done several things very well as far as organization goes. First of all they have a superb 'ground game'. This is the old school 'knock on doors' get out the vote thing.

The Dems, on the other hand, have basically discarded this method. They are running a 'virtual campaign' which depends on the media, both corporate and social to deliver them the vote using the virus as cover.

This is why they hate his rallies.

They thought they could use the 'pandemic' to cow him into the 'hidin' Biden' territory where the media would bury him while holed up in the White House. When he broke free from this weeks ago they went, predictably, nuts.

'He is making superspreader events', they said breathlessly.

Now, these are the same people who had no problem when AntFa/BLM were burning and looting cities. They made kind excuses for their criminal conduct. 'They have the First Amendment right to protest' when they closed down highways.

This is a misreading of the Bill of Rights.

The first amendment allows you the freedom to assemble peacefully, which is subject to the permission of the local authorities. You may petition them. They cannot refuse lawful redress.

It is NOT about allowing violent insurrection.

So, when President Trump has his rallies he calls the 'peaceful protests' to mock the Dem enablers of violence. But there is MORE to these rallies than revving up the base. What the Dems really fear, and are obsessed with now, is what these rallies net.

Simply put, he is going to key districts where he either knocked off Clinton in 2016 or came very close. They get all of the people who show up registered. They also do a thorough analysis of who they are.

Usually about 25% Democrat, and around 10% who never voted before. 

These people become part of 'the movement'. They know how many votes in the distirct and more important, how many they need. This is why the Dems now screech about the rallies and how they must be 1) not televised 2) not mentioned and 3) banned altogether.

It's also a major reason why he will win a second term.

Now you may wonder why the certainty here. It's easy. First of all, people have a tendency to re elect the president. Only Jimmy 'the peanut' Carter and Bush 41 had only one term. Gerald Ford doesn't count.

Secondly, a national poll -one that actually means something- showed people were better off today than they were 4 years ago by a whopping 56-44 margin. This depsite a pandemic that has roiled a previously wonderful economy,

In every poll he wins on the economy. People still 'vote their pocketbooks' and he will do well there, too.

Then there was the riots. They were ALL in Dem strongholds like California, Oregon, Washington, and Maryland. It was their own voters that got the torture of having their businesses -and therfore their lives- ruined.

Almost 20 million guns have been sold in the last year. Very few of these people will vote for a party that would instantly take them away. Evangelical support is even better than it was in 2016; this element is delighted by what Trump has delivered for them.

He has over 85% support from this community, they are organized and they will VOTE.

Smaller indicators include the Amish people. They are usually non political; they just want to be left alone. However they see the threat to their lifestyle and are 'all in' behind the president.

There are over 80,000 of them in Pennsylvania, they will vote en bloc for him and are never polled.


Forget the wishful thinking nonsense you hear on the media. Sure, there are some generals who don't support him. He threatens their 'endless war' scenario which paid them all well. The rank and file love the guy.

Of the First Responders he will get 90% of the support of the men in blue as he has been endorsed by EVERY major police organization including New York City and Chicago, both leftist strongholds.

He will do well with fire and ambulance, too.

Biden and the Dems? They have some real problems. Covid gave them a big boost, true. But they have some systemic weaknesses because of this. Heard much about the youth vote lately?

No. And you know why? Closing the colleges has reduced registration by 4 to 6 points on several major college campuses recently surveyed. The kids can't be corraled if they are all home.

Finally, there is the minority thing.

Rasmussen had black support for Trump literally double after last week's debate from 24 to 48 percent. Local Chicago radio report had a Democrat operator from the 15th ward -all minorities- showing 'significant' movement for Trump.

Particularly among males, who see his strength and entrepreneurial skills as lauditory. He was always admired in their community until the left told them 'Orange Man Bad' 4 years ago.

They are seriously questioning this now.

Hispanic support rivals the high Bush 43 got in 2004, which was 35%. If Trump gets that, and say 14% of the black vote this is a landslide win.

He is clearly on offense, and the Dems on defense. Biden is wasting time in Georgia. They announced a $10 million ad buy in Texas and then cancelled it. Florida and Ohio are solidly in the Trump camp.

He has a very good shot at holding the states he got last time and could add New Mexico and Colorado. He willwin Arizona, too. But he is focusing on the electoral path that worked so well last time.

Even Minnesota is in play, and if he nabs that this will all be over by Wednesday morning.

