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Ed knew...

Wednesday 29 December:

It's been a while since the last post. Not by design, either.

The 'blue state' lockdowns have had the desired effect of hurting local economies and many have lost businesses and their homes as well. This has affected many including yours truly.

So, life 'on the run' so to speak is now the norm and will be for awhile until the malevolent forces who wish harm upon the world lose their control over the media megaphone. site has also been locked out of Twitter.

No warning or explanation given. Account not suspended nor blocked, just no pathway to access it.

No real big deal though. It was so heavily throttled that only a handful of people saw the posts anyway. Have been doing much more at Gab (getting and Telegram as well.

That account is still private at this juncture because of troll/bots. Will make it available soon.

Awaiting the Trump entity to be launched. Late February is what has been announced. This will cripple the globalist media for good. As the numbers plummet for Twitter/FB and other DS entities they will be bought up in hostile takeovers.

The black hats will try to cull the herd as much as possible first.

Like the Nazis during the Battle of the Bulge they will try to sow as much discord as they can to cover their fleeing to supposed 'safe havens' like New Zealand. However, their plans are in tatters as the local populaces are rising up world wide.

The people who handle this site have already warned the users that they 'reserve the right' to both cancel the site AND seize your domain name if you publish anything that challenges the Big Lies- the election and the jabs- so discretion is the better part of valor here.

Besides, there is little most of you do not already know.

Time is not on their side. It's all falling apart, and the 'Brandon' cry stands as testament that the fraud is now pretty much public knowledge. Just how this will be resolved in a 'known unknown' as Rumsfeld liked to say.

Don't expect any white hat movement until the DS plays their final hand.

What will that be is a matter of speculation but don't be surprised if the clown show in DC soon starts some 'musical chairs'. As DJT said famously the 25th amendement 'wasn't directed at him'.

The Current Occupant is not long for the office. The 'smartest woman in the world' just read her 2016 victory speech on the air several weeks ago. This is not hard to connect. They will NOT get the shooting war in the Ukraine they lust for- or any other event they can use to change the subject- because the real leaders of the world are  NOT on their side.

You know who they are. Not the nitwits paraded on TV.

There will be more posts in the coming days. However there isn't a whole lot of new ground to plow. The sides are pretty much cast in stone. There is some worthwhile analyses happening though.

Check out Clif High and Patel Patriot.


Have fun. More later...