The 'red wave' just might be more likely than anyone thinks...


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His taxes are not a problem- it's THEIR riches that are.

Monday, 28 September:

Four long years has passed in what really seems like a handful of months.

In a little over 30 days the public will speak as one, and decide the fate of this Grand Republic in ways that may be unchangeable for the loser. The stakes are every bit as important as the situation is dire.

Tomorrow night the two protagonists will tangle in Cleveland for 90 minutes at 9PM Eastern.

Or not. Oddly enough, just a day before this event there is still an undercurrent of 'will he or won't he' as far as Democrat nominee Joe Biden actually showing up is concerned. The most floated excuse is his possible exposure to CoronaVirus.

The Dems already stoked this by leaking someone he just saw tested positive.

This particular chess match is about managing outcomes. It is no secret that Biden, at 77 is in cognitive decline. His recent gaffes are perfect examples. He just the other day said he began his senate career '180 years ago'.

It only seems that way, it was actually 47 years which is plenty. He also claimed '200 million have died' from the virus. Confusion with numbers is a very common syndrome among the elderly.

President Trump, a relatively youthful 72 may meander a bit but his mental abilities are as sharp as ever. On paper it seems this is no real contest. There is a multitide of reasons why they should cancel.

Seeing how they hide the REAL candidate, Deep State darling Kamala Harris from all media and only move her from fund raiser to photo op in highly controlled and scripted events, fearful of any revealing moment.

It is in this climate that Biden enters a lion's den with a King Alpha lion awaiting him.

Then again, he is a well known racontuer, a glad hander of the old school of politics. They refer to it as 'retail politics' and it is his one, and really only, true strength. It's why the Previous Occupant selected him as VP.

According to sources he soured on Biden quickly, finding him 'dense' and not a 'forward thinker'.

Perhaps if he had attended the senate more often he would have known Biden was essentially a gasbag. He will say whatever pops in his head at the moment, and if he were a Republican he would have been laughed off the stage long ago.

In fact he was back in 1988 when he first ran. His shameless lying and plagiarism was SO egregious that even Johnny Carson mocked him. To wit:

Yes, he was a laughingstock and that was when he was in a far better mental state than he currently is. It is quite obvious that he is a Trojan Horse to disguise the Harris/DS presidency which will see the Previous Lot seize power again.

This time for good.

How the president will handle Biden is going to be key. He has broadly hinted he is being 'chemically assisted' and Biden feeds this by refusing a drug test. Either way, if Biden lasts 90 minutes without descending into gibberish and/or a puddle of drool the media will declare him a victor.

Hell, Sarah Palin outdebated him in 2007 and she was fresh out of Alaska. He just isn't very bright.

Then there's THIS:

Trump has been getting prepped by both Chris Christie and Rudy Giuiliani. Christie knows the issues and Rudy knows exactly what happened in Ukraine with Biden and his son. This might give Trump the bomb to drop on him that could finish his chances.

Forget the polls. Minorities are being hugely undercounted and are breaking for Trump. He is ahead now.

No, enjoy this for the spectacle it will be and realize no matter what this event will soon be eclipsed by breaking events.

All this is really is GAME ON.

The next month is going to be historically epic...


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The biggest challenge to POTUS: the virus obsessed sheeple. Will they come to their senses?

Wednesday, 19 August:

First of all, to all the followers of this site you all may have noticed a paucity of recent posts.

This is because of several issues. One is the sheer velocity of events. Things develop, mature and fade in mere hours now as opposed to the weeks and then days of the past. Simply put, by the time an article is written, checked and published it is now ancient news.

People want the cutting edge info now.

Secondly, the real war is being fought at Twitter, which is the President's choice to do battle. This has become a 'fast and furious' affair, and this reporter spends many hours a day refuting the lies of the media and 'spreading the gospel', so to speak.

However, this site is THE headquarters of the operation; it preceded twitter and God willing, will also last well beyond it. The twitter battle is time consuming and exhausting. The sheer amount of garbage the Deep State controlled media puts forth is a torrent.

No longer content to spin the truth they now fabricate items out of whole cloth and dare you to dispute it. By the time you have cracked the fable wide open they have gotten their tens of thousands of clicks and moved on.

That story already ancient news, and it could only be hours old.

The biggest development of late is the purge at twitter of any site pertaining to 'Q' and the 'Anon' phenomenon. What was derided for months as a 'LARP' (live action role playing) game and/or a psyop is now considered an existential threat to the DS and it's operatives.

This includes many in the GOP as well.

From the obvious like Mitt Romney -he is up to his neck in the Ukraine scandal and his cult is probably involved in child trafficking- to Mitch McConnell (his wife is Chinese and so is a lot of his income) the Republican party is, as this site predicted when Trump won in 2016 not really a friend to him.

In fact they are his worst foe in many regards.

There are a multitude of them who wish him to go away; he ruined their political chances and made them unpopular in all the liberal/left corners they inhabited. They have been forced to make uncomfortable stands.

Others who come to mind are Richard Burr, Ben Sasse and Adam Kinzinger but there are plenty more. It's easier to find his allies than count his foes. Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan, Josh Hawley. Matt Gaetz, Debbie Lesko.

If there is anyone missed here, apologies upfront.

Now, the president finds himself in what they call in sports 'the stretch drive'. 74 days until the votes are cast. The polls show this a very close race with the Joe Biden/Kamala Harriis ticket with them having a built in electoral lead.

The media always speaks of the Dems 'flipping' a state; turning it from 'red' to 'blue'. Very rarely to they ever mention the possibility it happens to them. Many of the Trump supporters tell you to ignore all this; it's just propaganda.

The only real poll that means anything in on 3 November. This is true.

However, it misses the point. There is little doubt the electoral process is fluid; this site believes the president is in far better shape than the media will admit. They are obviously propagandists working at the behest of the DS and the fascist global corporations.

That said, his re election is not a 'done deal' quite yet.

The virus has changed the game. Many weak minded will gladly accept a police state for some sort of vaccination and protection from promised future pandemics. The media has done a good job of instilling fear into the populace.

At some time the president has to take on the CDC/NIH/WHO cabal which exists for two reasons: One to make LOTS of money, and two to 'control' the population. They have devilish plans for the vaccinations, and any normal person would, and should be terrified of this.

Right down to the biblical implications of the 'mark of the beast' which you will need to buy or sell anything. No joke, this very notion has been advanced by their own people. To wit:

If they can put microbots in these serums, and these people are eugenicists by their very nature then trusting them is virtually impossible. The 'resist' movement is their own worst enemy as well.

By defending -even advancing- every form of perversion they have scared a large majority of the populace into believing literally anything. The pedophile scandal a perfect example. Their own actions have given it a credibility far beyond anything the 'Anons' could ever do.

Arrogant idiots like Chrissie Teigen comes to mind but she isn't alone.

Meanwhile, President Trump juggles all this, along with the prosecution of the cabal that spied on his campaign. He has just landed a major Middle East success that is on very solid ground.

He has isolated Iran and Red China. The military is rebuilt, and his deregulatory policy is why the economy came back so quickly. The Dem mayors and governors allow AntiFa/BLM to riot openly in their cities.

The only reason the killing isn't worse is because he and ICE have decimated MS-13 in this country. They hope the voters will blame him instead of themselves. As the man says, 'good luck with that'.

This is why the whole situation is so volatile. It is the conclusion here that Donald J Trump will be re elected in November. The only unknown is will it be a squeaker that the Dems can contest or will he win in a historic fashion.

In 1972 the Weather Undrground and Black Panthers were bombing buildings and robbing banks. A far left (for the time) Democrat ticket ran against a president who never was terribly popular.

Richard Nixon ended up winning 49 states. History has a tendency to repeat itself, and the way things look now that type of victory seems more than possible. His support in the minority community is huge for a Republican.

He also has a 'silent majority' as did Nixon.

There is still plenty of time for this to break one way or another. But right now it looks quite good, indeed... 


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there is NOTHING more essential to Americans than the desire to think freely. DJT is making the Last Stand.

Monday, 27 July:

The administration of President Trump has brought one immutable fact to bear. That is the subject of freedom to speak one's mind is under a full bore attack by international global interests.

These organizations are fascist in design, although many pretend to be 'socialist' in order to fool the weak minded who actually believe this is about getting things for free by forcing others to pay for it.

This, of course, is a fiction. No government entity is invested in the redistribution of income for reasons of fairness. No, they do this because it pits one group of people against another for reasons of controi. 

The price they demand is conformity of thought.

This is the great challenge of our time. The progressive left seems comfortable thinking -and acting - in lockstep. This has always been easy to see, and never more than it is right now. Before it was more mundane, but telling, examples.

You could freely criticize any conservative or libertarian, but if you went after the Previous Occupant or his inner circle you would face a flood of excoriation and invective. No insult was too tame.

You were (choose from the following):

1) Racist 2) Homophobe 3) Xenophobe 4) Islamophobe.  An old favorite 'Anti Semite' has taken a back seat due the the left's newly found hatred of the religious Jews, many of whom now fervently support the president.

Even the Islam accusation is muted due to the support from the Saudis, Turkey, and other Islamic countries now facing peace for the first time in decades. There was never really any truths to these insults, indeed they existed for one reason, and one reason alone.

They existed solely to silence dissent.

This is more than controlling speech. This is about controlling how one thinks. The idea being if you heap shame and scorn on someone for expressing contrary thought that over time not only will the speech change but so will the underlying thought that propels it.

It is the most insidious challenge a free republic like the US has ever faced. Worse than a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor or even a dastardly plot to destroy the World Trade Center, this is aimed at the very concepts of what a free soicety hold dear.

It is happening worldwide. decided to see just how all pervasive this has become, and dispatched a team to the other side of the world to see just how bad it is.

It's every bit as bad as we thought. A trip to New Zealand brought a very interesting report. This video is about 25 minutes and is eminently worth the time. The Kiwis are very American like in their ideas and aspirations, but do not have a constitution to protect their rights.

They are subjects, not citizens like our people.

Like other western societies they are seeing their rights evaporate; indeed the very right to think freely is under attack from the state. These lovely islands, recently made internationally  famous as locales in 'The Lord of the Rings' film series, serve as a warning to all.

It is hard not to sympathize with these people; even the progressive minded ones interviewed in the Documentary were friendly, kind and open to the sharing of ideas. The chill their new government has brought to their doorstep is being felt, and they are, well, scared.

This is meant to come here as well. Only President Trump and a handful of patriots stand in the way...


 'Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose'

              -Kris Kristofferson


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Thor the dog at Field of Dreams. Dogs dream of being free, too.

Wednesday, 8 July:

This was an event too good to pass on.

After S Dakota governor Kristi Noem invited President Trump to attend the 4th of July celebration at historic Mt Rushmore the die was set. This was going to be an absolutely epic event. The timing was perfect.

After months of doom and gloom and forecasts by the 'enemedia' that an endless supply of misery was to follow this was a huge shot over the bow of the Deep State and it's allies in congress. Any doubt of this was laid to rest by the actions of the resist movement and their media entities.

Like his rally in Tulsa, he was criticized 24/7 for violating the CDC 'protocols' on the virus. The same forces that celebrated the violent rioting by AntiFa/Black Lives Matter all of a sudden 'got religion' about the spread of the COVID 19 bug.

Not settling for simple criticism, they also unleashed their dogs of war to block, harass, and otherwise cause mischief for these events. They achieved a measure of success in Tulsa, Ok. Protestors managed to block traffic and the metal detectors in front of the event.

The media basically said 'if you go you may die' the entire week prior to the event. In the end, attendance was muted, and the left gloried in the moment like pigs in a muddy wallow. Lost in all this was the fact the actual audience was in excess of twelve million. FOX had 7.7 million tune in and another 5 million watched it online.

Cut to Rapid City, South Dakota.

This event promised to be one for the ages, and it did not disappoint. The team arrived there the night before. Not fortunate enough to be one of the 7500 lucky winners of the ticket lottery really didn't matter.

What we wanted to see was the lay of the land and how the people reacted. It was everything one could have hoped for and then some. The magic of the monuments at Mt Rushmore was a given. The fireworks celebrations there were banned by the Previous Occupant for specious ecological reasons.

It was always nonsense.

That it was revived by Governor Noem was no surprise. What amazed was how the entire region came alive. Our first stop was at the 'Field of Dreams' movie set in Dyersville, Iowa. It is every bit as magical as the eponymous film that made it famous.

You just drive in, park your car, grab your mitt and take the field. The good humor and camaraderie was a pure reflection of America's past. After tossing the ball around a bit the next stop was Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

The 348 mile distance between the cities seemed nonexistent as the folk there were just as gassed as their compatriots on the west side of the state. The president was coming, it's the 4th of July and, damn it, we're the United States of America.

The best country on this planet. The enthusiasm was evident and a welcome relief from the battalions of 'Karens' back in Chicago and the oppressive local government which glories in telling you what you can't do,

Rapid City was exactly what was expected.

The excitement was palpable. Local motels were packed and charging the predictable premiums. Having brought the faithful mascot Thor the puppy, it limited some of the places to stay but made the trip that much more enjoyable.

People like strangers a lot more when accompanied by a cool critter.

That evening we joined thousands of locals in the Rapid City town square where a video screen and loudspeakers were set up to broadcast the speech. It was everything one could have hoped for and then some.

Here it is in it's entirety:

Pundits from Tucker Carlson to Brit Hume called it 'the best speech of his career', and it was exactly that. He spoke of the true patriots who created the nation and it's constitutional republic, where people can live in freedom and seek that which makes them happy.

The antithesis of the 'resist' movement and their legions of scolds. Critics who cry 'racism' about the speech simply lied. It was completely inclusive, and reflected what used to be called 'mainstream values' of home and hearth.

Even in the town square the crowd cheered lustily whenever the president spoke of freedom and opportunity. The local restaurants and bars were all packed, and the mood was of joyous celebration.

As every 4th of July should be.

This event was a game changer. Forget what you hear from the enemies at the media. This man connects with people at a cellular level.  Reagan was a charmer who spoke about elegant conservatism.

Trump is more like George Patton encouraging his troops to the fight. His speech was spot on and delivered masterfully. The general consensus was that it was both monumental and would be criticized endlessly by his foes.

Both predictions proved true.

Ultimately, the event was the end of the beginning, and is now the beginning of the end of his battle with the Deep State. He has vanquished the HRC faction of the Democrat party; never to return.

He now has the true foe in his sights: the Marxist proto fascist globalist movement the elite use to protect their ill gotten gains. This will be the epic battle yet to come.

There is no one better suited to this than Donald J Trump, the man born for this moment in time...


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DJT at St John's: May as well had a wooden stake and silver bullets. DS vampires beware...

Tuesday, 9 June:

So, the virus is now 'back'.

In what is one of the more bizarre twists of modern events, a not so lethal virus which was used as an excuse to close the world economy 'disappeared' from Human Events for a few weeks. It just didn't take a back seat, mind you.

It was banished. In fact, this article from supposed 'healthcare experts' insisted that protesting was far more important than social distancing, with this caveat: It's fine for blacks to do this but if you are, say, 'white', and are protesting being locked up in your homes, well that is, of course, racist.

This article is simply breathtaking in it's audacity. It is an obvious political tract; not health related in any respect. But it does open a window into the mind of the 'resist' movement. Like almost everything else that has occurred since January of 2017, it is all about the 45th president and their undying hatred of both him, and his followers.

As you all have just seen, the burial of George Floyd signals an end to their first revolutionary attempt. That culminated with the burning of St John's church and the subsequent 'retaking of sacred land' from the heathens who torched it.

By their sworn enemy holding a bible. Like the evil undead in a Hammer film they shrieked in horror. To this observer, no other single incident has unnerved the opposition this much since GWB landed on that aircraft carrier.

That pales when compared to this as well.

Fully knowing they played the 'violent revolution' card as well as they could, they had the Marxist revolutionary element slink back into their holes for now. They stole tens of millions and will use that to fund future activities.

As their own literature said, 'we will push the revolution as far as we possibly can'.

They believe this whole event has been a net positive and more important, have regained the Narrative, which is of utmost importance to them. The wailing and breast beating of the 'Black Lives Matter' meme has netted them many millions more in (forced) donations.

They have the NFL in their pocket but have now even cowed NASCAR. To not fall to your knees in adoration of a socialist entity called 'Black Lives Matter' is a racist sin. Worse even, if you simply say ''All lives matter', which is the correct response you will be shouted down and have your source of income taken away.

This is, of course, fascist speech control under the aegis of cultural Marxism.It is utterly abhorrent, and yet the response has been muted. Once again, the Alinsky playbook is used, and once again good people allow themselves to be silenced by others they know damn well are instruments of evil.

It is all about freedom of thought, which is, of course, reflected in freedom of speech. This is a battle being fought worldwide. You simply cannot have a global socialist system if people have a right to question it. The last couple of days was a shot over the bow.

Hopefully everyone heard it.

'You will obey' was loud and clear. This is the message they live to give. They hope enough are asleep that this can be made permanent soon. These forces are not convinced that they will win the upcoming election.

No matter what the 'polling' tells you. Hiding sleepy Joe from public just won't work, and he is one more major gaffe away from forced retirement. That is if he is even the nominee.

No, they want to take this president out at the knees. Anyway they can. His life is in constant danger, which is why his little stroll across Pennsylvania avenue to St John's was so significant.

He showed no fear. They live on the installation of fear into their people. It doesn't work on DJT, and this makes them even crazier. So, now as the DS tries to put the COVID 19 toothpaste back into the tube to restore your fear keep this in mind:

You actually have a real leader for a change... 


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hmmm. The Dem states seem to lead the death count. Nursing homes, too. Agenda 21 herd culling maybe?

Monday, 23 May:

The great world changing pandemic of the COVID 19 is now coming unwound right in front of everyone's eyes. 

Yes, this disease that has caused the world's economy to virtually grind to a halt is every bit the fraud, the hoax that the president referred to months ago. This is not to say the virus doesn't exist, and hasn't exacted a toll.

As of this writing 345,000 have died worldwide. These are sons and daughters and fathers and mothers; they are real and no one is doubting this fact. Facts are stubborn things to be true- but they can just as easily be hijacked- to create a false narrative.

And the false narrative has been fully revealed. And you can thank the UN for a change. 

The World Health Organization, was long considered (correctly, too) to be a collection of feckless bureaucrats with big paychecks and fancy expense accounts doing the bidding of their globalist masters.

They have always been a political entity first, and a health outfit a distant second. Their director, Tedros Adhanom is an Ethiopian communist who is not a medical doctor; indeed his last job was as Minister of Foreign Affairs in Ethiopia.

He is also very close to the Chinese Communist party.

Oh, and there is THIS as well:

It seems this guy has a LOT of baggage:

To this development many will find horror, and that's certainly there as well. However it is also the key to the hoax. Everything the US and rest of the world has been told about this disease is either a spin, misdirection or outright lie.

From where it started, to who is responsible, to the casualty count in China. Not to mention the reaction: the at the very least questionable lockdown, the orders to nursing homes from the CDC, the mask controversy, and the now infamous Dem governors embracing their inner fascist.

Thank idiot minion Tedros at the W.H.O.

His obvious political agenda opened up the floodgates. Now, thanks to their obsequious ass kissing of Red China, the real truth has emerged. This virus eminated from a lab in Wuhan, has most likely been engineered with HIV riders on it to make it more infectious, and has a fully evil purpose.

It is there to bring on a global vaccination program. One that Bill Gates has been envisioning for some time. 

It is not about your health. It is about anything but. DNA coded and recorded, nanotechnology, and the ability to 'control the herd'. Yes, they do think that way.  To wit:

And this as well:

Fortunately, Tedros and the WHO really are the feckless bureacrats they appear to be, and thinking on their feet is not a virtue. Their conduct, from covering up the obvious lies the Chinese pushed about the virus, to the lastest notice that they are 'suspending' the research on hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for the most transparently ridiculous reason.

'Safety concerns'? This medication has been prescribed for over 50 years, and many nations are showing very impressive results. To wit:

98% seems like a nice result, wouldn't you say? Side effects minimal. No, this stuff obviously works, as a prophylactic (prevention) and also as a treatment for patients in the early stages.

Yet it is being not only denied, but major media is banning any reports that mention this. Once again, as yourself why?

This brings us to the Leader of the Free World: Donald J Trump.

He stunned the DS/globalist alliance last week when he stated he was using it as a prevention; 200 mg a day for two weeks. Add some elemental zinc to it and it works even better. The media -including FOX, which is just as hostile to this as CNN and the rest- went bonkers.

FOX financial guru Neil Cavuto was literally foaming at the mouth right after Trump's presser when he breathlessly asserted that taking this WILL KILL YOU. 

Uh, relax, Neil, It won't.

The early tests done by an outside agency on critcally ill VA patients was pretty much meant to fail. They were on their last legs, on ventilators and this medicine was not appropriate. This is still being touted as an actual test.

Even today, FOX was still bashing it while they all promote a vaccine. As far as that goes, boy the race is ON. The DS knows the clock is ticking; they hoped they could keep the country closed until election day with everyone voting from home by mail.

They would then magically declare the virus over, with a vaccine ready for the 'next wave'.

Now, the American people may be dumb, but they are NOT stupid. This whole thing is falling apart. No one is dying from it yet we are being told to go bankrupt anyway. The rules are ridiculous, Home Depot is ok but a church isn't?

You can sit on the beach but can't go in the water? Who in the hell thinks this stuff up?

Once again, they show the globalist hand: Agenda 21.

This 'new world order' prototype was agreed on in 1992. The document is enclosed below. It was quaint back in the day but no longer. Read it, 70 pages that you can blow through. But you will see the genesis of what is occurring, and also much of what the Previous Occupant tried to pull off as well.

Mostly 'denial of resources'. No surfing for you, Californians. Want to swim at Coney Island?

Comrade DeBlasio will have the police haul you out of the water. The communist troll Chicago put in charge sent armed police to south side churches to break up parishoners.

Agenda 21 in all it's inglorious detail: Read the part on water rights. It still chills those who think free.

The good news?

President Trump called them all out with his own treatment. You will be able to acquire hydroxychloroquine to prevent the 'next wave'; you will NOT need a vaccine. Add some Vitamin C, zinc, D3 and yes get the hell outside in the sunlight and guess what?


The hoax is now over. The perps don't quite know it yet but now you do.

Thanks to the 45th president of the United States, a very brave man indeed...


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Perhaps this is why the DS types feared Flynn so much. They tried to silence Stone, too.

Tuesday, 28 April:

Folks who visit this site regularly have commented about the dearth of recent articles. Back in 2017, when was launched, there would be 3 to 5 articles a week. Now maybe one every a week to ten days.

It's only three years, but it may as well have been millenia ago.

There is a sea change in how we receive, and process information. Western society has always been disposable; this explains phenomenon like Taylor Swift. In 20 years she will be completely forgotten, a Vegas retro lounge act at best.

However, this has now been amplified into an almost instantaneous institutional loss of memory. The volume of information is both so vast and fast that things considered prime news just hours ago are now ancient history.

This is what allows Nancy Pelosi to make astonishing assertions that contradict what she said just days previously. She and others in her party are now, all of a sudden, hawks on China and accusing POTUS of being 'weak' on the communist state now.

As if. This bold faced lying is now common because the media has fully established itself as a political, as opposed to an information entity.  No longer concerned with the truth but with a political narrative, these politicians feel unencumbered with any responsibility to be even remotely truthful.

Therefore you have the same people who were as recently as a week ago excoriating the president as a 'racist' for closing the border to now 'not being aggressive enough' in closing it down.

Obviously their relentless focus group testing -they do this with literally every issue- has shown the public's dissatifcation (60 to 70 percent) with the actions of Red China's handling of this crisis.

Only the hard left apologists for the communists are making any noise; saying Biden and Pelosi are trying to 'out Trump' the president on this issue. The sheer audacity of this is breathtaking.

When POTUS shut down travel from China he was greeted with howls from the Dems and the media. Now they have shifted to 'China bad' and only they would have had the guts to shut them down.

They count on you being so damn clueless/stupid that you no longer recall just how upset they were that their 'pals' the Chinese were being 'singled out' with 'racist speech' like calling it the Wuhan virus.

In the parlance of the entertainment industry, the media has 'jumped the shark'.

This obvious planned lie means they obviously no longer care if you know they lie. They no longer plan on denying anything; indeed they will just plow ahead daring you to do anything about it. They flat out don't give a damn if you know they are creating demonstrable fictions.

They write for themselves and the bubble they live in. YOU do not exist in their minds.

This is why the president has decided to alter the daily virus update press conferences. The only point for the media was to get some sort of confrontation where they could lift any mistake, no matter how small to amplify into an issue that could be used to cudgel DJT with.

The 'drink Clorox' meme is a perfect example.

The president had just learned about using UV radiation to both treat blood -this is nothing new- and also irradiating the lungs with UV light. Not being a doctor, he was, to put it nicely, somewhat inartful in his description.

But it was sincere and heartfelt, and he was trying to put an optimistic face on this somber subject. This is what real leaders do. Not with the crowd of jackals in the briefing room. They saw something they could twist, spin, and use as an attack.

A full week later they were still cackling about this; lying about 911 and hospitals being inundated with calls about ingesting household cleaners. They have been caught using dated video and such; even calls made 3 years ago and pretending it was current.

They don't care.

This aggravating condition has changed the way we decipher, and now must deliver, the news. The problem with writing stories, per se, is that they are, by their very nature dated material.

The media now lives exclusively in the present. The future is unknown and the past never happened no matter what you recall. So, whatever assertion is made, no matter how facile or incorrect it is exists as 'fact'.

That Nancy Pelosi was cheerleading Chinatown in late February and now is claiming the president 'didn't act on China fast enough' no longer has to be fact checked. They count on the next object of interest to pull you away from using the known truths to evaluate anything they say.

It is absolutely devilish in design. Another term for the Devil is 'The Great Deceiver'. Indeed, deception is now a key element in the delivery of the news. FOX news is no better; indeed they have adopted the broad concepts of the CNN model.

Meaning that prejudices and outright lies are 'baked into the cake'. The president is guilty until he proves himself innocent which they won't allow anyway no matter how exculpatory the information is.

Which leads us to the new 800 pound gorilla. The coming exoneration of General Michael Flynn.

In what will come as no real surprise to those who followed the truth from Day One, the railroad job senior FBI officials did to this man is about to be fully exposed. One DoJ insider just opined that this was 'the worst example of entrapment that I have ever seen in all my years'.

Flynn, who knew where the Previous Lot buried all of their criminal evidence, was an existential threat not just to their agendas but to their very freedom. They knew that an unencumbered Michael Flynn as an adviser to a reformer president meant doom for them.

Therefore they cooked up a scheme to get rid of him.

Using their toadies at DoJ and the FBI, they figured if they couldn't put him in prison they would at the very least get him to lose his position and destroy his reputation and ruin him financially.

They forced him to admit to a lie that wasn't in order to keep them from indicting -and as such ruining- his son. Yes, they were more than willing to use the clout of the Federal Government to destroy an honest man and his family to save their own rear ends from exposure.

The list is a who's who of the progressive/Deep State alliance: Peter Strzok, and his mistress Lisa Page, FBI deputy Andrew McCabe, Bruce Ohr and his wife/CIA handler Nellie, too.

Let's not forget Deputy AG Sally Yates.

Her conduct was particualrly egregious. Her illegal eavesdropping of General Flynn set up this chain of events. A true creation of the DS, Yates is a self satisfied, arrogant utterly dishonest left wing apparatchik who's 10 days as AG was a complete disgrace.

For those who don't recall, this:

The FISA documents will be declassified in the next week or so. More will be indicted in this:

Keep in mind these articles are kind. This lot is given the benefit of a doubt; that they were 'overly aggressive' and 'mishandled' evidence. The real truth is far worse.

They committed knowing, criminal conduct. The 'insurance policy' that Strzok and Page laughed about. They were not going to allow 63 million people elect a representative government that countered what they wanted to do.

This is the very definition of a coup d'etat.

To make things worse, the 'defense' attorneys Flynn used not only bled him dry financially, they might have actually conspired with the prosecution to trap the general in a 'no win scenario'. 

This ugly affair has dragged on for three years now. The FBI and DoJ has fought disclosure at every turn. However, this is all about to turn 180 degrees. Flynn's new counsel Sidney Powell, has heroically wrangled the government beast and has the needed evidence to not only free the general but to indict the criminals who set him up.

Yates is the ringleader but not the 'boss'. She took orders, too.

This is the tip of the largest iceberg in US political history. It will lead directly to the Previous Occupant and his administration, to the coup plotters and the illegal surveillance. To the hidden agendas and the international money behind it.

In other words, they -the Deep State/globalist alliance- are cooked. Their crimes about to be revealed to an incredulous public. Now, this is no surprise to them. Thek know damn well what they did.

Hell, they're proud of it, even.

They have already started the spin; knowing the Flynn bombshell is about to break got their minions busy with the spin machine. Naturally, it is the same tired narrative; 'Russia!' of course as is the slander of his business dealing with the Turkish government.

None of which was remotely criminal, bad, nor even  all that controversial. But dishonest people will twist the most innocent activity into malignant with relative ease. The media will have to be confronted very soon, too.

First, however is freeing this honest patriot who has endured much over the last three years after 30 plus years serving his country honorably. President Trump has hinted broadly that he will be 'fully welcomed' back.

Just imagine if he not only is exonerated but offered his position as National Security Advisor back. Can you see the liberal heads exploding in unison? What a sight that would be; what a message to the black hats as well.

And President Trump?

When asked about bringing Flynn back to his staff, he just smiled broadly. This bit from a Newsweek article some time back:

 "Trump feels really, really, really, bad about firing him, and he genuinely thinks if the investigation is over Flynn can come back," a White House official told The Daily Beast.

You bet he will...


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